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Sun tarot card meanings

Sun: Happiness

Sun Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:

The Sun tarot card meanings in traditional tarot stem from its connection to both Astrology and Numerology. The Sun tarot card can mean:



Joy and happiness.

A child.

A holiday. A warm place.

Being accepted. Self-realisation.


Great health and vitality.

Victory and accomplishments.


Poor logic.


Low vitality.

Symbolism in Sun tarot card

The child symbolises innocence. The feather on the child’s head is the same feather worn by the Fool. The feather is connecting the child with the Sun and with the Fool, symbolising inner light. The banner is a victory banner symbolising accomplishments and victory. The child’s posture symbolises joy and happiness. The child holds the banner in her left hand symbolising the power of the subconscious. The child rides the horse without saddle and reins, symbolising trust and harmony. The white horse symbolises strength, beauty and purity. The sun represents life and happiness, warmth and goodness. The 22 sun-rays represents the major arcana. The straight rays represent action and the wavy rays represent vibration and flow. The four sunflowers symbolise the four suits in the minor arcana and the fourfold world. Sunflowers represent love and happiness.

Sun tarot card and Astrology

The sun is ruled by the sun, the ruler of your purpose, character, will, determination, heart, health, vitality and consciousness. The sun represents the ego and how you view yourself. The sun rules our basic identity and our self-realisation. The sun represents reason rather than instinct. When well aspected the sun rules happiness, enjoyment, integrity and strength of will and purpose. If poorly aspected it denotes poor vitality, low energy, lack of belief in oneself, poor judgement, arrogant, melodramatic and vanity.

Sun tarot card meanings upright

Sun in a general reading

The Sun tarot card represents success, joy, sunshine, day, warmth and happiness. The Sun shows up when life is sunny and you are enjoying your time with the people you love. Life is simple rather than complicated. Relationships are blossoming and you are feeling loved. Sometimes the Sun represents a much-welcomed child. Have a look at the other cards to see where the source of happiness is coming from. It might be coming from within, from a child, success at work, harmony with family or a relationship. The Sun can also represent a much-needed holiday. The Sun is the BIG YES card in a positive sense that it will give you what you want and desire, and you are encouraged to apply for that job, go on that holiday, ask out your crush on a date, connect with family, do that art class. The Sun assures you that if you do, it will pay off for you. You will not be rejected. The Sun is the tarot card of acceptance.

Sun in a love reading

In a love reading, the Sun tarot card denotes a new relationship full of potential. The Sun describes a relationship which is sociable and fun. If the Seeker is single the Sun can mean they will soon experience love at first sight. This card can also mean a holiday romance.

Sun in a career reading

In a career reading, the Sun tarot card signifies leadership jobs. The Sun can also mean a fun job or work with children.

The Sun as feelings

The Sun speaks of love that is joyful. The Sun denotes positive feelings, excitement, and a sense of purpose. The Sun often speaks of falling in love, and sometimes this is falling in love over and over again with the same person.

If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, the Sun can mean the person is falling in love and is feeling a strong soul connection with you.

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Personality types in Sun tarot card

Sun tarot card people are optimistic, happy and confident who is always looking for ways to enjoy life and experience joy. This is someone with a youthful and carefree nature, no matter what age. They love new beginnings, seeing new places and learning new skills. They never grow old.

Sun tarot card meanings

Sun: Happiness

Sun tarot card meanings reversed

Sun tarot card reversed indicates new beginnings, success and happiness being blocked. Success is blocked due to reaching the wrong conclusions and having bad reasoning and poor logic. Things are frustrating and unclear. There might be some problems with pregnancy or raising young children. The Sun reversed can symbolise an eclipse which means there are endings and things/places/events are outdated. There is no excitement and joy anymore, just feelings of the mundane and mediocrity. The Seeker might be afraid of new beginnings, of success and being in the spotlight. This person might feel more comfortable in the shadow of their own potential. Ignorance is winning. No one is listening to or thinking of the future generations.

Personality type in reversed Sun tarot card

Sun tarot card reversed indicates someone who has low vitality, is arrogant, melodramatic and vain. This is someone with low energy, poor self-esteem and with a pessimistic outlook on life. They often make poor decisions about their future.

Sun Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including The Sun:

The Sun + The Fool: A child. 

The Sun + The Magician: Utilising your talents in the best way. 

The Sun + The Empress: Pregnancy. Being a parent. Excellent health. 

The Sun + Strength: Being loved and accepted. 

The Sun + The Devil: Ambition. 

The Sun + Judgement: Your calling being your vocation. 

The Sun + Ace of pentacles: A great investment. 

The Sun + Two of pentacles: Having fun at work.

The Sun + Seven of pentacles: Working outside. 

The Sun + Page of pentacles: A happy student. 

The Sun + Two of swords: Mathematics. Logic and reason. 

The Sun + Four of swords: A relaxing holiday. 

The Sun + Six of swords: Science. 

The Sun + Seven of swords: Self-reliant. 

The Sun + Four of wands: A strong community. A happy community. Childcare-center.

The Sun + Eight of wands: A road trip. A fun holiday. A fun job. 

The Sun + Knight of wands: Relocation to a warmer place. A happy career change. 

The Sun + King of wands: A good husband. 

The Sun + Ace of cups: Answered Prayers. 

The Sun + Six of cups: Feeling at home. 

The Sun + Page of cups: Mentoring someone. 

The Sun + Queen of cups: A story teller. 

Sun tarot card meanings summary

The Sun tarot card means a happy and sunny outcome to the Seeker’s question. This is the tarot card for acceptance and making good decisions. The Sun tarot card can also signify children and raise children.

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