Devil Tarot Card Meanings

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devil tarot card meanings
Devil: Obsession

Devil Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:

Devil tarot card meanings in traditional tarot stem from its connection to both Astrology and Numerology. Devil tarot card can mean:


Being obsessed with someone or something.

The need to be in control over others

and in situations.

Making others obey you.

Being enslaved to addictions.

Lack of freedom.

Lacking faith and always believing the worst.


Being overly ambitious.

The underworld.


Avoiding temptations.

Escaping danger.

Lack of ambition.

Symbolism in Devil tarot card

The card of the Devil portrays a Baphomet, the Sabbatic Goat; a winged and horned creature combining human and bestial features.The Devil symbolises our fears and beliefs that bind us and prevents us from experiencing expansiveness and growth. The Devil stands on an altar which represents the lower aspects of the ego, our obsessions and our addictions. The man and the woman have horns and tales symbolising their earthly desires. The chain around their heads are loose and their hands are not bound, representing their free will. They are enslaved through their choosing rather than force. The Devil with the man and the woman creates a perverted benediction symbolising the mocking of the Hierophant’s love of God and traditions, indicating that the Devil stands for the opposite. Rather than tradition and order, the Devil wants to break the rules and create more chaos. The man and the woman are Adam and Eve from the Lovers card, but their angel of love has become a fallen angel of selfishness, greed and darkness. The Devil’s right-hand holds a torch that lights the man’s tale symbolising the urging on of negative behaviour and addictions. The grapes on the woman’s tail symbolise her addictions. The reversed pentagram on the Devils forehead symbolises dark energy as it overturns the proper order of things and demonstrates the triumph of matter over spirit. The Devil is number 15, in numerology that reduces down to one digit and becomes a 6, which correspond to the Lovers. Here it symbolises the physical act of love more than the spiritual. The Devil is ruled by Capricorn in the Zodiac.

Devil tarot card and Astrology

The Devil is ruled by Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Saturn has been called the planet of fate and the lord of karma. It governs the part of you that accepts a challenge to gain wisdom. Saturn exerts an opposing force to limit the expansion of Jupiter to keep Jupiter’s nature from running rampantly out of control. Saturn cements us into the physical plane and rules things that are constricting and hard. When well aspected Saturn’s influence denotes patience, diligence, practicality, self-discipline, reliability and healthy ambition. Saturn assists us in succeeding in the earthly plane. On a negative note, Saturn denotes cold, indifferent, rigid, overly stubborn and miserly aspects of a person who might be paying the price for their earthly behaviour.

Devil tarot card meanings

Devil in a general reading

The Devil tarot card represents our primal desire for earthly pleasures. It also represents our fears that causes addiction and compulsive behaviour. The Devil is a very materialistic and ambitious tarot card so when the Devil card shows up in your reading you might find yourself craving more power and money in your life. The other cards in the layout will show you why and in what area you are feeling the effect of the ambitious, competitive and highly sexual Devil card. The Devil card often shows up in a reading when someone is being obsessed with a person, a job, or a goal, and the cards will show what outcome this will have if the behaviour continues. The Devil card binds people together that are attracted to each other due to their primal physical needs rather than a higher spiritual connection. The Devil shows up to shed light on what enslaves us, our cravings and our need to indulge. You might need to be more devilish in your life, depending on where the Devil shows up in your tarot layout.

Devil in a love reading

In a love reading, the Devil tarot card can denote love that feels like an addiction. It can also signify a couple who are under a lot of stress, such as financial burdens. If the Seeker is single the Devil tarot card can mean they are destructive as singles and desperate for someone to share their life with.

Devil in a career reading

In a career reading the Devil tarot card signifies careers with computers and IT. The Devil can also mean workplace bullying.

The Devil as feelings

The Devil speaks of feeling very ambitious. The Seeker might also feel the need to dominate and even be in control over their environment. Deep down the Seeker could be dealing with some insecurities and even jealousy. They feel the need to change, and they have a strong urge to make things happen in their lives.

If you are asking how someone feels about you, the Devil can mean the person has strong feelings that ranges from passion to frustration. This person has difficulty trusting and you could be feeling trapped in this person’s presence.

Learn what the Devil tarot card means in the Grand Tableau.

