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king of swords tarot card meanings king of swords tarot cards

King of Swords Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


Authority and responsibility.

Power and ambition.

A professional man.

Well educated.

Being well prepared. 

Having a good reputation.

Being polite in public, but can be rude to people they know.

Cold and aloof.




Holding back truths.


Symbolism in King of Swords tarot card

(Note: Some of the symbolism are from the traditional Rider-Waite images, not the radiant Rider Waite). The ring on the king’s left Saturn finger symbolises authority and responsibility. His blue tunic symbolises knowledge and understanding. His purple cape symbolises power and ambition. The clouds symbolise mental challenges.

The two birds flying above the clouds represent Hugin and Munin, symbolising the information available to the king at all times. The double-edged sword in the king’s right hand symbolises the king’s power see both sides of a situation. His throne is decorated with symbols of butterflies, two crescent moons and an angel. The butterflies are symbolising transformation. The two crescent moons symbolise the balance between male and female energies. The angel is next to his left ear symbolising guidance. The trees symbolise education.

King of swords tarot card meanings upright

King of swords in a general reading

King of Swords tarot card denotes a professional who is at the top of their game. This is someone who is an expert in their field and would have had to study to acquire this knowledge. They also have plenty of practical experience in how to apply this knowledge in a very sophisticated manner. The King of Swords is an intellectual authority figure who often denotes chefs, lawyers, judges, doctors, surgeons, and pilots. In situations, King of swords tarot card signifies success, especially if you prepare. In fact, the more you prepare the better the outcome will be. This is a non-emotional card, so it is better to know your stuff than to try to rely on charm and luck to get through.

King of swords in a love reading

King of swords in a love reading can denote a committed relationship with someone who is very independent. If single, this card can mean the Seeker will meet someone very confident and well-educated.

King of swords in a career reading

In a career reading, King of swords tarot card signifies being a master at a certain skill and being in high demand. King of swords also denotes authority and can be a policeman, judge or lawyer.

King of Swords as Feelings

King of swords as feelings denotes the Seeker feels confident and thirsty for knowledge. The Seeker is balanced between emotions and intellect. There is a cold air around the Seeker at the moment because the Seeker is in contemplation mode. The Seeker feels it is time to create a strategy to success and use both intuition and intellect to achieve this. If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, King of swords can mean this person feels you are his/hers intellectual equal and you make a great team.

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Personality types in King of Swords tarot card

King of swords tarot card denotes a rational and ethical person who is often mentoring others who need to learn from their expertise. King of swords people are our experts, quite different from a know-it-all, King of swords actually does know. They have no need to flaunt their knowledge, they are already highly regarded people. They are successful and very confident. They stay with the facts and rarely makes things personal. Their reputation is of uppermost importance to them. They are very well-educated and have well-paid and well-respected positions in society. This is someone who makes good decisions and who always win an argument.

king of swords tarot card meanings


King of swords tarot card meanings reversed

King of Swords tarot card reversed indicates someone who will manipulate facts to get their own ways. There are blocks in regards to integrity and objectivity. This is someone opinionated and biassed. New ideas get mocked and censored. King of swords tarot card sometimes shows up reversed when the Seeker is holding back truths they should be telling. There is ignorance to this card when it shows up reversed, and the person might even be tyrannical and abusive, especially verbally. In situations, King of swords reversed can mean the Seeker is unprepared and unable to accomplish tasks. King of swords reversed in a love reading can denote an abusive relationship. 

Personality types in reversed King of Swords tarot card

King of swords tarot card reversed denotes someone with a nasty and hateful nature. They want to disgrace others as much as possible, especially through humiliation. Deep down they are defeated and unable to handle their own emotional reactions. They demand respect but do nothing to actually deserve any. This is someone bad-tempered and hostile. They are emotionally unavailable and cares only about themselves. If you cross them they will never forget it. When they start awakening to love and light, it is a very slow process, and once you think they finally have got it, they revert back to their usual cruel and arrogant selves.

King of swords tarot card meanings

King of swords denotes mastery and expertise. If you have become complacent in your role King of swords arrives to get you up to speed again.  King of swords can be an authority you feel intimidated by, however, if you put your pride aside; King of swords will be exactly what you need, especially in career questions. King of swords is demanding, YES, but if you listen to him he makes a lot of sense.

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