Magician Tarot Card Meanings

magician tarot card meaning

Magician Tarot Card Meanings and Keywords:

The Magician tarot card meanings in traditional tarot stem from its connection to both Astrology and Numerology. The Magician tarot card can mean:


Realising your potential.

Believing in yourself.

Using your talents.

Being in charge of your own destiny.

Being able to sell yourself, sell your ideas, and sell a product.

Using old skills in a new field

Re-inventing yourself.



A fraud

Lack of self-belief

Magician tarot card meanings and Astrology

Magician tarot card is connected to the planet Mercury. Mercury is the planet of communication, short distance travel, quick-moving connections (phones, the internet, computers). Mercury is the planet of the intellect, it is linked with cleverness, dexterity, and wittiness. It speaks of how we learn, how the mind works, and how we communicate.

Mercury governs the senses. Mercury is easily swayed by emotions, and there might be problems seeing the truth of the matter. Mercury also rules Gemini, the sign of The Lovers, and Virgo, the sign of The Hermit.

Learn the effects of planet Mercury on Astrosage website here. 

Magician as the Odin Archtype

Odin is often depicted as a wise and all-knowing figure. Odin is the same deity as Hermes and Mercury. Both Hermes and Mercury mean Divine Communication. The Magician has an infinity symbol (Divinity) above his head. Odin hung on Yggdrasil and received Divine Secrets (Runes) from the Well (Creator of all). I have proven that Odin represents omnipresence using concentrated will through the pineal gland. This is gate kept information but it is possible to learn it through initiations. Odin ends up seeing through his third eye (divine consciousness center between the eyebrows). This is the true meaning of Odin and also the true meaning of the Magician as the archtype of Odin. When this card shows up in your reading, it will be heightened communication and sensitivity to a higher power.

I first learned about Odin as living consciousness when I came across Maria Kvilhaug who is a scholar and historian. You can read about her Odin encounters here. 

Magician In The Vision Quest

Völund the smith

The Major Arcana cards are very connected to the vision quest and the Magician reminds me of Völund, a legendary elf and blacksmith in Norse mythology who is captured by King Niðhad (the downstairs king) and bound up in a smithy. Here he meets his soul (High Priestess) and they have divine union. He makes himself a valkyrie suit (Empress) and flies to the downstairs king (Emperor) to tell him what he has done. He then flies back to Alfheim (home of the elves) and lives happily ever after with his wife (Hierophant). You can read all about the true meaning of Völund The Smith on Tarotingie here. 

Magician tarot card meanings upright

Watch Tarotingie talk about the Magician tarot card on her Youtube channel here. 

Magician tarot card meanings in a general reading

Magician represents your ability to communicate clearly, to ‘sell’ yourself, and to be innovative. The Magician has all the tools and resources available to manifest his desired outcome, so it is a good card to get if you want to create. The Magician is skilful and confident in his abilities, and he has the gift of the gab. This card speaks of communication with the Divine seen in the infinity symbol above his head.

Magician tarot card in a love reading

In a love reading, the Magician tarot card often denotes your most compatible soul mate. This is someone who gets you and knows how to make your day exciting no matter what. If single, Magician tarot card can mean the Seeker will soon meet someone exciting. The Magician is someone who is good at communicating at a level the Seeker finds very stimulating and rewarding.

Magician tarot card in a career reading

In a career question, the Magician tarot card signifies careers in sales and communications. The Magician denotes being on the right career path. In a general career reading, Magician denotes the Seeker will be able to use their talents in their jobs. Magician tarot card can also speak of innovation.

The Magician tarot card as feelings

The Magician denotes someone who ‘gets’ you. This is the person you will feel you can talk to about everything and you can have great laughs with as well as stimulating exchange. The Magician speaks of being satisfied on all levels: Spiritually, Materialistic, Emotionally, and Intellectually.

Magician tarot card as Personality types

Magician tarot card as a personality type is someone who can manifest and create almost anything they put their minds to. They believe anything is possible. They are often very creative people who are used to take the initiative. This card speaks of people who creates excitement around them.

Magician tarot card meanings reversed

Magician tarot card reversed indicates empty promises, false possibilities, a con man, misunderstandings, and a lack of substance to situations. There could be a lack of resources and skill shortages. Magician reversed also speak of lack of inspiration. Writer’s block is also seen in this card reversed.

Magician tarot card reversed as Personality types

The reversed meanings of the tarot cards often speaks of the Seeker acting out due to being under a lot of stress. This can bring out the shadow aspect of the person. 

Magician reversed can speak of someone who has many ideas that live and die in their heads. The Seeker could find it hard to be inspired right now. This card reversed speaks of difficulties communicating and the Seeker could decide to give up before they even try. They often procrastinate and tend to be overly critical of both themselves and others. There is problems communicating.

Magician Tarot card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including the Magician tarot card.

The Magician(I) + The Lovers: Your ideal partner. A Soul Mate.

The Magician(I) + The Hermit: A brilliant teacher.

The Magician(I) + The Hanged Man: Inventing something. 

The Magician(I) + Judgement: Multimedia, tv/radio, fame. 

The Magician(I) + Five of wands: Standing out from the crowd. 

The Magician(I) + Knight of wands: A talented competitor. 

The Magician(I) + Queen of wands: A skilful entrepreneur. 

The Magician(I) + King of wands: A successful salesperson.

The Magician(I) + Ace of cups: Selling art. Selling inspirations.

The Magician(I) + Two of cups: Romance and friendship combined. 

The Magician(I) + Queen of cups: A successful artist.

The Magician(I) + Six of swords: A successful move. Selling online. 

The Magician(I) + Seven of swords: A marketing expert. Telling people what they want to hear. 

The Magician(I) + Eight of pentacles: Mastering an internship, study, or new skill. 

The Magician(I) + Queen of pentacles: Home renovation. Buying/selling property.

The Magician(I) + King of pentacles: Mastering the financial world of sales. 

Magician tarot card meanings summary

The Magician tarot card signifies being able to use your talents to create prosperity. The Magician speaks of your talents and your abilities to achieve your desired outcome using your unique skills. The Magician tarot card can also indicate the ability to ‘sell sand in the desert and snow to the Eskimos’. The Magician is so charming and when the Magician represents you in a tarot reading few people can resist your charm.

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