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Lenormand card 14 fox


Fox Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the fourteenth Lenormand card, fox, is work. Fox also denotes dishonesty.

Fox Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Fox in Rider position: Work in news. Work going in a new direction.

Fox in Clover position: A promotion. Work brings luck.

Fox in Ship position: Work will take you overseas.

Fox in House position: Working from home.

Fox in Tree position: Working in the health care industry.

Fox in Clouds position: Work is confusing.

Fox in Snake position: Work is dangerous.

Fox in Coffin position: Unemployment.

Fox in Bouquet position: Work makes you happy.

Fox in Scythe position: Work accident. Work that needs surgical accuracy.

Fox in Whip position: Work bullies. Physical work.

Fox in Birds position: Teamwork. Work chatter.

Fox in Child position: Working with children.

Fox in Fox position: Working overtime.

Fox in Bear position: Leadership work. Promotion.

Fox in Star position: Working on your dream.

Fox in Stork position: Work changes.

Fox in Dog position: Working with dogs. Working with friends. Colleagues.

Fox in Tower position: Work in government.

Fox in Garden position: Work related event.

Fox in Mountain position: Work being delayed.

Fox in Crossroad position: Work decisions.

Fox in Mice position: Work loss. Loss of hours.

Fox in Heart position: Work romance. Dishonesty in love. Unable to commit.

Fox in Ring position: Work contract.

Fox in Book position: Working with books.

Fox in Letter position: Work in news.

Fox in Man position: Dishonest man.

Fox in Woman position: Dishonest woman.

Fox in Lily position: Working in retirement.

Fox in Sun position: Work achievement.

Fox in Moon position: Work romance.

Fox in Key position: Work in focus.

Fox in Fish position: Work in finance.

Fox in Anchor position: Work security.

Fox in Cross position: Work sacrifice. Work in a church. A charity.