Odin is the Pineal Gland ~ I Have Proof

My journey with Odin started many years ago. During a spontaneous astral projection, I found myself in the void, a black space where I have since visited many times. Odin was there. He did not say, I am Odin, it was already known. A telepathic voice of truth was there telling me it was Odin. There was no point denying it.

He did not look like a Norse God. He was thin, white, and with black, short hair. He was middle aged. He didn’t say much, except for one thing. He said: Your name is Eve.

And that was the last thing I heard from Odin for a very long time.

Why Seek Out Odin?

During a difficult time in my life, I saw much of the structures I used to rely on completely coming apart. I was scared for my safety on a level I had not experience before. I decided to return to the Old Gods, having experienced first hand the fragility of our modern world. I began connecting deeper to Odin. I wanted him to assure me everything was going to be okay.

Odin showed me an image of a book cover. I searched high and low for this book until I found it. To my surprise it was a book about all the different types of yoga. I am not talking about stretching yoga, I am talking about the yogic path of reaching breathless state.

I was surprised and not surprised at the same time. I knew there was more to Odin than what scholars (especially scholars) of Norse mythology conveyed.

I remember Odin calling me Eve. I knew it was a clue to a wider understanding. To my relief, I discovered Maria Kvilhaug who stressed the importance of translating the names in the old stories.

The Myths of the Norseman, a book over one hundred years old, clarified things further. Jupiter (Roman version of Thor) is a feminine. The Old Norse Gods in an earlier Iron Age were seen in sculptures to penetrate the Sun with their spear (Odin), sword (Frey) and axe (Thor). The Sun is feminine, just like Jupiter.

I don’t believe it was Goddess worship. I don’t believe it was a fertility worship. I believe they were telling us that the planets are portals to another time and place. In Loki’s case, I have proven that he is the same deity as Roman Saturn, and that he is Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil is the human mind, all of it. It is the cosmos in the sense that through meditation, our mind has the potential to experience Oneness with All That Is.

I believe they astral projected and discovered many secrets to our Universe.

Hella is NOT the afterlife.

Hella is the goddess of the subconscious, not the afterlife. She is more specifically the place in our minds where our darker emotions are stored. The vision quest is the journey to face these emotions, and to kill that part of us that is limited and afraid.

Dying in battle does not mean going to war, it is in reference to the Vision quest. Face your own negative traits, kill it, or end up living in frozen state in hell.

This is where we get the saying: go through hell to get to heaven. Many of us are now in a frozen emotional state, because few of us are facing ourselves on a deeper level. Our negative emotions take possession over us. This is also the story of the Beauty and the Beast. She finally embraced the monster within, just as the woman in the Strength tarot card. Once she does this, the infinite timeline (Creator of all) is present in her life. Do not escape yourself. Shadow work is the same as inner child healing, and it works.

Our ancestors knew this was the key to balance. Until they lost the Vision quest during the Roman takeover, they were stable. The brutal viking era was a symptom of the loss of self, the loss of the Vision quest.

Heimdallr ~ Our Awareness.

If Loki is the whole mind and all the layers (his name means lid) between everything that exists, who is Heimdallr? Heimdallr’s name means the house where the light is on. It is obvious that he is the 5-10 % of the conscious awareness. Loki says to Heimdallr in Lokesanna: You have to live a hateful life, always awake. Heimdallr watches the bridge between our conscious awareness and the subconscious.

Source energy is also in our mind.

Vanaheim (water home) is the part of our mind that is connected to Source energy. Our ancestors used different techniques to alter their consciousness. I have written about the use of the famous shroom in the post about Norse Salvation.

Who is Odin?

Odin sits on a throne called Hliðskjálf, giving him omnipresence. Hliðskjálf means gateway. He has two ravens called Hugin and Mugin, meaning thoughts and memories. He is thus connected to our brain, but it is not the brain that produces consciousness. It is conscousness that produce activity in the brain. Our ancestors knew this very well. Odin hung on Yggdrasil until he received Divine Secrets (runes) from the well (Source energy). This is how Odin achieved what the yogis call breathless state, a sacred spiritual practise. The yogis achieves this through concentrated focus on the pineal gland, the seat (Hliðskjálf) of the Soul. Odin is the spiritual union with Creator of all that happens through the pineal gland and his function as a deity is to assist us on this journey.

When he threw his seeing eye into the well, he began to perceive through his 3rd eye (pineal gland), hence the one eyed man.

He is deeply connected to the Indian yogis and sages.

Why did Odin call me Eve?

Eve is a metaphor for the soul. In Norse mythology, she is maiden with mead. The maiden is the soul and mead is Source energy. They called this union for Sacred marriage. To receive union with Source energy, we must be in our feminine receptive form. In tarot, the suit of cups is feminine. It holds mead (Source). Odin wanted to show me the truth about the old Norse stories.

The Book about all the yogis were the beginning of a new initiation. Not long after did I meet a woman who is a yogi. She told me she was visited by a raven in the astral world before meeting me. Odin made sure his presence was known.

Odin is a yogi who has achieved the breathless state and the key is the pineal gland. It is the pineal gland that is the gateway to Source.

Our Norse ancestors called Source for precious mead.

Odin never eats. He only drinks mead, meaning is one with Creator of all, Source energy.

Odin’s names

Odin has many names in Norse mythology to tell us about what he is overcoming and to inspire us to keep working on ourselves.

Odin is the pineal gland and the journey to non-duality. Not exactly the war mongering deity who is portrait today. He is not collecting souls for Ragnarok in a literal sense. Ragnarok is in fact Loki’s vision quest, which I have also written about :)

What is Odin to me today?

Odin is the greatest encourager and a positive force of good in my life. I am so grateful to him.