Hanged Man Tarot card love meaning

Hanged man tarot card meanings
Hanged Man: Delay

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Love Meaning.

Is the Hanged Man a good card to get in a question about your love life?

Yes, it is. Not because the Hanged Man is the most romantic tarot card in the deck, but because the Hanged Man gives you the ability to see something in a new light. It is a good card both for singles and for people in relationships. It asks you to take a step back and observe. Let other people take center stage for a while, while you focus on what is important to you, free from comparing yourself to others.

Learn the traditional meaning of the Hanged Man here. 
At the same time, now it is not a good card to act because the Hanged Man asks you to focus your attention away from what you think you want. What you think you want and what you actually want tend to be two different things. The Hanged Man asks you to find the difference between the two. The Hanged Man will take you through a phase where you might feel like you are not winning much and it is hard to move forward. You are in preparation mode. You are a caterpillar preparing to be a butterfly.

The Hanged Man has a tendency to show up when the seeker is under quite a lot of stress and pressure. In regards to love life, there might be pressure from family and friends to settle down. If you are already in a relationship, maybe people are putting pressure on you due to what they think you should be doing in your relationship. While you might not feel like you can be yourself entirely, the Hanged Man asks you to patiently wait. If you start running now, you might be running forever. This is not the time to make major life changes. You are learning to hold your own by following the law of non-resistance. Less is more at the moment. This means: The more you WANT a relationship, the FURTHER it slips away. The more you WANT a happy relationship, the LESS you get. This is the lesson of the Hanged Man tarot card. You can have everything you ever wanted as SOON as you stop wanting it so much.

If the Hanged Man is the final card in a love reading then the less you focus on your love life, the more you will get. The less interested you act, the more interested your love interest will be in you. That doesn’t mean you go and ignore your partner. No, it means you focus on your own self-development, interests, and passions. Actively create yourself from the inside out. Read books, get involved in something you find interesting, educate yourself. Become an interesting person. You might already be one, however, the Hanged Man advises to go further into the energy of creating yourself from the inside out. Avoid creating yourself using material things like fancy clothes and expensive cars. That is not how you manifest using the Hanged Man. The Hanged Man is about having a rich and active mind that makes people fall in love with you for who you are, NOT what you have or what you do for a living. It is not about how much you earning. It is about how much you are learning! The Hanged Man will teach you to invest in yourself to the point where you can easily afford putting other people needs in front of your own. It is no longer a sacrifice because you are so whole and complete that helping others fulfills you even further.

The Hanged Man  Tarot card Love Meanings summary

To sum it up: The Hanged Man says to stick with the mundane for a while until you learn to appreciate the things in life everyone take for granted. Educate yourself and become an interesting person from the inside out, rather than faking it with material things. Find out what is truly important to you, FREE from comparing yourself to others. Once you know what it is you want, you can have it, but only if you stop wanting it TOO much. The Hanged Man teaches you to invest in yourself before you start investing in relationships. When you manifest using the energy of the Hanged Man you manifest through gratitude. Appreciate what you already have, THEN you will start getting more of what you want.


  1. I’m sad, Ive been single for a most of my life and I get the hangman as my love life. =( How much more waiting and self focus do I need to do?

  2. Hi, I pulled some cards for you as well. 🙂 Someone is interested in you, and will ask you out. The Hanged Man is telling you to give this person a chance, open up your mind. I also feel like you have made some changes to your lifestyle and are putting yourself out there more. It might be only a small change in your routine but is is enough to attract a soul mate. You can add energy to your manifestations by doing soul mate meditations: https://www.tarotingie.com/manifest-soul-mate/

    Your love life is already shifting from Hanged man to Judgement energy: https://www.tarotingie.com/judgement-tarot-card-love-meanings/
    Third last paragraph describes Judgement for single people….:)
    I have no doubt you will manifest and soon meet a very suitable soul mate.

  3. I asked in terms of the guy’s emotions how does he feel about me and I got the hanged man.

    Does this mean he has sacrificed his feelings for me to concentrate on other things/people in his life?

