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king of cups tarot card meanings king of cups tarot card

King of Cups Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


Being emotionally strong. Very diplomatic.

A very knowledgeable person. 

A benevolent protector.

Having highly developed social skills.

A very well liked person.

Living an alternative lifestyle.

A friend you can count on.

Someone who defuses tense situations.


Poor leadership.

Cultural intolerance.

Attention seeking.

Malicious behaviour.

Symbolism in King of Cups tarot card

The grey stone throne in the midst of turbulent sea symbolises emotional strength. His fish amulet symbolises the depths of his knowledge. The fish that jumps out of water on his right side symbolises his ideas and creativity. The ship on his left side symbolises his ability to navigate in the emotional territory. His yellow and red cape symbolise the balance between his passion and intellect. His blue cloak symbolises his wisdom.

King of cups tarot card meanings upright

King of cups in a general reading

King of cups denotes a warm, honest and generous man who is kind and fair. This is someone who is in control over his own emotions. King of cups denotes maturity in dealing with emotionally charged people and situations. King of cups is balanced between his creative and logical side, and in touch with his feminine side, without it ruining his masculinity. In situations, King of cups denotes being diplomatic, mature and respectful, and getting the respect you deserve in return. You will get respect and trust by giving respect and showing trust. If you show that you believe in people they will want to make you proud. King of cups tarot card often shows up when you are about to reach your highest potential. 

King of cups in a love reading

In a love reading, King of cups tarot card can mean falling in love with your best friend. If the Seeker is single King of cups means they most likely already know their soul mate and they will soon realise who this person is. If in a relationship King of cups denotes a deep friendship between the couple. Sometimes when King of cups describes a relationship it can mean the couple is living an alternative lifestyle.

King of cups in a career reading

In a career reading, King of cups can mean you are about to be recognised in a big way. King of cups often signifies careers at the top of the corporate world, possibly even CEO. King of cups also denotes careers as vets and doctors.

King of cups as Feelings

King of cups speaks of feeling confident and competent. If you are asking about how someone feels about you, King of cups denotes the person most likely feels he/she can trust you and there is potential for a friendship. This is a friendship that could turn into love.

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Personality types in King of cups tarot card

King of cups tarot card denotes a benevolent protector, leader and mentor. They are affectionate and make excellent colleagues, friends and partners (both romantically and in business). This is someone with highly developed emotional and social qualities. They are also very intelligent and confident. They are great with people and often find themselves in management and leadership positions. King of cups people are very spiritual and have great knowledge of different cultures and alternative lifestyles. They are emphatic and intuitive which they use to succeed in business. They always trust their instincts.

king of cups tarot card meanings


King of cups tarot card meanings reversed

King of Cups tarot card reversed indicates someone who is blocked expressing their feelings, and who is unable to motivate themselves and others. This card reversed can indicate someone with a selfish streak, often born from fear of rejection. The bottled up emotions can often be seen through weight gain, perverted behaviours and/or addictions. At worst there is an evil and merciless streak to King of cups reversed. King of cups reversed sometimes shows up in a reading when there is a lack of positive leadership and intolerance towards other cultures.

Personality types in reversed King of cups tarot card

Manipulative and jealous, King of cups reversed people want to own people and harvest love as if it is something that can be bought. They are very selfish and need to be the centre of attention. In a relationship, they are often demanding and controlling. They often turn into being a full-time job for their partners. King of cups reversed people make it all about them. At worst,  they are needy and insecure and they play the guilt game with their partners, family and close friends to get their own way. They always have a dissatisfied look on their face, looking about as miserable as they feel. If they can’t have something, they don’t want anyone else to have it either. King of cups can signify very childish people, turning their romantic partners into parents. 

King of Cups Tarot Card Combination.

Some important tarot card combinations involving King of cups.

King of cups + The Magician: Public speaking.

King of cups + The Devil: A manipulator.

King of cups + The Tower: Corruption. Arguments.

King of cups + Two of swords: A logical thinker. Scientist.

King of cups + Queen of swords: Opposites coming together.

King of cups + Five of pentacles: Forgiveness. Learning worthiness.

King of cups + Nine of pentacles: Creativity. Everything is blossoming. Abundance.

King of cups + Knight of pentacles: Changes in career. Changes in staffing in a business.

King of cups + Five of wands: Knowing your boundaries with others. Seeking a deep connection.

King of cups + Knight of wands: An inner journey that turns into an outer journey. Travel to a beautiful place.

King of cups + Queen of cups: Emotional maturity. Deepening in a connection. A spiritual connection.

King of cups tarot card meanings summary

King of cups tarot card denotes achieving at the highest level. This is the card for reaching your ambitions. You are living your true nature through your career and your relationships when King of cups tarot card shows up. You might face other people’s jealousy as you make it seem so easy. What they don’t see is all the work you’ve invested in yourself to get where you are today. 

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