Bee Spirit Animal

Original Course ~ Card meanings and combinations.

This is the very first course I created. It is still the course I am most satisfied with.

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Bee is represented by Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card

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Bee speaks of how you use your energy, especially at work. Bee encourages you to start something new in your life, and to see it through, even when the initial excitement has passed. Bee shows up to give you diligence.

Bee assists you in sticking with a project until you have been rewarded. Bee is the Spirit Animal for interns and apprentices, and for those who start a new enterprise. Bee brings love and fulfillment to your work, which increases your fruitfulness.

Bee Medicine



Starting something new career-wise

Seeing something through

Being rewarded

Being an important part of a bigger whole

Loving your work

Dealing with Stress

Personal growth through work

Bee as a teacher

Bee teaches you to choose an occupation that will fulfill you and keep you interested even when it becomes a routine. Bee helps you deal with stress in an appropriate way.

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