    I know he likes me but will not admit it. Do you think hanged man also means a parting of ways?

  4. Hanged Man in romance often means he is not the type of guy that will make the first move. He will stand back and observed, testing the waters. It also means he is not even looking at having a possible relationship because he doesn’t know love is available to him.

  5. Hi there, I keep getting the hanged man as an outcome when I ask will we reconcile… Does this mean we won’t or that I should just wait and see? I find it so funny that I did a Celtic spread asking this question a few days ago, asked again just now using a different spread and got the same outcome. I really want things to go back to normal but I’m afraid I messed up. 🙁

  6. Hi Kae. It can mean that if you release this relationship you have a better chance of getting it back…if you focus on self-development and Self-love it will bring wonders to your personal relationships…

  7. I have been single for quite a few years whilst I raised my children.
    I feel I am ready now to find a partner however it’s just not happening.
    tonight I pulled the hangman reversed, I guess that means more work.
    I recently pulled the justice card twice for this question.
    I feel like I am getting more impatient and that’s not a good vibration I think but sometimes its unavoidable.

  8. Hi, the cards are telling you that your soulmate is closer than you realise. When the Hanged man shows up reversed then there is something we are not seeing that right under our noses. Justice is telling you that you are a perfectionist, and this is clouding your vision when it comes to manifesting and noticing your soulmate. This meditation can be very helpful: https://www.tarotingie.com/manifest-soul-mate/
    Cheers, Inger

  9. Hi I have been involved with someone who has been deeply hurt. I’ve been doing everything to gain his trust but keep feeling like we are going backwards . is he my soulmate? When we are together it feels like it but when we are apart there is so much resistance and interference from others. Am I wasting my time and being used…? I don’t think I am but I’m fearful of being deceived.

  10. If you got the Hanged man when you asked about your relationship, it could suggest couple counselling would be very beneficial for your relationship. Hanged man often shows up when seeking help from someone who is objective, who is an expert, and impartial, will help you filter through the confusion. This could make you closer, and help you understand each other, and yourselves, better.

  11. Hello Inger, Ive been having problems in my relationship (sometimes violent tendencies) of my partner of three years. I did a reading and hanged man was the outcome of our relationship. What do you think? Thanks!

  12. Hi Inger

    What if you asked what to do in your best interests about a relationship and the 6 of wands was the Best
    Outcome and the Hanged Man was the Final Outcome?

  13. Hi, I think the tarot is telling you that the best outcome can be different from the most likely outcome, meaning, you can change your future around this situation. 6 of wands is telling you to believe in yourself, and have lots of confidence, and focus on being around people that are good for your self-esteem. Hanged man is the card for when we are sacrificing to learn, often by observing others, however, you can always decide to learn in a more joyful and fun way, by being around people who are more like-minded. This type of positivity will do wonders for your personal relationship as well.
    Cheers, Ingie

  14. Hi I got that card ! Iv been in a relationship tor 4 years and we can be a bit rocky sometimes! We haven’t spoken for 2 weeks apart from a few text, and they are few and almost riddles! I have no clue as to maybe do nothing but it’s making me very upset! I love him dearly, can you give me any insight to this ! Thanks Amber

  15. Hi Inger;

    Thanks for this post – one of the clearest I have red.
    I have got the hanged man as a result of a reading about my single status.
    I know it means ‘wait and work on yourself’ but I wonder how much work, how long? I have been working on self-development and improvement for so long…about ” years. I have changed and discovered my own power. I d love to finally experience romantic love…
    anyway keeping the faith

  16. Hi, Stella. Now is a great time to manifest love. I had a look in the cards for you, and they show me a love interest coming through someone you know and have known a while….and they showing me this person coming into your life in about 9 months time…:)

  17. Hello, like others here I’ve been single and working on myself for many years. No doubt I’m an interesting and complete person, just more and more lonely. I go on data from online dating and meet men I’m interested in, but it just doesn’t ever seem to come around for me. I’m keenly interested in a new potential suitor I’ve not yet met in person yet, so for fun I drew a card with the vague intention of “tell me about me and this guy”. Got the Hanged Man. I’m not sure how to stop wanting a life partner and romantic companionship, or how to be any more on my own than I already am. I’m at a loss.

