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fool tarot card meaning

1. Beginnings

Fool Tarot Card Meanings and keywords:

Fool tarot card meanings in traditional tarot stem from its connection to both Astrology and Numerology. The Fool tarot card can mean:


New beginnings, a new path and a new belief system. 


Not knowing what to expect.

Making it up as you go.

Heading into the unknown

Letting go of worry and fear.

Feeling happy, joyful and carefree.

Being in the right place at the right time. 

A higher than usual intuition.



Losing faith

Feeling fearful

Symbolism in Fool tarot card

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The Fool tarot card meanings can be found in the symbol of number 0. The number 0 symbolises pure potential and faith (0 is regarded as God’s number). All the major arcana cards have roman numerals except the Fool which has Arabic numeral zero. Since The Fool is the first card in the deck it also symbolises new beginnings. The posture of the Fool strengthens this. He is carefree, mostly because he is too inexperienced to be afraid. The dog in the picture tries to warn the Fool who is on his way to walk over a cliff. The dog symbolises your friends who try to advise you. Another interpretation is that the ground is not a cliff, instead, the land regenerates itself before the Fool’s footsteps like magic and the dog represents the animal side of our nature. The bag with his belongings represents having no worries and being emotionally innocent. The white rose is the symbol of silence and rebirth. The rose also represents the purity of his soul and the creativity and inspiration that flows through him, making him jolly and spontaneous. The feather on his cap is a symbol of air and it points to the sun which symbolises enlightenment. Is the Fool ignoring enlightenment by facing away from the sun, or is has he already learnt all its lesson? Look at the cards that flank him, especially the ones he faces for the answer. The sun can also represent that there is a bright new day, justice has been served, and the Fool is free. The yellow background represents the mental attitude of the Fool who lives in his head and needs to be grounded. The Fool represents freedom on all levels, not just physically. It is the kind of freedom you experience when you have no regrets.

Fool tarot card and Astrology

The Fool is connected to Uranus. Uranus is the planet of surprise and all things unexpected, the future and technology, especially electricity. Uranus is also the planet for creativity and science. Uranus is the planet for nonconformists, including but not limited to the bohemian, the beatnik, the hippie, revolutionaries, anarchists, rebels, and radical humanitarians Uranus stays in a sign for 7 years. Uranus also rules Aquarius, the sign for The Star.

Fool Tarot card meanings upright

Fool in a general reading

The Fool represents new beginnings, having faith in the future, being inexperienced, not knowing what to expect, having beginners luck, improvisation, believing that the Universe provides, having no strings attached, being carefree. The Fool can represent a child or to be childlike, and to have an open mind. The Fool has the ‘there is no right or wrong answer’-mentality and instead follows his instinct to navigate himself through life. The Fool is pure and utter potential. This card often represents a new situation that you are feeling very excited about. The Fool is also a lucky card, and when it shows up for you, it can mean you are about to be in the right place at the right time, win a competition and/or travel somewhere you have never been before.

Fool in a love reading

In a love reading, the Fool tarot card can denote difficulties in committing and not knowing what you have before it is too late. If single, this card signifies being able to manifest a relationship very easily. The seeker needs to work on their commitment issues.

Fool in a career reading

In a career reading, Fool tarot card speaks of careers in power plants, electricity, technology and social media.

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The Fool as feelings

The Fool denotes ‘new’ feelings. Something new and exciting is happening and the Seeker is joyful about it. There is no fear when the Fool is showing up. It is total trust that everything will turn out perfect. In this sense, the Fool is a very spiritual card.

If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, and you get the Fool, then this person is excited about you. You have most likely brought joy to this person and validated them in a very important way that made them feel alive. The person has trust in you and they most likely feel that you have lifted them up in some way, away from the mundane and into a more joyful existence.

Personality types in Fool tarot card

Fool indicates someone who is exuberant and not afraid to show you just how much they enjoy life. They like to try new things but might lose interest after the initial excitement has worn off. They believe everything will work out well for them. They are full of faith and charisma. They listen to their hearts and follow their bliss and joy. Taking risks is a way of life, and more times than not, it is paying off.

fool tarot card meaning

1. Beginnings

Fool tarot card meanings reversed

Fool reversed indicates new beginnings being blocked, the path is hidden and the seeker is having difficulties seeing the world with fresh eyes. You might be feeling stuck and uninspired when the Fool turns up reversed. Some might get lost in their heads, and be losing touch with reality. Lost in the dream and unable to manifest and grow in the physical plane. This card denotes the ones that are young at heart and who are often highly sensitive. They are in touch with their inner child and can get wounded quite easily (like children often do). They are still growing up you might say and have a lot still to learn. If this card shows up reversed for you in a reading it is not a great time for you to begin something new. Take a step back and go back to something you know really well (do what you know, go where you have been before etc). Bid your time for a better result before leaping into the unknown.

Personality types in reversed Fool tarot card

Fool reversed indicates someone who has lost hope and is trapped in the doom and gloom. They believe they have nothing left to learn. They believe there is nothing wrong with them emotionally and often name and shames, pointing their fingers at everyone else. They repeat the same pattern in their lives and never seem to be in the flow. Often they have addictions that chain them to their behaviours. They are ready for the grave, thinking life generally sucks.

Fool Tarot card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including the fool.

The Fool + The Magician: Landing your dream job where talent and passion collide.

The Fool + The Empress: Pregnancy.

The Fool + The Lovers: Crazy in love.

The Fool + Three of cups: Rushing into marriage. Rushing into a relationship.

The Fool + Page of cups: Auditioning. Taking a creative risk.

The Fool + Nine of pentacles: Overnight success.

The Fool + Knight of pentacles: New job opportunity.

The Fool + King of pentacles: New business opportunity.

The Fool + Ten of swords: Learning the hard way.

The Fool + Page of swords: A talent that needs to be nurtured.

The Fool + Six of wands: Beginners luck.

The Fool + Eight of wands: Travelling. Backpacking.

The Fool + Queen of wands: Becoming an entrepreneur.

Fool tarot card meanings summary

Notice where the Fool is facing in a tarot reading, and notice what the Fool has turned his back on, as this denotes the flow of energy occurring in the Seeker’s life and the direction in which the Seeker moving forward. The Fool tarot card in a reading speaks of where you have extra blessings and intuition in your life, your new beginnings and the joys that are about to manifest.

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