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Sun Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the thirty-first Lenormand card, sun, is achievement. Sun also signifies success.

Sun Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Sun in Rider position: Success in a new direction. Achievement in a new area.

Sun in Clover position: Achievements and luck. Perfect timing. Being discovered.

Sun in Ship position: Success overseas.

Sun in House position: House achievement. Successful family.

Sun in Tree position: Good health.

Sun in Clouds position: Fear of success.

Sun in Snake position: Success brings jealousy and deceit.

Sun in Coffin position: A Successful ending.

Sun in Bouquet position: Success brings happiness.

Sun in Scythe position: Successful surgery. Successful decision.

Sun in Whip position: Success in arguments. Winning the debate.

Sun in Birds position: Successful couple.

Sun in Child position: A Successful child.

Sun in Fox position: Success at work.

Sun in Bear position: Power and success. Success in finances. Successful boss.

Sun in Star position: Achieving your dream. Living the dream.

Sun in Stork position: Success brings changes. Happy outcome.

Sun in Dog position: Successful friend.

Sun in Tower position: Successful government. Winning an election.

Sun in Garden position: Success in the public eye. Success at events.

Sun in Mountain position: Success delayed.

Sun in Crossroad position: Successful decision.

Sun in Mice position: Success brings stress.

Sun in Heart position: Success in love.

Sun in Ring position: Successful marriage. Successful contract.

Sun in Book position: Achievements in study.

Sun in Letter position: An award.

Sun in Man position: Successful man.

Sun in Woman position: Successful woman.

Sun in Lily position: Success later in life.

Sun in Sun position: Much success.

Sun in Moon position: Achievement in creativity. Successful romance.

Sun in Key position: Finding the key to success.

Sun in Fish position: Success in business.

Sun in Anchor position: Long lasting success.

Sun in Cross position: Success creates worry.