Tarot Spreads and layouts

Gain insight into life’s questions and mysteries with the Tarot. 

Celtic Cross tarot spread

Card 1: The current situation

Card 2: What is crossing you (can be both positive or negative)

Card 3: What you should aim towards, actions to take, goals

Card 4: Distant past

Card 5: Recent past

Card 6: Future influence

Card 7: The seeker

Card 8: Significant other influencing the situation

Card 9: Surprises and hidden influences

Card 10: Outcome (this is the final answer, the conclusion. This position is most significant. The final card holds most of the energy)

6 months Tarot spread

Card  1,2 and 3: The seeker

Card 4,5 and 6: Other people in your life

Card 7,8 and 9: What you expect

Card 10,11 and 12: What you don’t expect

Card 13,14 and 15: The next 1-3 months

Card 16,17 and 18: The next 4-6 months

Soulmate Tarot spread

Card 1: How can I best attract a soulmate

Card 2: What is blocking me and how do I overcome it

Card 3: How will I recognise my soulmate

Card 4: Who is my soulmate

Card 5: How will we meet

Card 6: When will we meet

Card 7: Destiny of relationship.