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two of wands tarot card meanings 2 of wands tarot card

Two of Wands Tarot
Card Meanings and Keywords:


Making an intuitive decision.

Being original.

Creating something new and exciting.

Being strong-minded and confident in your abilities.

Finding your place in the world.

Knowing what you want.

Getting ahead.



On hold.

Copying others.

Symbolism in Two of Wands tarot card

The globe in the man’s right hand symbolises having the world in your hand. The wand on his right symbolises what he has put on hold to achieve his dream. The new plan is symbolised by the wand he is holding in his left hand. The man’s red hat and cape symbolise his passion. His orange tunic symbolises his enthusiasm. On his left side is an image of a rose, a lily and a cross. The rose symbolises beauty. The lily symbolises hope. The cross symbolises faith. The man stands on top of a castle overlooking the terrain and the ocean, symbolising having a great vision.

Two of Wands tarot card and Astrology

Mars (Tower) in Aries (Emperor)

Two of wands tarot card meanings upright

Two of Wands is about manifesting using the will and strength of your mind. Two of wands tarot card asks you to go on a journey to find your place in the world. It is a card that speaks of what you truly desire. The other cards will tell you how you can go about acquiring this. You might have to weigh up your options and choose the one that is best for you. This card often shows up when the seeker knows exactly what they want, and they feel very strongly about making it happen. It can also show up when the Seeker has been off-course and they are navigating themselves back on the right path again.

Tip to the reader: Two of wands often shows up when the Seeker is struggling to move forward in their life, often due to power struggles with people in their lives and unnecessary drama. Help the Seeker see how the path forward is open to them once they decide to ignore all the distractions. Find out how the distractions are serving them. The Seeker really wants to move ahead with their lives, and are only held back by limiting beliefs. 

Two of wands in a love reading

In a love reading, Two of wands denotes dating and searching for love, often online.

Two of wands in a career reading

In a career question, Two of wands signifies leadership jobs, legal and intellectual work. This card also means having to make important decisions in day to day work life. The Seeker might find that the lines between success and failure are too close.

Two of wands as feelings

Two of wands speaks of feeling curious. The Seeker wants to learn and explore new ideas and new ways of thinking. The Seeker feels inspired to live a whole new life. If you are asking how someone feels about you, Two of wands denotes this person feels intellectually stimulated by you. You might have woken up something in the other person that had ‘died’. A part of the person’s personality is coming back to life again.

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Personality types in Two of Wands tarot card

Two of wands tarot card denotes a leader with a vision for the future. This is someone who will conquer their dreams. They make things happen and are not afraid to take charge of a situation. Other people follow them gladly as they appear very confident. They are very courageous and don’t shy away from conflict if anyone stands in their way. They are very competitive and want to be better, richer, stronger than others. They almost always get their way. This is someone very charming and convincing, and people usually take to them instantly.

two of wands tarot card meaning


Two of wands tarot card meaning reversed

Two of Wands tarot card reversed indicates difficulties in making a decision, possibly due to the fear of making the wrong choice. Upright this card shows someone with strong willpower, reversed a week will is indicated. The seeker is easily led, rather than being a leader.

Personality types in reversed Two of Wands tarot card

Two of wands tarot card reversed denotes someone with a tendency to either rush ahead before they have thought it through properly or second-guessing themselves so nothing gets done They are grumpy and moody and need to lighten up. They have a hard time controlling their temper and have many outbursts during the day. When it’s time to go to bed they are totally exhausted from the emotional roller-coaster they take themselves on. They have a hard time trusting their own decisions and if you ask them what they want, they have little clue. If they do know what they want, they lack the insight into how to make it a reality. Ideas often live and die in their heads.

Two Of Wands Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Two of wands:

2 of wands + The Fool: Taking a chance in a new place. 

2 of wands + The Lovers: Seeking love. Manifesting love. Personal ads. 

2 of wands + The Hermit: Seeking a teacher. 

2 of wands + The Tower: Asking for trouble. Wanting something that is bad for you. 

2 of wands + Judgement: Moving forward to live your true calling in life. 

2 of wands + The World: The World is at your feet and in your hand. Pick and choose from offers. 

2 of wands + Ace of swords: Talking your way to a better future. Convincing others. 

2 of wands + Three of swords: Making a difficult decision. 

2 of wands + Six of swords: Making the decision to move. The right move. 

2 of wands + Ten of swords: Making a bad decision. 

2 of wands + Ace of cups: A creative decision. Choosing love. Following your heart. 

2 of wands + Three of cups: Manifesting friends. Taking time for good friends. Being a friend. 

2 of wands + Nine of cups: Getting what you want by being persistent. 

2 of wands + Ace of pentacles: Choosing between job offers. 

2 of wands + Three of pentacles: Team leader. The authority within the group. 

2 of wands + Four of pentacles: Big business. 

2 of wands + Three of wands: Signing a contract. 

2 of wands + Four of wands: Networking. Event planning. Coordinating.

2 of wands + Knight of wands: A career move. 

Two of wands tarot card meanings summary

Imagine you had a key to a magical chest that would change your life forever. This chest would give you the ability to make your mind up and sticking by your decisions, free from doubt and fear. Would you open the chest? We all have this ability within us. When the two of wands tarot card shows up in a reading you must make your mind up and trust in your intuition. Be strong-minded about something and push forward. Be a leader. Someone has to do it, and it might as well be you.

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