  18. The Hanged Man is asking you to take a step back and think of what you really want in a partner. Write a soulmate list. I teach this in the soulmate webinar. You could have a fear of abandonment on a subconscious level and this could block a soulmate coming into your life.

  19. How about when one has already written such a list multiple times over the course of like six years? Like, seriously every few months revising…

  20. What does the hanged man means while waiting too hear from a love one you hurt by cutting them off temporarily?

  21. I’m new in Tarot and I’ve tried the daily readings from tarot.com for my brother and then my brother did for me.. His situation is finished so it was good experiment and he got Hanged Man as Situation and Tower as Advice and we already know the girl he was with was the definition of fake person..
    In my case situation is still ongoing but I also got Hanged Man as Situation followed by Page of Swords as Advice and I got both from his reading and my self made one, the World as Challenges/Opportunities (and from his the 4 of Wands as near future which is much better outcome than what I got for myself initially- the 3 of swords xD)

    Might I ask- do you think online tarot self-readings are similar to those with real life cards? And what would the Hanged Man as Situation of a relationship mean? Have a great week and thank you for your site 🙂

  22. Hi, Ri. Page of swords in advice position means you will be doing more investigating about your situation, and find out more information, and the whole truth about it. I believe the computer tarot readings can work, however, nothing beats the real life card experience 🙂

  23. I have been seeing a guy who works 60 hours plus a week. We are dating for almost 8 months, but he does not initiate conversations. I haven’t text him to see when he will text me, and it has been 15 days already, no texts… I asked what should I do, then hanged man appeared…as my last card… 🙁

  24. I asked the tarot “what is the potential for a relationship to form with the guy I have been interested in for a while” me and this guy talk a lot and things seem to be going well. However when I did a reading for myself I got the hanged man. What does this mean?

  25. I got the hanged man as the future position, I have been single for a while, I’m asking about my ex boyfriend – soulmate connection?

  26. The Hanged man means that you have not yet met your ultimate soulmate/twin flame. I believe someone new will come into your life that have a lot more to offer you in love.

  27. hi Inger your site is fab! thank you. i asked how my love interest felt about me when he saw me pass by today. I got 2 cups hanged man and empress. we haven’t communicated since Christmas eve. any insight please. x

  28. Hi, Lisa. I drew some cards for you as well and I can see you in a very happy relationship in the future with someone who is very romantic and artistic. I feel like you will be this person’s muse and this will be a strong soulmate relationship.

  29. Thank you so much for getting back to me it means loads 🙂
    My ex was the things you say and I was his muse I feel like we will get back together I honestly feel like he is my soulmate it’s just hard ha when you saw this love for me was it new love or him?

  30. Hello i got the hanged man in my daily horoscope today i have been in a relationship for 7 years now….. what does this card symbolize for me

  31. Hi ! I have been in relationship for over a year now. It has been rocky at times as my boyfriend was distant at times due to him being hurt before and troubles trusting .. I pulled that card today as a final outcome on Celtic cross ( asking how will our relationship develop in next months ) and queen of cups in position 6 and hanged man in outcome .. how should I interpret it ?

  32. Hi, Lisa. I pulled some cards for you and I got the Star, Ten of cups, and Three of pentacles which mean you will be in the best relationship you have ever been in. I do believe if this person is your ex you will soon find out and you will be together. I believe you will know very soon.

  33. Hi, this card combination can mean focusing on yourself and developing your own gifts and talents. Focus only on what truly matters in your life and pull out of drama and conflict.