Personality types in Devil tarot card

The Devil tarot card denotes someone who has a very strong will and often executes this strong will to gain power and control over others. This is someone who will make something happen not because it is the will of God but because it is the will of man. Devil people are very stubborn and they are often chained to their own stubborn ways like slaves. It gives results but at a high price. They are angry and obsessive, stuck in a toxic pattern they believe they need. Beneath it all is someone with low self-esteem who is afraid of failure. They get things done when everyone else has given up. They never play complacent with anyone. They are highly sexual people. They need to be stimulated by either food (sugar), drugs, tobacco or alcohol to cope.

devil tarot card meanings
Devil: Obsession

Devil tarot card meanings reversed

The Devil reversed indicate temptations resisted, stricter moral kept and they escape the chains from the devil. The Seeker might be too restricted in their life, and they have little or no desires that drive them. They might be taking no chances at all, have no ambition to become anything out of the ordinary in the physical and material world. On a lighter note, the Seeker might have eluded danger and freed themselves from whatever was entrapping them.

Personality types in reversed Devil tarot card

Devil tarot card reversed is someone who wants to change their life away from addictions and bad habits. Their turnaround can be so complete that they end up fearing the world’s pleasures, always taking the moral high-ground. This is someone who feels guilty when they enjoy themselves. There might also be issues with sexuality and intimacy. They are often plagued with guilt and shame without knowing why. Sometimes there are hidden traumas buried in the subconscious and they spend a lot of energy keeping it locked away. This results in a very limited life experience. 

Devil tarot card combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including The Devil:

The Devil(XV) + The High Priestess: Fearful psychic. 

The Devil(XV) + The Lovers: Love obsession. 

The Devil(XV) + Death: The mining industry. 

The Devil(XV) + Justice: Criminal law. Crime. 

The Devil(XV) + The World: The Underworld. 

The Devil(XV) + Two of cups: Jealousy in a relationship. 

The Devil(XV) + Three of cups: Infidelities. Substance abuse. 

The Devil(XV) + Knight of cups: Addictive personality. 

The Devil(XV) + Queen of cups: Manipulations. 

The Devil(XV) + Four of pentacles: A hoarder. 

The Devil(XV) + Five of pentacles: Too much debt. 

The Devil(XV) + Seven of pentacles: Farming. 

The Devil(XV) + Knight of pentacles: Workaholic. 

The Devil(XV) + Eight of wands: Addicted to travel. A love addiction. 

The Devil(XV) + Ten of wands: Being dominated at work. 

The Devil(XV) + Knight of wands: A bully.  

The Devil(XV) + Two of swords: Trying to please everyone, including unreasonable people. Avoiding conflict. 

The Devil(XV) + Four of swords: Restlessness. Fearfulness. 

The Devil(XV) + Six of swords: Moving away from toxic situations and people. Needing a break.

Devil tarot card meanings summary

The Devil tarot card signifies obsessions, addictions, temptations and fear. The Devil can represent someone who is bullying the Seeker or even be stalking and harassing them. On a positive note, The Devil can mean the Seeker is determined to succeed and putting all their efforts into a project. Failure is not an option.

Learn what the Devil tarot card means as a final card in a love reading. 

40 thoughts on “Devil Tarot Card Meanings”

  1. Hello, I recently separated from my bf because I felt like he was seeing his ex from the past. He’s been dating her off & on again since high school. I asked the question what was the relationship between the two of them in the reading & got The Devil for past, 3 of pentacles reversed for present, & 8 of cups reversed for the future for them. What does that mean?

  2. Hi, Nicole. This card combination speaks of a lot of insecurities between them. It also looks like the ex girl friend has some connection that he would like to benefit from career wise.

  3. Hi, I recently met someone and asked the tarot what are his intentions with me. I received 8 wands. 7 chalice. 8 swords. the wheel reversed and the devil reversed. What is the out come of this? confused by the last two cards.

