How to read with Reversed tarot cards

Reversed Tarot Card ~ How to have a breakthrough

Reversed cards can be viewed in a few different ways. It can be the opposite of the upright card OR my favorite: A Lesson Learned, But not let go of.

Applying both methods is optimal. I look at reversed cards as an opportunity to have a breakthrough. If a card turns up reversed, look at the card before in the deck. For example, Emperor reversed means chaos, however, if you go back one card, you have the solution. Why are you stuck? The Empress is the card before the Emperor card. This is the lesson that you have learned but not let go of. You are comfortable, yet there is more to conquer (Emperor). There is an expansion occurring, and you must apply yourself in a slightly different way. In the Empress you learned to be loving and caring, and now you need to delegate and rule (Emperor). You encompass all that is in the Empress and you are stepping up to a new role where you will also apply a more structured approach. You might feel you are abandoning the ship, however, you are merely steering the ship into new territory.

The same technique can be used to look at every reversed card. You see what you are holding onto in the card that precedes the reversed card in the deck. Note that reversed aces turn into kings. For example, reversed Ace of cups means you are holding onto the energy in King of cups. That can mean you are ‘stuck’ on a person (King of cups) or you are holding on to a lot of responsibilities that can be emotionally draining you. You might have a lot of bottled up emotions, trying to help everyone, being everyone’s best friend, and what you need now is to also be your Own Best Friend and open up to Spiritual energy. Ace of cups is when we Let go and Just Be. These are the moments when we feel One with everything and at the same time we are firmly grounded in our own bodies.

If you get the Fool reversed, you need to look at the World tarot card (it goes full circle). You have accomplished a lot, but it is still more for you to do. You must become the Fool to learn something new and to master another area that you are very excited about.

Tarot card exercise for Reversed cards

Go through each card in the deck and explain to yourself how the card before each reversed holds the key to release the blocked energy in the reversals. This is not just a great tarot reading practice, it will also give you great problem-solving skills in all aspects of your life. You can be as specific as you want. Think of areas of your life that comes up when you look at the cards, and you will soon begin to see real Solutions that will help you move forward.

How to know when you are on the Right track in life

The Queens

When people live a life not meant for them, which means they are not living their Divine Timing or Soul purpose, they often experience a Dark Night of the Soul. This shows up in the tarot cards. Often there is a lack of Queens. They tend not to show up when the Seeker is off track. Cards that show confusion, such as 7 of cups, the Moon, Eight of swords, tend to show up again and again. When the Queens begin to show up in your tarot readings, it is often a sign that your life is on track or about to Improve. The Queens are so connected to your emotions. They speak of when you ‘Know’ that you are loved and you are living a meaningful life. This knowing comes from deep within and cannot be explained easily. It is your Soul that speaks to you and you simply just Know.