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Algiz elder futhark rune meaningAlgiz Elder Futhark Rune Meaning

Algiz is the seventh rune of the 2nd aett called.  The elder futhark is the oldest of the runic alphabets. It consists of 24 letters divided into 3 aetts. There are 8 runes in each aett. The 2nd aett is called Hells aett.

Algiz upright ~ Protection, defense, connection to the divine, activation of the higher self, taking flight, facing your fear, courage, success in social life, psychic powers.

Algiz reversed ~ Psychic blocks, taboos, repulsiveness, turning away from someone/something, hidden dangers, a warning, lack of concentration.

Algiz means elk. 

f fu uth,þ þa ar rk kg gw wh hn ni ij jï,ei ïp pz zs st tb be em ml lŋ ŋd do o

Associated deity from the mythology: Valkyries

Algiz birthstone dates and times:

This is the birthstone for people born between 28th of January to 12th of February (starting and ending 12.30 pm), and the message of this rune is closely related to your life purpose.

It is the inner rune (your inner self) for people born between 02.30-03.30.

Direction ~ NorthEast

The Mythology of  Algiz

Valkyries are a group of female goddesses who would collect fallen warriors and bring them up to Valhalla. They would decide which one of the warriors that would live or die on the battlefields. 

Algiz rune meaning on a rune cloth

Water ~ Strong psychic powers are within you.

Fire ~ Time for friends, social activities, recreation.  

Earth ~ Protect what is yours. Don’t take anything for granted.

Air ~ You are ready to move ahead and leave the past behind you.


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