  34. Hi, I’m currently interested in this guy who say he is jaded and doesn’t want to commit to a relationship. I pulled out this card but now I’m unsure of whether should I hold on or should I let go 🙁

  35. The Hanged Man means you will be busy focusing on your life, especially your career and your achievements. This person would most likely bring you a lot of heartache.

  36. Hi Igner,
    I’m trying to take a step back but I just want to know will the outcome ever change :/ ?

  37. Yes, it can. Because with the Hanged Man, you can change the outcome by doing less, not more…..changing how you look at things, changes your emotional state, which can change the outcome.

  38. HI, There is the girl I have been after for a year. She is perfect to me in every way, but I keep getting the Empress or hanged man as a final outcome. Are these good signs?

  39. hi Inger. My husband and I have 3 beautiful kids together…another tarot reader pulled out the emperor card for my husband which is absolutely accurate…could you perhaps do a reading for me please? and tell me what the cards say for me? thanks

  40. Hi Inger, first of all, contrats for the site!

    I’ve seen this guy for a month.we really match, and I can see a future with him. But he won’t take the first move, like never. I decided to put an end on this, It’s been 10 days now, but after having gone out with other guy, I’ve just realized I miss him… Should I do the first move or wait more? I got the hanged man as a last card for a love reading

  41. Hi, Jessica. The Hanged man can mean you are meant to let it go, at least take a step back and observe without making any major decisions. I feel like this guy could be moving or thinking about moving….Something in his life is making him unsettled.

  42. Hi Inger, I’m back, I asked about my love life and I use the Secret Message Spread. In the outcome and its key to the situation, it appeared the Hanged Man. The surrounding cards are not good, it appeared the 5 of cups and 7 of swords in other part of the spread. It’s kinda disappointing but it’s okay, maybe the time is not yet to come, but I will patiently waiting while focusing to myself.

  43. Hi, now is a time to focus on what you want in a relationship and what type of partner you want to be with 🙂 Once you have figured this out, you will be able to manifest with clarity.

  44. Hi Inger, recently I did a 3 cards spread about my past relationship. First card was what is happening on my POV – I got 7 wands. 2nd card is Hanged Man reversed represented what is happening on his POV. The 3rd card was what I should do to reconcile and I got 8 pentacles. I got it clear right now I’m being defensive towards my ex boyfriend since he has hurt me deeply. But I’m having hard time trying to figure out Hanged Man on his side. Thank you in advance for your help!

  45. I like a guy and he seemed to give mixed signals between seeing me as a friend and a girlfriend. When I asked him directly he said he sees me only as a friend and he himself was not sure why he gave mixed signals. Whereas my parents want me to marry another guy. When I tried a six card tarot to find if I should wait for the one I like, I got Hanged man as most likely outcome.

  46. Hi Inger.. I like a guy and he seemed to move back and forth between seeing me as a friend and girlfriend. When I asked him directly he said he sees me only as a friend, he is not sure why he behaved that way. He also added if he says yes for the proposal it would be only because he is scared to lose me. So I didn’t pursue it but I still talk to him as a friend. My parents want me to marry some other guy. When I had this in mind and picked a six card tarot read I got hanged man as outcome along with How you feel about yourself The Sun
    What you want most right now The Moon
    Your fears The Fool
    What is going for you The Star
    What is going against you The High Priestess
    The likely outcome The Hanged Man What does it mean ? Should I wait for my friend or should I move on

  47. Hi Inger,

    This isn’t really a question, but I would just like to thank you for putting up this website with (scarily) accurate descriptions, in most of my case. I took a reading asking how much longer I will have to wait for my soulmate, and I got the hanged man. Not really encouraging, seeing that I would seem to have to wait and develop my personality more, but I guess it is what it is. Thank you again!

