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Is Justice a good card to get in a question about your love life?

I would say yes it is. The reason is that the Justice tarot card often shows up when you are about to get what you want, and what you deserve. You might have been fighting the temptation to commit to someone you are not completely in love with. The Justice card says STOP. YOU ARE ALMOST THERE. You know what you want, and you have walked away from relationships in the past. You have even watched from an early age what happens to people when they separate after spending many years together. And you don’t want that. You don’t want to be with someone just to have someone.

Think about your long-term future. Justice is the tarot card for long investments. You need to be with someone you can see yourself growing old with. Justice is often described as a non-emotional card. Does that mean it describes a non-emotional relationship? No. Justice is very clear about its own belief system. It represents knowing what you stand for, what is right, and what is wrong. It is not so much a non-emotional card as a non-toxic-emotional card. It is free of feeling anger and hatred, instead, it takes responsibility where responsibility is due.

Learn about the traditional meaning of Justice tarot card here. 

Justice tarot card in a love reading

The Justice tarot card describes a relationship that has clear boundaries and therefore the law of the relationship is easily followed. You know where you stand in the relationship and with your partner. Other people’s point of view will sound stone-age to you, and you wonder how and why they create such drama. Justice card makes things simple. Justice tarot card describes a love relationship that is both emotionally and intellectually stimulating.
On a negative, if unbalanced the rules of the relationship become one-sided. One part becomes too dominant and the submissive part has to always adjust to keep their partner comfortable. When this happens the relationship can become cold and uninviting. Often the relationship ends with no warning, leaving one part hurting and wondering what happened.

If you are single and looking for love then the Justice tarot card shows up when you will have to stick it out a little longer. Do not settle for someone you are not completely in love with. Justice often shows up when you will rediscover someone from your past. Someone who you have had a friendship with, and you suddenly start to see the person in a whole new light. You might even wonder why you didn’t see the person as a love interest all along, however, it merely means now is the right time to move forward.

Justice Tarot Card Love Meaning summary

To sum it up: Justice shows up in your reading about your love life to tell you that you will meet someone who will tick all of your boxes. This is someone you might already know and you will rediscover the person in a whole new light. If you are in a relationship Justice denotes a relationship where you know exactly where you stand and the rules and boundaries of the relationship are clear. This makes life so much easier. 

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