Tarot Suits Compatibility

Elemental dignities ~ The way tarot interact

Tarot suits compatibility is called Elemental Dignities and this method does not require extensive knowledge of tarot card meanings, instead, you look at the cards that are next to each other in the spread (vertical, horizontal, and diagonal depending on the spread) and see if the elements strengthen or weaken each other. Cards that strengthen each other denote positive outcomes, while cards that weaken each other denote less favorable outcomes.

Swords (air) + Wands(fire) are Friendly and Active

Pentacles (earth) + Cups (water) are friendly and passive

Wands (fire) + Cups (water) are enemies. They weaken each other

Swords (air) and Pentacles (earth) are enemies. They weaken each other

Wands (fire) and Pentacles (earth) strengthen each other, but are neutral: they combine an active(wands) and a passive(pentacles) element

Cups (water) and Swords (air) strengthen each other but are neutral: they combine a passive(cups) and an active(swords) element

Major arcana cards and elements.

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