Ace of Cups and predicting how local someone is

ace of cups tarot card meanings

Ace of cups and predicting someone’s vicinity.

Using the suit of cups to determine if you are from the same place.

I often get’s asked when predicting about people coming into someone’s life: ‘Is this person from here?’ The only suit I find accurate in determine how local someone is is the suit of cups. The reason for this is that the suit of cups investigates the subconscious mind of a person. You can ask for example how American or Australian someone is and the tarot will be able to determine if someone grew up in that particular country. Let’s say I ask how Australian I am. Since I live in Australia but grew up in Norway my subconscious is largely programmed by my upbringing in Norway. I will always be more Norwegian than Australian. I understand life in Norway on a deeper level. I get the jokes, the moods and the internal quirks of Norway and its people because I grew up there.

Learn about the general meanings of Ace of cups in a tarot reading here.

The suit of cups can be programmed to show you if someone is from the same place as you. Let’s say in a soulmate reading you see someone entering into your life and you would like to get as much information as possible. Is this someone who grew up in the same country as you or is this a mysterious foreigner? The suit of cups will tell you. This is the list I use when determining if someone I see in the cards are from a certain place.

Ace of cups: This is someone who is from a very different country than you. Culturally this is a very different place, and you are most likely speaking different languages.
Two of cups: This is someone from a different country than you. This is someone from a country you have a spiritual connection with. You will fall in love with this place. You most likely speak a different language from each other.

Three of cups: This is someone from a different country than you. This is someone from a country you most likely have visited with friends, or you have friends living there. This country is culturally more similar to your country and you might even be able to speak/understand their language.

Four of cups: This is someone from a neighbouring country.

Five of cups: This is someone from the same country as you, but most likely from a different city or region such as city vs country.

Six of cups: This is someone from the same country as you, and there is a connection from where this person lives and to your childhood.

Seven of cups: This is someone from the same country as you and has a similar cultural background. You might be from the same city or town.

Eight of cups: This is someone from the same country as you, even the same city or town as you, however it is likely this person has emigrated overseas to follow a dream.

Nine of cups: This is someone who is from the same country as you, and who might even be in the same circles/group of friends and acquaintances as you.

Ten of cups: This is someone who has a deep spiritual connection to where you are currently living. This can indicate an indigenous person.

Ace of cups and determining if you are from the same place

Once you have determined that you are from the same country you can narrow it down and see if you currently are living in the same place. You can use the same method: Ace of cups to Four of cups can be an indication you live in different parts of the same country. Five of cups to Nine of cups are an indication you live closer together. Five of cups indicate you are in different circles, six of cups indicates you have a childhood connection to where this person is, seven of cups indicates you have an online connection, eight of cups indicate this person might have removed themselves from your circles. Nine of cups indicates you are living close by and might even be in the same circles. Ten of cups indicate that this person has a deep spiritual connection to you and your family.

Always use your intuition when reading the tarot cards. Learn more about developing your intuition using the tarot here.


  1. I did the following Soulmate tarot spread and have put the answers I got next to them. I’m having problems reading it and would love bit of clarity? Also, are there any courses I can take to learn how to read tarot in the UK (London preferably)?

    Card 1: Situation – 8 Cups

    Card 2: Hidden influences, secrets – 10 Pentacles Reversed

    Card 3: Past life connection with Soulmate – Knight of Cups

    Card 4: Family and friend connection with Soulmate. Look for court cards. Major Arcana cards denote you will meet through destiny rather than through other people – 9 of Cups

    Card 5: Where is your Soulmate – 6 of Cups Reversed

    Card 6: Who is your Soulmate, this is the most revealing card – Page of Swords Reversed

    Card 7: Destiny of relationship. If you get a negative card here you can change your destiny by changing beliefs and thoughts about yourself and about your relationship – King of Pentacles

  2. Hi, Sarah. I am currently working on a tarot card meaning course. Here are the courses currently available:

    About your reading: Both you and your soulmate are currently on a path to realise yourself on a deep level, and I feel like you will meet when you have grown to become more of who you are meant to be. Your soulmate is growing into a Page of swords person, which is someone very talented, unique, gifted, and funny. First, your soulmate needs to walk away from a difficult situation. I also believe this person is from the same country as you, but a different area (different city). Destiny of relationship is to be very stable and successful relationship where you will enjoy a lot of financial success. I also believe you will meet this person soon.


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