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Learn what it means when the same tarot card numbers show up together in a reading

Pay attention to pair, triple and quadruple tarot combinations as they add an extra layer to your tarot interpretations.

4 Aces New Beginnings in education.

3 Aces You will move to another country or get published.

4 Kings: High achievements. Perfection.

3 Kings: Authority.

4 Queens: Word of mouth, powerful connections.

3 Queens: secret society.

4 Knights: A social club. Interest groups.

3 Knights: Competition. Sport.

4 Pages: Schools, collages, learning centers, universities.

3 Pages: Parties.

4 Tens: Settling down.

3 Tens: Recognition, becoming famous.

4 Nines: Completion, endings.

3 Nines: Creative industries. Entertainment.

4 Eights: Hyperactivity.

3 Eights: Restlessness.

4 Sevens: Awakening.

3 Sevens: Sacrificing in love.

4 Sixes: Exceptional creative potential.

3 Sixes: obsessively loving.

4 Fives: Changes within a relationship.

3 Fives: Changes within family unit.

4 Fours: The Business world.

3 Fours: Physical work.

4 Threes: Ambition. Fame.

3 Threes: Humanitarian. Public speaker.

4 Twos: Spending money, gambling.

3 Twos: Pregnancy.


Two Kings: Success.

Two Queens: Rivalry.

Two Knights: Alliance.

Two Pages: Study, education.

Two Tens: A wedding.

Two Nines: Impractical idealism and seriousness.

Two Eights: Inspiration to travel. Travel will give peace of mind.

Two Sevens: True love.

Two Sixes: Beauty in the home, a need for creative pursuits.

Two Fives: Drama, conflict. Need to exercise emotional control.

Two Fours: Financial security.

Two Threes: News, gossip.

Two Twos: Friendships.

Two Aces: Partnerships.

Tarot Card Groupings and the law of synchronicity

Tarot is ruled by the law of synchronicity and the more you practice the tarot the more synchronicity will start showing up in your readings (and in your life). Number pairings are a way for the law of synchronicity to work its magic in a tarot reading. Number patterns in a tarot reading can be a sign that you are working very well with the law of synchronicity.