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tower tarot card meanings

Tower: Destruction

Tower Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:

The Tower tarot card meanings in traditional tarot stem from its connection to both Astrology and Numerology. The Tower tarot card can mean:


Emotional upheaval. Anger and rage.

Survival instincts.

Destruction, aggression, and conflict.

Being uncomfortable. Being exposed.

Experiencing the shocking truth.

Sudden awakening.

Being freed from the Tower of Illusion.

Blessing in disguise.


Avoiding confrontations.

Hiding the truth.


Symbolism in Tower tarot card

The Tower is a symbol of the Tower of Babel where God shattered all the languages so that people would not self-destruct. The 22 yods represent the 22 Major Arcana cards and also the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. They are divided into 10 and 12. 10 being the Tree of life and the 12 being the Zodiac. Yod is also the 10th letter in the Hebrew alphabet and the first letter of the Hebrew letters of God: Yahweh. The lightning symbolises bolts of truths. The lightning travels from left to right, symbolising the subconscious reaching the conscious, denoting a sudden awakening episode. The two figures seeing falling to either side, a man in a blue tunic and a woman in a red cape, are Adam and Eve, freed from the chains seen in the Devil card. The background is black which links it further to the Devil card which has the same dark setting. There is a lack of faith seen in this card. The three windows represents the subconscious (left) and conscious (right), and superconscious (top).

Tower tarot card and Astrology

The Tower is ruled by the planet Mars, the same planet that also rules the Emperor. In the Tower, we see a more destructive aspect of Mars. Emotional outbursts and anger issues are indicated. Unexpected events that throw the seeker off-balance are denoted.

Tower tarot card meanings upright

Tower in a general reading

The Tower tarot card represents disaster, emotional ‘meltdowns’ and/or tantrums, anger issues, upheaval and sudden change that are caused by disruption and revelations rocking the foundation of the person, household, organisation or even country, depending on the nature of the question. When the Tower is showing up it lets you know that you must face the truth about a situation or an issue to be able to have positive changes in your life. Living in illusion is not going to work. You might fall off cloud nine and rediscover who you are; someone who is less likely to be fooled, lied to or taken advantage of. You are a whole lot less naive after the shocking effect of the Tower tarot card. The Tower shows up to free you from what is enslaving you. Shattering as it is, it also gives you flashes of genius and aha moments. The moments of truth act as a catalyst for spiritual awakening and when the run of emotions are dulling down you will look back and see it all happened for the best. In the long run, the Tower will save you from a spiritual and emotional destitute.

Tower in a love reading

In a love reading, the Tower tarot card signifies a toxic relationship filled with conflicts. If the Seeker is single the Tower can mean they are dealing with abandonment issues.

Tower in a career reading

In a career reading, the Tower tarot card signifies jobs with high emotional pressure. The Tower can denote dangerous jobs or work in a hostile environment.

Tower as feelings

The Tower speaks of feelings that can be overwhelming to the seeker. The seeker could feel let down on some levels. The Seeker could be experiencing a shakeup of old trauma. There Seeker could be feeling a lot of anger about a situation in their life, both around old and new events. Tower speaks of love that puts the Seeker on a rollercoaster of emotions.

If you are asking about how someone is feeling about you, the Tower can mean the person feels upset and on shaky ground. The person doesn’t know where they stand and they are feeling very unsure about themselves and the situation.

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Personality type in Tower tarot card

The Tower tarot card denotes someone who is ready to shake up the status quo. They often have emotional outbursts and behave in a way that rocks the foundation of relationships, families, workplaces and organizations. Wherever they go they rock the boat, often by revealing truths and secrets. This is someone who has arguments, altercations, and drama wherever they go. They are activists, hackers, and anarchists, confronting and attacking old and outdated structures.

tower tarot card meanings

Tower: Destruction

Tower tarot card meanings reversed

Tower reversed denotes secrets and lies that would have brought down the false structures remain hidden and there is no shake-up. There is no destruction and the Tower remains standing. The Seeker might not want to face facts as it will create too many chains of events in their life. Things will remain in the dark and someone or something is preventing the truth from coming out. The false residents find their way back in, the lies are not revealed and the liars get away with it. Sometimes the Tower shows up reversed when the truth is about to be revealed but the liars are too powerful, and the lightning that should have thrown them out of power is instead aimed at the innocent. They will not be believed and the Tower remains. Sometimes the Tower tarot card shows up reversed when the Seeker is feeling overwhelmed and out of control.

Personality type in reversed Tower tarot card

Tower tarot card reversed is someone who is concerned about survival and is feeling overwhelmed on many if not all levels. They display uncontrollable anger and are unstable to say it the least. This is someone who can be a danger to themselves and others. They might have experienced a trauma that keeps them in an unhealthy pattern. They need more love in their lives so that they can start letting go of their trauma without feeling so alone and abandoned.

Tower tarot card meanings summary

The Tower tarot card signifies dealing with feelings of stress. The Seeker might feel there is nothing for them to hold onto, and things are unraveling. Their survival instincts have kicked in, and they are shaking up the status quo around them. In the end, the Tower breaks down false structures and the Seeker will have the chance to rebuild their lives better than ever.

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Tower tarot card combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including The Tower:

The Tower + The Emperor: An angry and unpredictable leader. 

The Tower + The Chariot: Escaping danger. 

The Tower + Strength: Showing strength during stress. 

The Tower + The Hermit: Learning from mistakes. A spiritual leader in a crisis situation. 

The Tower + The Star: Rebuilding your life.

The Tower + Ace of wands: New plans to fall apart. 

The Tower + Three of wands: Dangerous writings. 

The Tower + Four of wands: Destruction within the community. 

The Tower + Page of wands: The shocking truth. 

The Tower + Queen of wands: A drama queen. 

The Tower + Six of swords: A destructive move. 

The Tower + Seven of swords: Lying. 

The Tower + Ten of swords: An accident. 

The Tower + Knight of swords: A warrior. A soldier. An attack. 

The Tower + Ace of cups: An unexpected pregnancy. 

The Tower + Four of cups: Depression. 

The Tower + Five of cups: Arguments. 

The Tower + Six of cups: Difficult memories. 

The Tower + Ace of pentacles: An unexpected cash flow. 

The Tower + Three of pentacles: Difficulties at work.

The Tower + Four of pentacles: Fighting over money. 

The Tower + Knight of pentacles: Unexpected changes to your work situation. 

The Tower + Queen of pentacles: Arguments in the family unit.