End of Year Tarot Spread

How to Interpret the End of Year Tarot Spread

The End of the Year is a time to reflect and at the same time look to the future. This spread is made to help the Seeker do both. If you get a negative card in card position 1 as I did (I got the tower), then look at the 3rd card position as this card will offer advice on how to get back on track again. You can also look at card position 7 for guidance. If you get a very positive card in card position 1, then card position 2 will offer you more insight into how and why it went well.

Card 1. How well did this year serve my Soul’s purpose on Earth?
Card 2. What did I do well this year?
Card 3. What can I do better next year?
Card 4. What was my biggest lesson this year?
Card 5. How will this lesson serve me in the coming year?
Card 6. Who do I need to forgive?
Card 7. What do I need to be released from.?
Card 8. How do I best move forward?

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