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ace of cups tarot card meanings


Ace of Cups Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


Being connected to Spirit.

A new relationship.

A creative pursuit.

Happiness. Feeling whole.

Being connected to your heart and soul.

Channeling. Intuition.

Seeking the deeper meaning of life.



Anger, rage, hate.



Symbolism in Ace of Cups tarot card

The five streams pouring out of the cup represent the five senses, sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. The hand that appears from the cloud represents the right hand of divinity, symbolising our divine gift. The cloud symbolises movement and the changeable. The sky symbolises the unchangeable, eternity and the Infinite. The dove represents the holy spirit and the divine nature within us all. The water represents our divine spirit in our human temporary form. The sea symbolises our group consciousness. The lotus flower symbolises good fortune and pure spirit.

Ace of Cups tarot card meanings upright

Ace of cups in a general reading

Ace of cups is the tarot card for new love, compassion, joy and creativity. If this card shows up with Ace of Pentacles it often denotes moving in together in a relationship. Ace of Cups speaks of emotional fulfillment. If you are asking about a new job then this card will tell you that you will be loving what you do and that the new job role is creative. When this card shows up you can trust your guidance and intuition as the power of spirit within you is strong. Ace of cups tarot card can also mean forgiveness.

Ace of cups in a love reading

In a love reading, Ace of cups tarot card denotes meeting someone who deeply touches your soul. It also means you will forgive someone, or receive forgiveness and have a renewal in relationships.

Ace of cups in a career reading

In a career reading, Ace of cups tarot card signifies work in the beauty industry, tourism, and hospitality. Ace of cups tarot card also speaks of spiritual work.

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Ace of cups as Feelings

Ace of cups speaks of the need to love someone. This is love that needs to reconcile and make peace with what could have been a difficult situation. Ace of cups as how someone is feeling about you can denote the person feels they need to make peace with you. There is still love there.

Personality types in Ace of Cups tarot card

Ace of cups tarot card denotes a deeply spiritual and connected person. This is someone who loves deeply. They follow their intuition and are very creative people. They make good decisions due to their instincts. They always listen to their inner voice. They believe home is where the heart is and once they find it they never turn their back on it. Ace of cups people has a depth to them that gives them substance and wisdom beyond their years. They are very romantic and joyful. They have an enormous ability to love which shines through them. They often have a special light in their eyes. Many become healers and psychics.

ace of cups tarot card meanings


Ace of Cups tarot card meanings reversed

Ace of cups tarot card reversed indicates blocked creativity and blocked emotions. Access to the subconscious mind and psychic ability is also blocked. The cup is spilled empty which can denote the seeker being emotionally drained. Ace of cups tarot card reversed often shows up when the Seeker needs to forgive someone.

Personality types in reversed Ace of Cups tarot card

Ace of cups tarot card reversed indicates someone engulfed in toxic emotions like guilt, resentment, and hatred. They are blocked on all levels by their emotions and find it hard to concentrate. They are often so stressed that they have no energy to stay connected to themselves nor anyone else. This is someone drained and tired, and they only get up in the morning due to anger and rage. They are afraid of the truth and often turn to lies and manipulations. They feel alone and abandoned and wonder why they are here on planet earth. They appreciate little in their life and are left depressed and angry.

Ace Of Cups Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Ace of cups:

Ace of cups + Ace of pentacles: Moving in with someone. Finding long lasting love. 

Ace of cups + Two of pentacles: Turning your career into a creative venture. 

Ace of cups + Three of pentacles: Loving your job. Creative job. 

Ace of cups + Eight of pentacles: Art school. Learning a new creative skill. 

Ace of cups + Ten of pentacles: Original family. 

Ace of cups + Page of pentacles: Physical beauty. 

Ace of cups + Queen of pentacles: Interior designs. A new home. 

Ace of cups + Ace of swords: Spiritual love. 

Ace of cups + Five of swords: Sabotaging beliefs about love. 

Ace of cups + Knight of swords: An inspirational person. 

Ace of cups + Queen of swords: Hiding your feelings. 

Ace of cups + Two of wands: Making an intuitive decision. Manifesting love. Ready for love.  

Ace of cups + Three of wands: Creative writing. 

Ace of cups + Four of wands: A spiritual community. 

Ace of cups + Ten of wands: A busy routine blocking creativity. 

Ace of cups + Knight of wands: Spiritual teacher. 

Ace of cups + Queen of wands: An artist. 

Ace of cups + Two of cups: A new romance. 

Ace of cups + Six of cups: Rekindled love. 

Ace of cups + Queen of cups: Spiritual writing. Channeling. 

Ace of cups + King of cups: Deep love. 

Ace of cups + The Fool: Pregnancy. 

Ace of cups + The Magician: Beauty industry. 

Ace of cups + High priestess: Psychic powers. Mediumship. 

Ace of cups + The Emperor: Emotional stability. 

Ace of cups + The Devil: IVF. Plastic surgery. 

Ace of cups + The Chariot: An island. 

Ace of cups + Judgement: Forgiveness. Inner peace. 

Ace of cups tarot card meanings summary:

Ace of cups tarot card meanings is derived from its potential to create something truly remarkable. There is love flowing into your life, and it can come in ways you may not have been ready for. Suddenly you have the opportunity to have something wonderful, and that scares a lot of people. Welcome, it with open arms. Your life was never meant to be hard. It is meant to flow and be fun and meaningful. Sometimes we have to put ourselves out there more, and if you have received the ace of cups you are ready to receive love, affection, and a deeper connection. 

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