  4. Morning I did a Celtic card combination I got devil as my first card I am fighting depression so I assume this is the devil in me. I got lovers and moon in position 3 and 4 is this going to be me loving myself. Can you have a look at this spread and some further meanings. I am not working currently and not been motivated in looking I understand the lack of swords and pentacles
    Thank You
    Ace of cups
    seven of cups
    The Chariot
    Nine of cups
    Ten of cups
    Page of wands
    Queen of wands
    The High priestess

  5. Hi, lack of swords and pentacles can mean there is a lack of a stimulating routine that interests you…maybe you have lost interest in the day to day….this is also perhaps the answer to why you feel depressed…maybe if you can find something that is intellectually stimulating in your day to day life you will feel so much better :)

  6. Hi, I asked the cards about a possible reconciliation with someone from the past and received the devil card, clarified by the world. Does this mean it will happen but perhaps on a very physical level? I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

  7. Hi Inger, I did a general below celtic spread can you talk me through some of the I do not know if these relate to me or someone els.
    Ten of pentacles with the Devil family business is this mine or someone else’s, The Devil next to HP power physic is this me or someone els. Can you give your opinion on what the cards mean to you. I have been told the Devil is not a bad card as if you remove the L you get Devi a goddess in the Hindu religion. In a general reading what does the devil represent.

    1 Six of pentacles 2 Ten of pentacles 3 Devil 4 High Pirestess 5 Queen of pentacles 6 ace of swords 7 seven of cups 8 Ace of pentacles 9 The Star 10 Five of pentacles 11 Five of swords 12 Ten of cups

  8. Hi, I feel like in your case you might feel a bit restraint and boxed in and you are waiting for new opportunities to show up. I feel you will be traveling, possibly even moving, in around 7 months time.

  9. Hi, I feel you are in a good place in your life now and a relationship with this person would feel constrictive and possibly even control…. I sense you are someone who likes your personal freedom :)

  10. Hello ,
    This card and the lovers card came up in a reading I did about getting back with my ex – it was a chances spread with the wheel of fortune and eight of wands coming out at 25% although all cards even at 100% indicated towards my ex.
    However these two cards interested me the most as they came out at being 0% in chance of happening however both cards point towards how the relationship used to be… I was very much in love with him (Too in love with him)
    he broke it off after 6 months because he said he couldnt give me the relationship I deserved… and because it was too much for him…anyway its been 6 months now since we split (I do still love him…. however, I have changed alot.)
    my question is then – is there actually more than a 25% chnac of us getting back together because even at 0% its not saying that we won’t its just saying that it won’t be the same relationship as last time where I was addicted…

  11. I got a devil card along with the moon, magician and the fool. It was regarding a career choice that had to be made. I have an option of taking up a college this year or try for a better one the next. These cards came up when I asked what my prospects would be if I tried for a better college and gave up this one. Can you throw some light on this?

  12. I received a combination card of the Devil past strength and 4 of swords. I just landed a new job and got back with my ex and I asked what’s to expect in the near future concerning my love life and career.
    I understand devil and 4 sword is fear or restless do I overcome this with the strength card in the present position.

  13. I feel the cards are telling you to be strong. The Devil card can mean you are feeling a bit trapped and that you need to have your personal space and independence respected.

  14. Hi Inger,

    How would you know the difference between the devil being about someone’s obsession and the devil telling someone to be more devilish/daring? I recently got the Devil in a celtic cross’s above/goals and destiny position when I tried a general reading, like just checking what’s up in my cards. I was thinking of the Devil telling me that I need to be more devilish/more daring, but it also seems to fit me becoming obsessed about something, like money (since the spread had 4 pents) or a new beginning (3 aces). Spread is below:
    the present: page of pentacles
    obstacle: 7 pents
    past: ace swords
    future: ace wands
    below: knight of pentacles
    above: devil
    advice: sun
    external influences: 7 swords
    hopes and fears: king of pentacles
    outcome: ace of cups

    Thank you!

  15. When the devil shows up in the advice position it often means you can be more daring. Maybe you have been too soft in a situation, and you need to be more firm and clear where your boundaries are. Sometimes people can be too nice, and in those cases, the devil can show up in advice position as these people can afford to be more aggressive.

  16. Hi, Jan. This person could have internalized a lot and is unsure of feelings. This person could have difficulties expressing feelings and can often say hurtful things.

  17. Hi Inger please help I am having problems with my career each job I go into something bad always happen my last role the people were awful, I started a new job last week which I do enjoy but there has been an issue with my starting salary so having problems and stress again I did the below spread can you please advise I am now looking for another job as the salary is not enough here, the job is fairly easy but I feel duped on my salary I have asked for the creater to bring me a job the job that will bring me joy so far is not working :<
    Ten of wands
    Queen of swords
    The empress
    Page of wands
    Seven of pentacles
    The devil
    Knight of pentacles
    Ten of cups
    Ten of sowrds
    Six of swords
    King of swords

    Any guidance at this time is needed.

