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Lenormand card 11 whip


Whip Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the eleventh Lenormand card, whip, is arguments. Whip can also denote competition.

Whip Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Whip in Rider position: Negative news.

Whip in Clover position: Competitive behavior brings luck.

Whip in Ship position: Conflict on a travel.

Whip in House position: Arguments in the home, arguments within a family.

Whip in Tree position: Conflicts causes health issues.

Whip in Clouds position: Arguments that causes confusion.

Whip in Snake position: Conflicts and lies. No trust.

Whip in Coffin position: Arguments cause endings.

Whip in Bouquet position: Winning a price.

Whip in Scythe position: Confrontation, danger.

Whip in Whip position: Conflict situation.

Whip in Birds position: Debates and bickering.

Whip in Child position: an Angry child.

Whip in Fox position: Conflict at work.

Whip in Bear position: Competing at a high level.

Whip in Star position: Competing for a better future. A reality show.

Whip in Stork position: A troubled new beginning.

Whip in Dog position: Arguing with a friend. A dangerous dog.

Whip in Tower position: Punished by authorities. Police. Army.

Whip in Garden position: Fighting at public events.

Whip in Mountain position: Arguments that causes setbacks.

Whip in Crossroad position: Fighting for choices.

Whip in Mice position: Arguments with thieves/between thieves.

Whip in Heart position: Arguments of the heart.

Whip in Ring position: Arguments in a marriage/partnership.

Whip in Book position: A competitive study. The difference in opinions. The intellectual world.

Whip in Letter position: Confronting news.

Whip in Man position: An argumentative man.

Whip in Woman position: An argumentative woman.

Whip in Lily position: Punishing/discriminating the elderly or a group of people.

Whip in Sun position: Winning an argument. Winning a competition.

Whip in Moon position: Passionate romance.

Whip in Key position: Important arguments, necessary conflicts.

Whip in Fish position: Argument in business, politics.

Whip in Anchor position: Standing your ground.

Whip in Cross position: Painful sacrifices.