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lenormand card 1 the rider

1. Rider

Rider Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the first Lenormand card, the Rider, is news. Rider also signifies swift action and moving forward.

Rider Lenormand Card in the Grand Tableau.

Rider in Rider position: Swift news will change the course of action. Act Now.

Rider in Clover position: Good news that will create a positive outcome.

Rider in Ship position: You will receive a message from overseas.

Rider in House position: News about a house. You might receive a visitor soon.

Rider in Tree position: News about your health.

Rider in Clouds position: A message that confuses you.

Rider in Snake position: Someone is lying to you.

Rider in Coffin position: News that make you end something.

Rider in Bouquet position: News that make you happy.

Rider in Scythe position: News of surgery.

Rider in Whip position: News that will cause arguments.

Rider in Birds position: News about a couple.

Rider in Child position: News about a child.

Rider in Fox position: News about a job.

Rider in Bear position: News about your boss.

Rider in Star position: News of something you dream of.

Rider in Stork position: News of a baby.

Rider in Dog position: News from a friend or about a dog.

Rider in Tower position: News from the government.

Rider in Garden position: News about social events.

Rider in Mountain position: News being delayed.

Rider in Crossroad position: News about new choices.

Rider in Mice position: News getting lost.

Rider in Heart position: News of love.

Rider in Ring position: News of marriage or engagement.

Rider in Book position: News about a study.

Rider in Letter position: News in the form of mail.

Rider in Man position: News from the man in your life.

Rider in Woman position: News from the woman in your life.

Rider in Lily position: News from an older person.

Rider in Sun position: News of achievement.

Rider in Moon position: News about romance.

Rider in Key position: News that are important.

Rider in Fish position: News of business.

Rider in Anchor position: News about work.

Rider in Cross position: News that creates worry.

Rider Lenormand meaning

Rider in Lenormand usually means news as the list above denotes. When Rider shows up in your cards the relevant information will come to you to assist you in making the right decision. Rider assists the seeker in moving forward in a positive way.