Top ten Tarot cards for Nature

Perhaps the answer to your question is to connect to nature more. There are my top 10 cards for Nature is Calling you.

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Tarot cards and Nature connection

Temperance: A bridge between heaven and earth is found in nature. Some places will connect you to heaven by showing you Divine creation in Nature. Temperance tarot card speaks of working with flower essence, conservation, and learning about biodiversity.

Ace of cups: This card speaks of Island living and Island culture. An Island holiday or Island adventure can help you find inner peace. Connect to an Island to help you heal from old resentments and emotional upheaval. An Island with a (non-active) Island on it will help your deeper issues resurface to be cleared.

7 of pentacles: This card speaks of working outside such as landscaping. Working on the land will help ground you. If you have had issues with grounding then growing flowers will give you the satisfaction. Planting a garden will be very beneficial right now. 7 of pentacles speaks of long term commitment to nature. Bonsai might be a very spiritual activity if you get 7 of pentacles in your reading. Take responsibility for a tree and grow together.

Knight of pentacles: This card speaks of hiking in nature. Take a walk in a rainforest. Hike up a mountain. Going hiking in nature can help you shift old stagnate energy and can help you see the answer to a problem.

8 of cups: This is the card for turning off the tv, turning off social media, and to disconnect to the material world. This is the card for connecting to nature to be more in contact with reality. 8 of cups is the card for connecting to nature to have a deeper soul connection. Where is your heart taking you? Where do you crave to be? Go there and connect. 8 of cups encourages a lifestyle change.

Queen of cups: This card speaks of connecting to a waterfall or a lake. Perhaps you can stay at a lakehouse while you work on your creative ideas? Swimming in the ocean is also a great way to connect to nature when Queen of cups tarot card shows up.

10 of cups: This card speaks of country living. It denotes a lifestyle change to a safe community where you can begin to relax. This card speaks of a beautiful scenic and idealic country side and your own paradise on Earth. 10 of cups can speak of making changes to your life to have more of the country and less of the stressful city life.

High Priestess: This card speaks of plant medicine and wisdom of the Earth. This card speaks of a quiet retreat such as living in the forest where you can connect to the stars and the trees. The Hight priestess is drawn to the four seasons and old trees and beautiful rivers with animals thriving. The High priestess needs to connect to both the stars, moons, and plants. This card speaks of connecting to the mysteries of plant medicine.

Tarot cards and Nature meaning

There are two more tarot cards that speak of connecting to Nature in a unique way. One card especially speaks of Off the Grid living. I asked the cards what is the number 1 card for Living off the Grid and the card I got was 10 of pentacles. This card speaks of having money behind you so that you have more options. This is also the card for creating a sustainable living situation for yourself, which is why it is the card for off the grid living.

9 of pentacles: This is the card for a beautiful and luxurious garden. Perhaps you live in the city, but you are still connecting to nature through your garden oasis. 9 of pentacles is different from 7 of pentacles in that 7 of pentacles is landscaping and working the Earth, but with 9 of pentacles, it is already there for you to enjoy.

Wild Unknown Tarot ~ A perfect deck for Nature Lovers

A great Tarot deck that has a strong Nature medicine through it is the Wild Unknown Tarot deck. Check it out here.