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three of cups tarot card meanings 3 of cups tarot card

Three of Cups Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:



Being with your friend.

Having a good time. Appreciating life.

Bursting with joy and energy.


Your friends. Being popular.

Having an entourage.




Social angst.

Symbolism in Three of Cups tarot card

The three maidens are holding their cups up in the air in a joyful manner, symbolising celebration and joy. The blue sky is free from clouds symbolising carefree times. The laurel wreaths on the women’s heads symbolise victory, status, recognition and glory. The flowers, plants and fruits on the ground symbolise abundance and the beauty of life.

Three of Cups tarot card and Astrology

Mercury (Magician) in Cancer (Chariot).

Three of cups tarot card meanings upright

Three of cups in a general reading

Three of cups is the tarot card for celebration, going out with friends, having a good time and being part of a community. This card often shows up when someone is getting engaged or married. This card is also about happiness and abundance. There is enough for everyone. Sometimes this card shows up in a reading when you are starting to really love and appreciate the beauty of life, and the people in your life.

Three of cups in a love reading

In a love reading, Three of cups tarot card speaks of happy times for the couple where they have plenty to celebrate. If the Seeker is single, Three of cups can mean they will meet someone at social occasions.

Three of cups in a career reading

In a career reading, Three of cups tarot card signifies work-related events, and colleagues who also are your friends. Three of cups can also denote fun jobs in hospitality, tourism and event planning. Next to Knight of swords, Three of cups can denote the army.

Three of cups as feeling

Three of cups speaks of joy and well-being. This is love that wants to be celebrated, either through social activities or more traditional events. Three of cups as how someone feels about you speaks of the person feeling excited and uplifted by your presence. Three of cups speaks of adoration.

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Personality types in Three of Cups tarot card

Three of cups tarot card indicates someone affectionate and fun. They love to party, especially if they can be the host or center of attention. They have a huge group of friends and associates. You never see them on their own, they always have their entourage with them. When they are not laughing, chatting and having a good time, they are probably sleeping. They are often known for their beauty and style, and they turn heads wherever they go. They are very charismatic and positive people and it is easy to fall in love with them. After spending time with a Three of cups person you are bound to feel happy. They live in a stream of abundance and opportunity and they have so much going for them it can be hard to keep up with them. They always land on their feet and make new friends wherever they go.

three of cups tarot card meanings


Three of cups tarot card meanings reversed

Three of Cups tarot card reversed can indicate celebration gone wrong, bitching, jealousy and unhealthy competition. The seeker might be avoiding social occasions due to these issues and there is a possibility that there is some social angst at play. There might even be over-indulgence in food, liquor or drugs. Sometimes this card shows up reversed when there is infidelity, especially in combination with The High Priestess or two of cups reversed.

Personality types in reversed Three of Cups tarot card

Three of cups reversed indicates someone who can not be trusted. Three of cups tarot card reversed indicates someone who might be having an affair and who easily cheats others; friends, family, and partners. If they cannot have something they take it anyway. They feel unloved and unattractive and crave attention even if it is negative and unhealthy attention they get. This is someone who is unable to distinguish between thoughts and feelings. They often come from a troublesome past which clouds their perception of their present circumstances. They often feel depressed after being betrayed or through betraying others. They live in constant fear of rejection and abandonment.

Three Of Cups Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Three of cups:

3 of cups + The Fool: Celebrating a new beginning. A University party. 

3 of cups + The Magician: Meeting your soul mate at a party.  

3 of cups + The Empress: Celebrating abundance and fertility. Work in the beauty industry. 

3 of cups + Strength: Being the heart of the group. 

3 of cups + Destiny: A lucky occasion. Winning in competitions. 

3 of cups + The Moon: Nightlife. A secret party. 

3 of cups + The Tower: The Military. 

3 of cups + Ace of pentacles: Business partners. 

3 of cups + Two of pentacles: Bartering in hospitality. 

3 of cups + Three of pentacles: Work party. 

3 of cups + Five of pentacles: A clouded vision for the future. 

3 of cups + Seven of pentacles: Garden party. A market. 

3 of cups + Knight of pentacles: Celebrating a career milestone. 

3 of cups + Two of swords: Being the diplomat in the group. 

3 of cups + Nine of swords: Social angst. 

3 of cups + Knight of swords: A military man. 

3 of cups + King of swords: Restaurant owner. A chef. 

3 of cups + Four of wands: A joyful community group. 

3 of cups + Six of wands: Popularity. 

3 of cups + Ten of wands: Work hard/Play hard. 

3 of cups + Two of cups: A wedding or engagement party. 

3 of cups + Five of cups: Avoiding social occasions. 

3 of cups + Eight of cups: Overindulgence. 

3 of cups + Knight of cups: A proposal. A romantic gesture. 

Three of cups tarot card meanings summary

They say happiness is only real if it is shared. Three of cups tarot card is all about sharing with the people you love the most. It is similar to the Four of wands tarot card in a sense that something is being celebrated. In the Three of cups the anticipation is high, while in the Four of wands the climax has been reached and everyone is settling down into their roles. Friendships and love are in focus when the Three of cups tarot card shows up.

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