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What House Will I Live In ~ tarot spread

This spread will also help you predict what type of personality your current house has. For this purpose, pull one card until the 1st Major Arcana card shows up. The video above explains how the energy of the house is affecting you.

Fool: 4:51

Magician: 5:15

High Priestess: 5:44

Empress: 7:13

Emperor: 8:20

Hierophant: 8:42

Lovers: 9:05

Chariot: 9:41

Strength: 10:24

Hermit: 11:25

Wheel of fortune: 12:11

Justice: 12:30

Hanged Man: 13:16

Death: 14:40

Temperance: 15:36

Devil: 16:23

Tower: 17:20

Star: 18:50

Moon: 19:40

Sun: 20:38

Judgment: 21:06

World: 21:31

To predict what house you will move into follow the steps 1-3.

Step 1.

Shuffle and cut the deck. The first minor arcana card will give you the answer to step 1. You only need to look at the suit. 

Cups: You will live in a beach house

Pentacles: You will live in  a country house

Swords: You will live in an Apartment block

Wands: You will live in the city suburb.

Step 2.

Reshuffle and cut the deck. The first minor arcana card will give you the answer to step 2. Scroll down to the answer from step 1. 

If you got a beach house:

Cups: Bungalow style house

Pentacles: Cottage style house

Swords: Stilt type house

Wands: Villa type house

If you got a country house:

Cups: Cottage/farmhouse style house

Pentacles: Tudor style house.

Swords: Victorian style house.

Wands: Edwardian style house.

If you got apartment block:

Cups: Beachfront apartment.

Pentacles: Luxury high rise.

Swords: Minimalist high rise.

Wands: Apartment block with courtyard.

If you got city suburb: 

Cups: Waterfront

Pentacles: Cottage style house with a big lawn.

Swords: Multistory house.

Wands: Modern house with an amazing view.

Step 3. Reshuffle and cut the deck. You are now going to pull a card until you get a Major Arcana card. This will tell you the energy of the house. For a more in-depth answer, watch the video above. 

What is the energy of your house? 

Fool: This house will bring out the adventurous spirit in you. It is hard to sit still in this house.

Magician: This house makes you want to learn and develop your skill. This house brings out the best in you.

High Priestess: This house makes you more psychic. want to solve mysteries. You have a strong emotional connection to this house.

Empress: This house makes you feel like a domestic goddess/god. Baking, cooking and decorating are encouraged by this house.

Emperor: This house will motivate you to start your own business, to organize all of your clutter, and have a garden that produces food. You could become an expert gardener in this house.

Hierophant: This house makes you want to meditate, practice spirituality and learn about philosophical questions. This is also a house where you might take in strays, and rescue both people and animals.

Lovers: If you are single, this house will help you manifest your Soulmate. In a relationship, this house promotes romance and love will blossom in this house.

Chariot: This house wants you to travel. You will be motivated to go on road trips and to travel to exotic locations. You will decorate this house with artifacts from all of your travels.

Strength: This house will ignite your true passion. You will be motivated to pursue your interests and create your life around your passions and hobbies.

Hermit: This house makes you want to be alone to study, meditate, and ponder over life’s mysteries.

Wheel of fortune: This house makes you lucky. This house attracts good fortune into your life in the shape of friends, love, and career.

Justice: This house could attract in some legal trouble into your life. It is also a house you might have only as an investment.

Hanged man: This house makes you want to stay inside and write, paint, and make music.

Death: This house will remind you of your childhood and it will also challenge you to to make the changes in your life that you have been avoiding.

Temperance: This house is your heaven on earth. This house will have a healing effect on you. Your well-being increases in this house.

Devil: This house could have a dark secret from the past. It could trigger anger and addictive behavior to the people living in it.

Tower: This house could make you accident prone and keep you in an emotional triggered state. This house could also be prone to natural disasters such as flooding.

Star: This house makes you feel connected to humanity and to the Universe. You might feel like helping humanity while living in this house.

Moon: This house makes you moody, creative and mysterious. You want to solve mysteries. You could re-invent yourself into an eccentric artist while living in this house.

Sun: This house makes you very happy. You could be having children while living here and this place makes your family and your children very happy.

Judgment: This house could be haunted. You will have a spiritual awakening while living here.

World: This house makes you feel confident and connected to the true nature of your soul.