  48. Hanged man often shows up when you are reevaluating what you want. Now is a great time to focus on what you want in a relationship and write a soulmate list, listing all the qualities that are important to you. Hanged man shows up when we are learning what is really important to us so we can have more of what we want and less of what we don’t want. This guy is teaching you that you want someone who knows how to communicate with you properly instead of sending mixed signals. He most likely enjoys you liking you, even know he is not willing to offer you anything. Add to your soulmate list that you want to be with someone with substance and strength of character 🙂

  49. Hi, Ica. The Hanged Man is telling you to take charge of your situation. Now is the time to realise what you really want in a soulmate and write this down on paper. What is truly important to you. For example, faithfulness, kindness, openness, funny, good communicator, etc. The Hanged man is telling you that you can avoid relationships with people who are not your soulmate and attract in your soulmate sooner rather than later when you realise what you really truly want. 🙂 Then send a prayer to the Creator to bring you your Divine soulmate in the highest and best way 🙂

  50. Hi Inger,
    Hope you are well. I wrote a comments 9 months ago (see – stella November 16, 2016 at 6:41 am) and you replied with insights from your reading.
    I just wanted to confirm that your prediction came true.
    It’s exactly 9 months and a new love interest showed up! Obviously we ll see how things go but I just wanted to highlight that you are talented!

    Many thanks once again.

  51. Hi Inger,

    Lately I’ve been having a problems with my almost 2 years relationship as I had been very close and open to each other I feels that I could always rely on that person but when the changes and challenges come, I couldn’t handle those difficulties and we have been on an agreement that we will have a distance in relationship. Now I’m not sure that we still feel the same way, romance relationship as we were or it just the friendship that bonds us together. I also have been very obsessed with tarot reading as I feel very insecure. Would you pls give me the advice of how this relationship is going to be and is there anyway to fix it up? And how often should I take cards reading. I will be really appreciate your help.

  52. Hi! I pulled Hierophant, Empress and Hanged Man to a question why he is avoiding me – and i’m quite struggeling with this answer. My thoughts: understanding that our relationship is leading to a full commitment is freaking him out and he needs to get a balance inside; feeling pressured by his parents, friends to settle down with me (he is over 45) intimidates him; he needs to review to his future plans – family and marriage or to continue this toyboy and lover life without serious commitments? This three are things that slipped in my mind. Any advice or how this reflects our future together? Very thankful for advice! 🙂

  53. Hi Inger, Hope you are well. I did a reading for a new person I have met – Got Strength ( re the man himself ) , lovers ( situation ), hanged man ( obstacles ) , king of wands ( his feelings ) and Ace of pentacles as the last card. ( outcome ) What woudl you conclude ? Thank you

  54. hi i asked when I would hear from pisces man and I got hanged man devil eight wands king cups and the sun. it’s been 3 weeks. x

  55. hi i got hanged man as last card about my love life. me and a guy aren’t really looking for a relationship at the moment but are going to meet. what could this mean?

  56. Dear Inger, I am absolutely shattered and I’m here to ask you for an advice. I have big crush for a year, and I know for sure he fancies me too. However I’m in a long relationship and that other guy lives in a different country. I got a hanged man at the tarot reading. I sent him a text saying that I miss him, unfortunately he didn’t not reply to that text. I don’t know what to do. I know the meaning of the hanged man, but I wish I could see more.. please help.

  57. The Hanged Man means you need to think about what is truly important to you in your life and what it is you want in your life so that you don’t end up living a life you regret later on. Think of it like this, if everything was taken away from you, who would you miss the most and what about your life would you miss the most. You also need to learn to love yourself more and to be your own very best friend. I feel you are a bit stuck at the moment, so now is actually a very good time to think about what you actually want in your life. Some of your needs are not being met, and once you identify what they are, you can start making changes. Start with small changes. The Hanged Man asks you to listen more to yourself, the inner voice. I feel you will soon embark on a whole new life and you will begin to live a very soul filled life that is very exciting to you. There might be some tears before you can undertake this, and these tears are part of the healing you will undergo. There will be a spiritual awakening in your life and a whole lot of new meaning once you pull yourself out of what seems like a dark place where you could have lost the sense of who you are deep down. It is time to reconnect with yourself again and pursue what you really want to do.


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