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Empress tarot card meanings

Empress: Abundance

Empress Tarot Card Meanings and Keywords:

The Empress tarot card meanings in traditional tarot stem from its connection to both Astrology and Numerology. The Empress tarot card can mean:


Pregnancy and giving birth, being a mother.

Creativity and nurturing in the home.

Intelligence and leadership.

Being beautiful and sensual.

Being abundant and healthy.

A good marriage.




Poor health


Symbolism in Empress tarot card

A crown of 12 stars symbolises the 12 signs of the Zodiac. The yellow background symbolises her intellect. This symbolises the loving nature of the Empress as the nurturer and the mother. The wheat and the pomegranates indicate abundance. The pomegranates reveal their red seeds, a symbol of sexuality and fertility. The lush surroundings symbolise the Empress connection to the earth and her fertility. The waterfall symbolises being in the flow of abundance and happiness. The rod symbolises her ability to create. Her luxurious cushion indicates a beautiful home. The glyph of Venus on her heart-shaped shield symbolises the Empress sensual nature.

Empress tarot card and Astrology

Empress tarot card is connected to Venus, the planet that rules our heart, affection, women, love, nurturing, desire, pleasure, feminine sexuality, relationships, beauty, fashion and art. Venus represents the fullness of womanhood and the positive influences of the women in our life. Venus is non-aggressive, leaving conflict to her cosmic lover Mars. Venus rules both Taurus, the sign of the Hierophant and Libra, the sign for Justice.  Both signs are associated with affection, sociability, love of beauty. The Taurean nature of Venus is more sensuous and materialistic while the Libran side is more refined and artistic. Venus is exaggerated in Pisces, which with the vibration of Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, creates heighten spiritual experiences.

Empress tarot card meanings upright

Empress in a general reading

Empress tarot card represents feminine power, a nurturer and a family oriented person, our mother or a mother figure, abundance, femininity, fertility and the love of the home and family. The Empress is very sensual and confident in her own skin. She owns her own beauty. She is creative and nurturing and in touch with her own inner feelings. She loves luxury and beauty. This card ensures you that it is time to act upon your plans. You are attractive and can attract what you want and need. You are endlessly abundant in this moment. This is a very favourable card if you want to have a child, give birth to a business/project, create a home, renovate, attract a partner, romance, friendship and art.

Empress in a love reading

In a love reading, the Empress tarot card signifies long-lasting love and loyalty. This is your happily ever after tarot-card. If the seeker is single, they will soon meet someone who will love them unconditionally.

Empress in a career reading

In a career reading, the Empress denotes careers in the beauty and fashion industry. Empress tarot card also signifies working from home.

The Empress as feelings

The Empress speaks of unconditional love. This is the love that heals and makes whole. This is the love that lasts in good times and in bad times. This is the love that lasts until the end of time. This is love that stays pure and it never grows old. This is love that heals and is strong.

If you are asking how someone is feeling about you and you get the Empress card, then the person has unconditional love for you. There is an abundance of love here and there is also a nurturing quality to this love that seeks to smooth, heal, and make whole again

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Personality types in Empress tarot card

The Empress speaks of someone who is very warm, sensual, loving, charismatic and beautiful. This is someone who loves deeply and openly shows their affections towards others. They are very creative people with nurturing instincts. Intelligent and artistic they often do very well in the professional world. Empress people love artful pursuits and turn their surroundings into a beautiful haven. They care for the environment and everything that is alive. They make excellent parents and are very determined to get things done.

Empress tarot card meanings

Empress: Abundance

Empress tarot card meanings reversed

Empress tarot card meanings reversed indicate neglect and a lack of attention where there should be nurturing. She can represent a mother who gives little affection and hardly any protection to her child. The child can also symbolise a project, a relationship, an enterprise, the home and a business that need attention but are instead being left unattended. There might even be an abandonment of a child, the family and the home when this card shows up reversed. Her motherly and nurturing instincts are gone, even destroyed and actively prevented. This woman might even be lost in promiscuity and seduction, with a lack of love and care. This card often shows up reversed when the querent is feeling unattractive.

Personality types in reversed Empress tarot card

The Empress reversed denotes someone promiscuous, who feels alone and is often a worrywart. This is someone who is desperate for love and often goes looking for it in all the wrong places. Rather than making everyone feel comfortable, Empress reversed is needy and hard work. This card reversed can also indicate someone with ill-health due to emotional issues.

Empress tarot card combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including the Empress.

The Empress + The Hierophant: A bride. A wedding. 

The Empress + The Chariot: Success in the beauty industry.

The Empress + Strength: A healer. 

The Empress + The Devil: IVF.

The Empress + Five of pentacles: Loneliness. 

The Empress + Nine of Pentacles: A beautiful home and garden. 

The Empress + Ten of pentacles: A strong family. 

The Empress + Page of pentacles: A model. Modelling. 

The Empress + Knight of pentacles: Changing your career to be more abundant. 

The Empress + King of pentacles: Great riches. Success in the home and in a career. 

The Empress + Six of cups: Happy children. 

The Empress + Eight of cups: Finding your dream. 

The Empress + Queen of cups: Natural therapist. 

The Empress + Five of swords: Feeling unattractive. 

The Empress + Six of swords: Moving to a beautiful location. 

The Empress + Queen of swords: Career orientation. 

The Empress + Ace of wands: Birth of a business plan. Birth of a creative idea. 

The Empress + Seven of wands: Protecting your family. 

The Empress + Page of  wands: Photography. 

Empress tarot card meanings summary

Empress tarot card meanings denote beauty, harmony, love, motherhood, parenting, family, nurturing, good health and abundance. The Empress manifests abundance through nurturing and caring for others, showing others love and appreciation and creating an oasis of comfort and safety. The Empress is a very positive tarot card as it signifies the Seeker’s well-being operating at optimum levels.

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