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Lenormand card 13 child

Child Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the thirteenth Lenormand card, child, is new beginnings. Child can also signify children.

Child Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Child in Rider position: A child brings you news.

Child in Clover position: A child brings luck.

Child in Ship position: A new beginning overseas.

Child in House position: A new house. A day-care centre.

Child in Tree position: Caring for a child. Pregnancy.

Child in Clouds position: Learning difficulties. A new beginning is clouded.

Child in Snake position: Single mother. A child with a secret.

Child in Coffin position: A new start ends. Miscarriage.

Child in Bouquet position: A happy child. A new beginning brings happiness.

Child in Scythe position: Caesarean. Abortion. Sick child.

Child in Whip position: New beginnings having difficulties. A bully.

Child in Birds position: Siblings.

Child in Child position: twins.

Child in Fox position: Child labour. Working with children. A new job.

Child in Bear position: A new boss. A young boss. Coming to power at a young age.

Child in Star position: Child star. Beginners luck.

Child in Stork position: Pregnancy.

Child in Dog position: Childhood friend. A new dog.

Child in Tower position: A school.

Child in Garden position: A child’s party. Birthday party.

Child in Mountain position: New beginnings being delayed. A new delay.

Child in Crossroad position: Siblings moving out. New choices presenting themselves.

Child in Mice position: Child getting lost.

Child in Heart position: New love.

Child in Ring position: Adoption. Marrying young.

Child in Book position: Study and homework. A new study.

Child in Letter position: Mail from a child. News about a child.

Child in Man position: A boy. A new man coming into your life.

Child in Woman position: A girl. A new woman coming into your life.

Child in Lily position: Grandparents.

Child in Sun position: Child achieving success.

Child in Moon position: A specially gifted child.

Child in Key position: A child with responsibilities.

Child in Fish position: Child care business.

Child in Anchor position: New security.

Child in Cross position: Painful childhood.

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