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Strength tarot card meanings

8. Strength: Passion

Strength Tarot Card Meanings
and Keywords:

Strength tarot card meanings stem from its connection to Astrology and Numerology. Strength tarot card can mean:


Patience through caring.

A spiritual nature.

Inner strength.

Passion and love.

Pride and determination.








Symbolism in Strength tarot card

The infinity symbol above the woman’s head indicates a spiritual nature. The woman represents inner strength. The lion symbolises courage, passion, and desire, as well as our wild nature while the woman represents kindness and compassion, the ingredients to inner strength. Her white robe symbolises the higher feminine aspect of the soul. The crown and belt made out of roses a symbol of love and the calm nature of the woman’s spirit. The mountain in the background represents stability and loyalty, the distant goal that will be accomplished through effort and patience. The woman in white holding a symbol of love while sitting on a lion can be found in an alchemical text that Waite translated and included in his Hermetic museum, a collection of Alchemical texts. The color blue of the mountain represents stability. Strength is rule by Leo in the Zodiac.

Strength tarot card and Astrology

Strength tarot card is ruled by Leo. Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Sun rules our will, our pride, our determination, our heart, health, and vitality. It is an intense masculine force. It also rules how others see us, public recognition and self-esteem. The Sun clarifies the truths and characteristics of the other planets it touches, so Strength, therefore, strengthens the other Major Arcana cards in the spread, and magnifies their significance, especially Wheel of Fortune and Temperance due to their Jupiter connection. The Sun and Jupiter communicate in a special configuration, so the benefits are intensified. The Sun guards the heart.

Strength tarot card meanings upright

Strength in a general reading

Strength tarot card represents our courage, passions, strength, self-confidence, patience, and compassion. Strength reminds us to follow our passions, to take the time to do the things that make us tick, that makes us strong within ourselves and which builds confidence and self-worth. As the woman in the picture is taming the lion, we are reminded that anything is possible as long as we believe in ourselves, are patient and use love rather than force. Kindness, leadership, and love are what will get you there. Strength reminds you that you are strong enough to be loving and caring, even when others are acting as if they don’t care. Deep down they do, and you know they do. You are someone they look up to, so keep showing them how well it can flow when you apply love and tenderness to a situation.

Strength in a love reading

In a love reading, Strength tarot card indicates passionate love. Strength also means unconditional love that is a rock in your life.

Strength in a career reading

In a career reading, Strength denotes careers with animals and caring for vulnerable people. Strength speaks of doing what you are most passionate about.

Strength as feelings

Strength means the Seeker feels confident and strong within themselves. They have a lot of love to give and feels a lot of compassion for others. The Seeker is whole and complete within themselves. Strength speaks of passionate love.

If you are asking about how someone feels about you, Strength can indicate they feel you are their rock in life. They most likely also feel a lot of passion for you.

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Personality types in Strength tarot card

Strength tarot card indicates someone with great inner strength and leadership. This is someone with plenty of passions and hobbies. Caring for others is second nature to them. It is not even something they do it is just who they are! They forgive easily as they are very confident people. On top of that, they are kind and gentle. Strength people are patient, balanced, soft, sensitive, passionate and fun. They are unique people who are often very eccentric and artistic, exploring life through their big philanthropic hearts.

Strength tarot card meanings

8. Strength: Passion

Strength tarot card meanings reversed

Strength tarot card reversed denotes a lack of courage, lack of passion, fear, even timidity, and impatience. Weak will and lack of backbone are indicated when Strength shows up reversed. The lion remains untamed, often due to fear of standing out due to peer pressure. The Seeker remains a sheep. Sometimes the fear is too strong, and willpower alone isn’t going to work. The beast is in control and the querent need help and support, often of the professional kind. There is a need to connect with life in a more spiritual way.

Personality types in reversed Strength tarot card

Strength tarot card reversed indicates someone who has lost their mojo. They feel depressed and bored, withdrawn and out of touch with themselves. Rather than caring for others, they get drained by others company and much rather be by themselves. This is someone with anxiety and overwhelming stress. Life is no longer fun, and after spending time with this person, you will feel depressed too. Strength reversed is someone entangled in negativity with no means of changing. They have lost their hunger for life and forgotten their passions.

Strength tarot card combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Strength:

Strength + the Magician: A strong communicator. Can mean a rock solid relationship.

Strength + The Hermit: Old soul. A courageous teacher. 

Strength + Justice: Strict laws. Strong legal team. 

Strength + The Moon: Important story. Documentary. 

Strength + The Sun: Strong life force. Healing. 

Strength + Ace of pentacles: Passionate about your finances. 

Strength + Three of pentacles: A strong team. 

Strength + Five of pentacles: Helping others. Hardship making you strong. 

Strength + Ten of pentacles: A strong family. 

Strength + Ace of cups: A strong spirit. Having a heart of gold. 

Strength + Two of cups: A strong relationship. 

Strength + Four of cups: A strong administration. 

Strength + Nine of cups: Living your dream. 

Strength + Ten of cups: Strong spiritual beliefs. A happy ending. 

Strength + King of cups: A healer. 

Strength + Three of wands: A strong enterprise. 

Strength + Four of wands: A strong community. 

Strength + Six of wands: A confident person. A strong leader. 

Strength + Page of wands: A strong personality. 

Strength + Queen of wands: A strong and charismatic businessman. 

Strength + Ace of swords: Strong opinions. 

Strength + Three of swords: Strong heartache. Long lasting pain. 

Strength + Five of swords: Phobias. Deep fears. 

Strength + Nine of swords: Worrying about those you love. 

Strength + Page of swords: A strong talent. 

Strength tarot card meanings summary

Strength tarot card indicates passion and inner strength. This card indicates sticking up for those who need extra support. Strength tarot card also signifies your anchor in life.

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