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Learn to read the Tarot using regular Playing Cards

Tarot can be read using a simple deck of playing cards. The 52 cards of the playing deck can be translated into the 56 minor arcana cards. This is how you do it.

Playing cards vs Tarot cards

Hearts Cups

Spades Swords

Diamonds Pentacles

Clubs Wands


Hears/cups: Love and creativity

Spades/Swords: Thoughts and conflict

Diamonds/Pentacles: Money and security

Clubs/Wands: Actions and passion

The same way the suits correspond between the Tarot and playing cards, the numerology on the cards also have the same meaning.

Ace ~ New beginning:

Two ~ Partnership, diplomacy

Three ~ Transition and drive

Four ~ Stability

Five ~ Change

Six ~ Harmony

Seven ~ Mystery

Eight ~ Strength

Nine ~ Leadership

Ten ~ Completion

The suits and the numerology give each card a specific meaning


Ace of Heart: New love

Two of Heart: A connection

Three of Heart: Celebration

Four of Heart: Apathy

Five of Heart: Loss/grief

Six of Heart: Pleasure

Seven of Heart: Daydreaming

Eight of Heart: Seeking truth

Nine of Heart: Satisfaction

Ten of Heart: Fulfillment


Ace of Spades: A new idea

Two of Spades: Peace

Three of Spades: Heartbreak

Four of Spades: Rest

Five of Spades: Defeat

Six of Spades: Travel

Seven of Spades: Deceit

Eight of Spades: Confusion

Nine of Spades: Worry

Ten of Spades: Endings


Ace of Diamonds: More income

Two of Diamonds: Bartering

Three of Diamonds: Teamwork

Four of Diamonds: Wealth

Five of Diamonds: Poverty

Six of Diamonds: Charity

Seven of Diamonds: Dissatisfaction

Eight of Diamonds: New skill

Nine of Diamonds: Luxury

Ten of Diamonds: Family wealth


Ace of Clubs: New enterprise

Two of Clubs: Intuition

Three of Clubs: Preparations

Four of Clubs: Community

Five of Clubs: Conflict

Six of Clubs: Victory

Seven of Clubs: Politics

Eight of Clubs: Progress

Nine of Clubs: Revolution

Ten of Clubs: Responsibility

The Court Cards Jacks, Queen and Kings can be read in two different ways: Either as real people or as a situation. In my experience they usually act both as people and situations at the same time. This is because the people in our lives creates the situations.

Court Cards


Jack of Hearts: A love interest

Queen of Hearts: A psychic/healer

King of Hearts: Leader.


Jack of Spades: Rebel.

Queen of Spades: An intellectual.

King of Spades: A professional.


Jack of Diamonds: Change of work

Queen of Diamonds: Homemaker

King of Diamonds: Middle


Jack of Clubs: Traveler/

Queen of Clubs: Artist/

King of Clubs: Leader/business owner

The Joker

Keep the Joker in the deck as it translates to the Fool and all of the Fools characteristics such as new beginnings and risk taking. It is the card of the unexpected turn of events to your advantage.