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The meaning of Death in a tarot love reading

Is Death a good tarot card to get in a question about your love life?

The answer to this question depends on whether you are single or in a relationship.

If you are single then the Death tarot card can mean an end to being single. Death tarot card signifies what the past as well as what is changing. In a love reading, it can denote your past is resurfacing again. An old flame or friend will re-enter your life.

If you are in a relationship then there is a significant change in the relationship. You might find that you entered into the relationship too soon and you are having second thoughts about it.

The major block to a relationship defined by Death tarot card is that there is little compatibility between you and your partner. This, in turn, creates a breakdown in communication.

Learn the traditional meaning of Death tarot card here. 

Death tarot card speaks of a relationship where the couple becomes strangers to each other. They exist together out of habit rather than love. People in a Death relationship often have a common passion and interest that keep them together, and it can be the only thing that keeps them together. Without it, they might choose to go their separate ways.

On a brighter note, Death tarot card can speak of the next stage in your life together. It can mean retirement or slow down the pace of life. It can also mean you are moving in a new direction and leaving an old life behind. Look at the other cards in the tarot spread for clues what Death is telling you. Death tarot card in a love reading can denote that the man in the relationship is replacing his mother figure in the partnership. The partner often subconsciously takes on the mother role without knowing it and it creates an imbalanced relationship.

If you are single and asking about love and you receive the Death tarot card it can as I mentioned earlier denote an end to being single. The only issue is; Death tarot card often signifies when someone wants a relationship so much they jump in too quickly. They convinced themselves their partner is ideal when in fact they might not be compatible at all. When reality hits you might be over-committed. One of you might have taken on the role as the mother/nurturer which creates a co-dependent relationship. You might want to go on a few more dates before you move in together.

Death tarot card love meanings summary

The Death tarot card speaks of a relationship that must evolve to survive, or else you might fall into a role where you feel like you have lost your identity. Death tarot card in a love reading can also be a sign of hanging onto the past or having the past re-visit you in the form of an old flame. 

If you are in a relationship this card can be a sign of entering into the next phase in your life together.