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hierophant tarot card meanings

Hierophant: Tradition.

Hierophant Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:

The Hierophant tarot card meanings stem from its connection to Astrology and Numerology. The Hierophant tarot card can mean:


Traditions, rituals and ceremony.

Spiritual guidance.

Support and structure in your community.

A teacher.

Following the rules.

Following a leader.

Having faith.

Being a role model.

Asking the big questions about life and death.

Being in control over your emotions.




Breaking the rules

Symbolism in Hierophant tarot card

The Hierophant is greek for high priest. The two pillars symbolise support and structure. The Hierophant himself is pictured as the pope, symbolising organisation, institution and spiritual guidance. In his left hand, he holds a triple sceptre which symbolises domination over matter and emotion and thought. His three vestments symbolise purity, immortality and ritual. The triple crown symbolises the pope’s three functions: supreme pastor, supreme teacher and supreme priest. Three nails project from the top of his crown, symbolising Christ’s passion and sacrifice. The three crosses vertically down the pallium symbolise the holy trinity and that the Hierophant has Christ consciousness. Below the three crosses is a diamond symbolising the fourfold physical world. The crossed keys symbolise the crossed keys of heaven and represent the power of binding and loosing. The Hierophant placement between the two pillars creating the third pillar symbolising the three pillars of the tree of life. To the pillar to our right, the Pillar of Severity, he offers a blessing. To the pillar to our left, the Pillar of Mercy, he holds the triple cross of martyrdom. The Hierophant being the central pillar symbolises the Hierophant bridging heaven to earth. The two kneeling priests, one wearing chasuble decorated with roses and the other a chasuble decorated with lilies symbolising the union between flesh and spirit. Notice in a spread if the Hierophant is blessing the other cards. The Hierophant is ruled by Taurus.

Hierophant tarot card and Astrology

Hierophant tarot card is ruled by Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus and is a fixed sign in the zodiac. It governs the physical world, sensuality, pleasure and the material world. Taurus is the second house of money and valuables, it is associated with preserving establishments and rules/code of conducts that promotes security. Taurus rules resources, professionals, luxury and successful financial endeavours, love of indulgence and possessions. It promotes the traditions set forth by religion, culture and education.

Hierophant tarot card meanings upright

Hierophant in a general reading

Hierophant tarot card represents group consciousness, religion and your belief system. Hierophant also denotes ceremony, traditions, kindness, charity and spiritual counseling. Hierophant assists the world to spiritually attune itself by giving the people rules and guidelines. Hierophant can represent an organisation that is based or funded by a religious organisation or an organisation that is very set in its values. The Hierophant tarot card is all about service and being of service. The Hierophant can also mean mentoring and counseling. It reminds you to seek knowledge and to find your special place in this world. The Hierophant helps you find your path by searching for what nourishes your soul.

Hierophant in a love reading

In a love reading, Hierophant signifies a deep commitment such as marriage. If the seeker is single, this card can mean they will soon meet someone who shares their values and beliefs. Learn more here.

Hierophant in a career reading

In a career reading, Hierophant denotes work in religious organisations, schools, and institutions.

The Hierophant as feelings

The Hierophant speaks of spiritual love and love that grows stronger with time. The Hierophant speaks of love that grows stronger by sharing a spiritual path. The Hierophant often denotes the Seeker can be a bit confused about their feelings because they feel they need to seek a deeper meaning in their life and this has priority over personal relationships. They often end up doing a circle where they end up where they started, except now they know that their love runs deeper than they first thought.

If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, they could feel you are their guardian angel. They feel they can rely on you and you are their rock. They feel safe with you and they most likely will tell you things they have not been able to tell anyone else.

Learn what the Hierophant tarot card means in the Grand Tableau. 

Personality types in Hierophant tarot card

The Hierophant tarot card denotes someone who is searching for meaning in life. They are looking for an alternative approach when challenged and are wise teachers and friends. Hierophant people walk their talk and are very educated and classy people. They give strength and support to those around them are often referred to as the ‘rock’ of someone’s life. Open to others beliefs and ideas they don’t get bound by them. They strongly stay by their own firm beliefs.

hierophant tarot card meanings

Hierophant: Tradition.

Hierophant tarot card meanings reversed

The Hierophant tarot card reversed denotes prudence, silliness and hypocrisy. There are rules but no knowledge of why these rules are important. The ego is without guidance. There is an inflexibility in the system and in the people of the system. Perhaps it’s an institution who controls information and the leaders make themselves rich while the poor remain poor. By locking away information and keeping people ignorant, the people remain powerless to change and improve the system. Rather than helping the people and the community, the system uses the communities as a platform to get their own agendas favoured. Opponents get undermined and there is a strong pressure to conform. On a more personal note, the Hierophant reversed can mean a decrease in security. Traditions might die out and there are unrecognisable differences between married couples.

Personality types in reversed Hierophant tarot card

Hierophant tarot card reversed indicates someone who has lost their way, often due to lack of support from their family, school system and/or community. This is someone who lacks security and therefore has little to give to others. There are insufficient resources both on a financial and emotional level. The Hierophant reversed indicates someone who is falling apart due to the fear of financial trouble. There is an inability to change. This is someone who is very insecure.

Hierophant Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including the Hierophant:

The Hierophant + The Fool: Students. 

The Hierophant + The Lovers: Getting married. Committing yourself. 

The Hierophant + The Hanged Man: Psychology. 

The Hierophant + Death: Taxes. 

The Hierophant + The Tower: Corruption. 

The Hierophant + Judgement: Politics.

The Hierophant + Three of pentacles: Community work. Spiritual work. 

The Hierophant + Five of pentacles: Homeless shelter. Refugee center. 

The Hierophant + Six of pentacles: Spiritual charity. 

The Hierophant + Ten of pentacles: Inheritance. 

The Hierophant + Knight of pentacles: Job security. 

The Hierophant + Ace of wands: New faith. Answered Prayers. 

The Hierophant + Five of wands: Building an organisation. 

The Hierophant + Seven of wands: Defending your beliefs. 

The Hierophant + Knight of wands: Spiritual warrior. Spiritual work. A mission. 

The Hierophant + Queen of wands: A spiritual entrepreneur. 

The Hierophant + Ace of cups: A spiritual society. 

The Hierophant + Three of cups: A celebrant. A wedding. 

The Hierophant + Six of cups: Parenting. 

The Hierophant + Eight of cups: A pilgrimage. 

The Hierophant + Page of cups: Spiritual scriptures. 

The Hierophant + Ace of swords: Spiritual beliefs. 

The Hierophant + Five of swords: Defeat within an organisation. Poor leadership. Abuse of power. 

The Hierophant + Queen of swords: Teaching. 

The Hierophant + King of swords: Administration. 

Hierophant tarot card meanings summary

Hierophant tarot card signifies traditions, especially weddings. Notice in your tarot reading which cards are closest to the Hierophant, receiving his blessing. This can indicate what the Seeker feels blessed with in life. The Hierophant tarot card can also denote what gives the seeker meaning in life on a spiritual level.