Five of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

five of cups

Five of Cups Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


Grief and sorrow. Being sad.

Suffering pain and loss.

Regrets and disappointments.

Being emotionally unsatisfied.

Being hard to please.

Focusing on the negative.

Feeling unloved.


Old grief.

Feeling hopeless.


Five of cups tarot card meanings upright

Five of cups tarot card meanings in a general reading

Five of cups is the tarot card for regrets and disappointments. All is not lost. If the Seeker turns around, they will see what is still available to them, the two cups that remain. The Seeker experience this union in the next card, Six of Cups. The cards are best to be seen in the context of the vision quest, where the Seeker makes a connection to their own soul.

Five of cups in the Vision Quest

The white bridge speaks of the journey on the vision quest. The castle symbolises the mind. If the Seeker turns around, they will see their inner being as symbolised in the 2 cups. They make this reconnection in Six of cups.

Five of cups in a love reading

In a love reading, Five of cups tarot card speaks of disappointment. A relationship did not turn out the way the Seeker was hoping for. Five of cups can mean the relationship is ending, or a part of the relationship has ended. Perhaps the Seeker is missing what was, and is not sure about the new phase of the relationship. If single, Five of cups tarot card can mean the Seeker is feeling lonely. The Seeker might not think there is any hope for a happy relationship, and maybe they are settling for less than what they deserve.

Five of cups in a career reading

In a career reading, Five of cups tarot card signifies work that doesn’t really satisfy the Seeker. The Seeker might have a great potential to achieve in career, but for some reason is unable to blossom. Five of cups can mean the Seeker feels isolated at work.

Five of cups as feelings

Five of cups speaks of feeling sadness, and it is often unresolved grief. This card speaks of feeling low in self-esteem. The Seeker might not see their own potential. This card shows up when the Seeker feels they need a deeper connection. They could search for this outside of themselves, however, the 2 cups behind the Seeker means it is themselves they need to deepen their connection to.

Five of cups as Personality types

Five of cups as personality can speak of someone who is living with disappointment and grief.  This could be someone who is easily wounded often due to emotions they have avoided. They feel disappointed by those around them. Trust is difficult when this card is someone’s personality. They are used to being let down.

Five of cups tarot card meanings reversed

Five of Cups tarot card reversed indicates disappointments that the Seeker has tried to avoid, resurfacing. This card sometimes shows up reversed when the seeker is so heartbroken they don’t know if they are able to trust again. They have started expecting deceit.

Five of cups reversed as Personality types

The reversed meanings of the tarot cards often speaks of the Seeker acting out due to being under a lot of stress. This can bring out the shadow aspect of the person. 

Five of cups reversed person can speak of someone with an emotional scar that haunt them. They often have an all or nothing attitude to life and need to take a more balanced approach. They could find it hard to understand themselves. They need to have compassion for themselves while they heal. Five of cups reversed as a person is someone who is so used to being let down, it is hard for them to accept help.

Five of cups tarot card meanings summary

Emotional dissatisfaction seen in the Four of cups intensifies in the Five of cups tarot card. You might feel like running away and starting over, but that might not be the answer. Yes, getting away can feel great; just make sure you know when to stop running. Grief and sorrow are part of life, and if we work through these emotions we experience growth and a light at the end of the tunnel. Five of cups sometimes shows up when the Seeker experience heartbreak in personal relationships. When Five of cups is reversed, the heartbreak tends to be prolonged. 

Five Of Cups Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Five of cups:

5 of cups + The Fool: A disappointing new beginning. 

5 of cups + The Magician: Emotionally let down. 

5 of cups + The High Priestess: Cynicism keeping happiness away. 

5 of cups + The World: A challenging life lesson. 

5 of cups + Ace of wands: Finding inspiration in a difficult situation. 

5 of cups + Three of wands: Emotional setbacks inspire progress. 

5 of cups + Nine of wands: Putting walls around yourself emotionally. 

5 of cups + Ten of wands: Lack of support. 

5 of cups + Ace of pentacles: Emotional shopping. 

5 of cups + Three of pentacles: Unhappy at work. 

5 of cups + Six of pentacles: Putting on a brave face. Hiding your true feelings. 

5 of cups + Eight of pentacles: Escaping in work. 

5 of cups + Knight of pentacles: Lacking the right connections (especially in career). 

5 of cups + Four of swords: Grieving. 

5 of cups + Six of swords: Moving on from disappointments. Recovering. 

5 of cups + Seven of swords: Unable to trust in others. 

5 of cups + Queen of swords: Hurt in love. 

5 of cups + Ace of cups: Healing a relationship. 

5 of cups + Six of cups: Missing the past. 

5 of cups + Ten of cups: A healing relationship. 

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