  18. I asked, am I suitable for business? Three cards are for kings, king of cups, king of Swords, king of pentacles. So I’m good for business? What kind of business do you do? And what I’ve been asking my career to draw is the Devil card.

  19. Yes, absolutely. Kings speak of success, so the more that show up the better. :) The Devil card often speaks of the corporate world. You will do well in any type of authority role as well.

  20. Hi Inger!

    I hope all is well on your end. I would like to know if you pulled The Devil (reversed) and then clarified with 4 of Wands, Page of Wands (reversed) and 10 of Coins (reversed), how would you interpret this card combination? Thank you.

  21. This can mean you will be able to avoid a dangerous situation by following your common sense and gut instincts. Someone/something will be very seductive, but I feel you will be able to see through this and avoid a situation that would be very stressful.

  22. Hello did a reading for me and a guy (hes in a relationship) during the time of a seperation after a small disagreement and got 2 of cups, devil, and six of pentacles all upright. This is specifically his feelings toward me during our seperation.

  23. Hi Inger, i did a love spread and got queen of pentacles , the devil and the lovers. Could you help me please as im unsure of what this means. Im single . Many thanks . I also drew last week the king and queen of swords and the magician xx

  24. His emotions could have been on a rollercoaster and he could have felt very angry (the devil) and at the same time wanted to reach out (6 of pentacles). The devil often shows up when someone wants more control over someone so you might have to assert stronger boundaries.

  25. This card combination can indicate that the person wants more control over the seeker and the seeker must take care not to be overwhelmed by this person who most likely has a very strong personality and a strong agenda.

  26. Are you a business woman? Queen of Pentacles often shows up when someone is very good in business, and this is also where I feel you will meet love. I laid out the cards in the zodiac to see what areas in your life your soulmate will come in, and I got the lovers in your house of finance, and knight of cups in your house for travel and far away horizons, so you could end up meeting someone well travelled :)

  27. Warmest Greetings Inger!
    THANK YOU for answering to every question of my searching mind! Very illumining!

  28. Hi Inger!,

    I have a big question for you! Soooo I started to take a creative hobby of mine seriously this year, including taking classes for it and trying to complete works and work with others.

    I wanted to check in on myself and the status of where I am with it and I did a past, present & future reading.

    I got
    Past: King of Wands
    Present: Ace of Swords
    Future: Devil card

    Without doing a full interpretation, I was concerned about The Devil card and drew an Advice Card about it and received: Nine of Swords.

    I wanted to know what your take on my reading is, especially for the last two cards of the Devil card and the Nine of Swords.

    Should I be worried? How is the 9 of Swords figuring as advice in this instance?


    – Jade

  29. Hi Inger!,

    I have a big question for you! Soooo I started to take a creative hobby of mine seriously this year, including taking classes for it and trying to complete works and work with others.

    I wanted to check in on myself and the status of where I am with it and I did a past, present & future reading.

    I got
    Past: King of Wands
    Present: Ace of Swords
    Future: Devil card

    Without doing a full interpretation, I was concerned about The Devil card and drew an Advice Card about it and received: Nine of Swords.

    I wanted to know what your take on my reading is, especially for the last two cards of the Devil card and the Nine of Swords.

    Should I be worried? How is the 9 of Swords figuring as advice in this instance?


    – Jade

  30. Hi. The Devil speaks of what we want so much we will make it happen no matter what, so when you get this card it means you will make sure you succeed because failure is not an option and that is what 9 of swords are also telling you. Even if you are scared, you will push through, because, in your mind, failure is not an option, only success is, and that is why you will succeed. :)

  31. Hi! I did a reading recently asking where my life is going(in general) and in Future i ve got the emperor near the Devil. What i find interesting is that i had the same two cards in the exact positions when i asked the second time. What could this mean?
    Thank you! :)

  32. Hi Inger!

    I did a simple 3 card tarot reading to ask how a love interest seems me as a potential partner. I did find out he broke up with someone whom he had a stressful relationship. I got the following cards:

    The Devil REV, 2 of Swords REV, 2 of Cups upright

    Does that mean he’s moved away from negative energy and no longer feel trapped about moving forward? That he’s already made a decision about a potential partnership with me?

    Thank you

  33. It looks like he will take some time and get his life back. Reversed cards often mean taking a step back. He could be hiding for a little while (no court cards showing). 2 of cups as the final card can mean you will have a connection. When he is ready, he will let you know.

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