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Justice tarot card meanings

Justice: Balance

Justice Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:

Justice tarot card meanings in traditional tarot stem from its connection to both Astrology and Numerology. Justice tarot card can mean:


Balance and fairness.

The truth will set you free.

Doing what is right.

Being impartial.

Seeing all sides of a situation.

Making decisions based on facts rather than your emotions.

Being accountable.

Legal affairs.





Symbolism in Justice tarot card

The lady represents the goddess Athena, who is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. Like the High Priestess and the Hierophant, she stands between two pillars becoming the third pillar. There is a veil between her pillars. Behind it is the yellow glow of a new dawn, symbolising a new beginning once justice has been served. Her yellow crown with a small square symbolises well-organised thought patterns. The clasp holding her cloak together is a circle inside a square; the square representing protection and order, the circle representing oneness and equality. The double-edged sword symbolises both favorable and unfavorable consequences. Since it is pointing up it represents the law of cause and effect as well as being ready for ‘battle’ and/or conflict if need be. It also represents responsible action. The sword in her right hand symbolises the use of the conscious and logical mind. The scale in her left hand represents fair and impartial judgement. Her stance symbolises the use of the intuitive mind in balance with the logical mind. The intuitive mind reflects the logical mind responds accordingly. Justice is ruled by Libra in the Zodiac.

Justice tarot card and Astrology

Justice is ruled by Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus. Libra is called the ‘portal of death’ because its natural placement is with the seventh house at sunset, but Justice alone is not enough to determine endings without the appropriate cards to put it in a poor aspect. The World (Saturn), The Tower (Mars), Judgement (Pluto), The Hanged Man (Neptune) and The Fool (Uranus) will in conjunction with Justice denote endings and transformations. Justice oversees things that require extreme balance. Venus governs marriage, beauty, and financial gain.

Justice tarot card meanings upright

Justice in a general reading

Justice represents all kinds of legal matters, the spiritual laws of truth and cause and effect. When the Justice card shows up it reminds us to be lawful and fair to achieve the best result. It can also represent a legal case. The other cards next in the layout will tell you if the legal matters playing out in your life will be of your benefit or dismay. Justice is a non-emotional card so make sure you are keeping to facts rather than building your arguments purely based on emotional agendas. It is the law of the land that governs and not your personal values, so play the game well by keeping your emotions in check. Justice reminds us that things work out according to the quality of effort and work you have put into it. What goes around often comes around, so be fair and square. In a reading, Justice shows up to tell you to give yourself a fair shot. There is no reason why you can’t succeed. You have as good a chance as anyone, and if you put the effort in you will most definitely reap the rewards. No-one can stop you, other than you.

Justice in a love reading

In a love reading, Justice tarot card can signify a relationship with many rules, and one part might be compromising more than the other. Justice describes a relationship both intellectually and emotionally stimulating. If the Seeker is single, Justice tarot card promises that the wait is almost over, just don’t settle for less than what you deserve.

Justice in a career reading

In a career reading, Justice tarot card denotes, jobs in law and order, as well as in fitness. When paired with the World tarot card it denotes teaching jobs.

Justice as feelings

Justice speaks of the seeker feels strongly for truth, justice, and balance. In a relationship, the Seeker has some conditions to the love they give. They will not commit their heart before they are sure the person they are with have the strong character they are seeing.

If you are asking what someone is feeling about you, Justice means the person is seeking a friendship with you before they will commit their heart wholeheartedly.

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Personality type in Justice tarot card

Justice is someone with a strong sense of what is right and wrong and who likes to play fair and square. They like things to be balanced and take their time making decisions as they often fear they will make the wrong one. They are good at setting their emotions aside to make use of their logical brain. Sometimes they are considered to be cold as they don’t like to show their emotions, however, Justice people just want to stay true to their principles. It takes a lot of them to let go of their position and when they do they will think about it for a long time. They look at all sides of a situation, considering all viewpoints before they make their minds up on the matter. Justice people are psychologically stable people who seek balance in all of their relationships. They need partnerships to be blissful and harmonious to feel good, if not they suffer a lot and will work hard towards a peaceful conflict resolution.

Justice tarot card meanings

Justice: Balance

Justice tarot card meanings reversed

Justice reversed denotes injustice, unfairness, imbalance. You are either getting too much or too little of what you need. Something might be preventing the energy of fairness and balance from succeeding. It can be documents being hidden or people acting selfishly. The tools of justice might be missing and the scales of balance and the sword of the intellect are gone. This can indicate a corrupt system. You are not getting what you need and you might find that you are on the wrong path, spending time with the wrong people in all the wrong places.

Personality types in reversed Justice tarot card

Justice reversed indicates someone who might be in trouble with the law. They often tell lies and manipulate in ways of getting out of trouble. They are often indecisive when presented with choices and are siding with whoever they are with to avoid upsetting the status quo. Justice reversed is someone who is in relationships/partnerships that are harming them, and with enemies that are attacking the core of their being. Bad habits and poor lifestyle choices are piling up against the person who needs to learn to take responsibility for their life.

Justice tarot card combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Justice:

Justice + The Fool: Letting go of guilt. Starting over. 

Justice + The Magician: A talented lawyer. 

Justice + The Empress: A lucrative contract. 

Justice + The Hierophant: Law school. 

Justice + The World: A big city. The legal world. 

Justice + Ace of swords: The Law. 

Justice + Five of swords: Injustice. A criminal. 

Justice + Eight of swords: Prison. Stuck due to legalities. Lack of clarity. 

Justice + Knight of swords: An activist. International lawyer. 

Justice + Ace of wands: Signing legal documents. 

Justice + Seven of wands: A defence lawyer. Legal defence. 

Justice + Ten of wands: Corruption in the workplace. 

Justice + Ace of cups: Spiritual laws. 

Justice + Two of cups: Finding balance in a relationship. 

Justice + Page of cups: Speaking the truth. 

Justice + Knight of cups: Poetic justice. Conscious art. 

Justice + Ace of pentacles: Compensation money. 

Justice + Four of pentacles: Business law. 

Justice + Seven of pentacles: Law of the land. 

Justice + Eight of pentacles: Studying law. 

Justice + Queen of pentacles: Working from home. Work/home balance. 

Justice tarot card meanings summary

Justice tarot card speaks of the rules that define your life. Justice sometimes shows up when the Seeker is dealing with the legality of their jobs or their investments. It also shows up when there are disputes and sometimes even court cases. Justice tarot card encourages you to see a situation from other angles than your own to gain a better perspective. When reversed Justice tarot card warns that you must be extra careful signing contracts and be careful who you trust. Someone might be deliberately trying to con you when this card shows up reversed.

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