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Tarot Spreads and Layouts 

Gain insight into life’s questions and mysteries with the Tarot. 

Celtic Cross tarot spread

Card 1: The current situation

Card 2: What is crossing you (can be both positive or negative)

Card 3: What you should aim towards, actions to take, goals

Card 4: Distant past

Card 5: Recent past

Card 6: Future influence

Card 7: The seeker

Card 8: Significant other influencing the situation

Card 9: Surprises and hidden influences

Card 10: Outcome (this is the final answer, the conclusion. This position is most significant. The final card holds most of the energy)

Soulmate tarot spread

Card 1: Situation

Card 2: Hidden influences, secrets

Card 3: Past life connection with Soulmate

Card 4: Family and friend connection with Soulmate. Look for court cards. Major Arcana cards denote you will meet through destiny rather than through other people. 

Card 5: Where is your Soulmate

Card 6: Who is your Soulmate, this is the most revealing card.

Card 7: Destiny of relationship. If you get a negative card here you can change your destiny by changing beliefs and thoughts about yourself and about your relationship. 

What are my chances tarot spread

What are my chances spread

Take out the Wheel of fortune card and shuffle the rest of the deck. Choose 9 more cards and shuffle them with the Wheel of fortune card. When you are ready lay the cards out as picture shows. See where the Wheel of fortune card ends up as this predicts what your chances are for something to happen. First, lay out cards 1-5, then double up each card position, and layout cards 6-10.

6 months Tarot spread

Card  1,2 and 3: The seeker

Card 4,5 and 6: Other people in your life

Card 7,8 and 9: What you expect

Card 10,11 and 12: What you don’t expect

Card 13,14 and 15: The next 1-3 months

Card 16,17 and 18: The next 4-6 months

Second soulmate Tarot spread

Card 1: How can I best attract a soulmate

Card 2: What is blocking me and how do I overcome it

Card 3: How will I recognise my soulmate

Card 4: Who is my soulmate

Card 5: How will we meet

Card 6: When will we meet

Card 7: Destiny of relationship. 

Get the Ultimate Soulmate Spread Here. 

Make the right decision Tarot spread 

You will have to repeat this spread for each choice and options you are looking into. Notice the positives and negatives and how the different choices are affecting your family, love, career and spiritual life.

Card 1: Lessons I will learn from making this choice

Card 2: Positives about this choice

Card 3: Negatives about this choice

Card 4: How this choice will affect me most

Card 5: Future location (where you will end up geographically) if making this choice 

Card 6: Friends and potential love connections if I make this choice 

Card 7: Spiritual growth if I make this choice

Card 8: Career goals achieved if I make this choice

Card 9: Family influences if I make this choice

Card 10+11+12: Final outcome if I make this choice

Compare the different choices before making them. Which one has the best result for you?

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The tarot will tell you. Take the test using the Secret Admirer Tarot spread here. 

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