Six of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

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six of cups tarot card meanings 6 of cups tarot card

Six of Cups Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


Your childhood.




Your past returning to you.

Your home is where your heart is.

Feeling at home.

Being childlike.


Being kind to someone.


Bad memories.

Feeling out of place.

Memory loss.

Symbolism in Six of Cups tarot card

The five petal flowers symbolise innocence, wonder and purity. The children represent the past and memories. The taller child is handing a cup with a flower to the younger child, representing kindness. The older person in the background is walking away, representing the future. The barren garden symbolises happiness. The house symbolises security.

Six of Cups tarot card and Astrology

Sun (Sun) in Scorpio (Death).

Six of cups tarot card meanings

Six of cups in a general reading

Six of cups is the tarot card for sensuality and pleasure, memories, innocence, nostalgia and childhood. Sometimes Six of cups shows up when someone from the past is on their way back into your life again. Six of Cups tarot card denotes a worry free and happy childhood. It speaks of children and your inner child. It reminds us that our home is where our hearts are. Six of cups tarot card often shows up when the Seeker feels at home where they are and with what they are doing.

Six of cups in a love reading

In a love reading, Six of cups tarot card can denote a sensual relationship that brings joy to the Seeker. Six of cups can mean old love returning, or it can mean love that connects you to your inner child. Six of cups tarot card denotes a kind relationship where the couple is free to be themselves.

Six of cups in a career reading

In a career reading, Six of cups tarot card signifies feeling at home with work, and feeling safe at work and with the people you work with. The work environment is very favourable when Six of cups shows up. Six of cups tarot card can also mean careers in childcare and hospitality. This card can also denote work that involves delving into the past, such as a historian or investigator.

Six of cups as feelings

Six of cups speaks of pleasurable feelings and feeling at home where you are and with the people you are with. Six of cups as how someone feels about you denotes this person feels close to you, and perhaps even nostalgic about you. You could have a lot of memories together. Six of cups indicates a soulfamily connection.

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Personality types in Six of Cups tarot card

Six of cups tarot card indicates someone very sensual, who must learn to respect their own and others boundaries. Six of cups tarot card people have a love for pleasure and sensual excess with a roller coaster response to the highs and lows of their own emotions. They have a tendency to be stuck in the nostalgia of the past and they often have a childlike nature. They often have deep-rooted issues that need to be addressed. They escape dealing with their emotions by seeking pleasures and excess sensual experiences. They tend to live too much on the physical plane and need to have a look at why they get so stuck in their past. They seem like the happiest people on the planet, but there are often tears behind their smile. Six of cups people are often the kindest people you will ever meet.

six of cups tarot card meanings
Feeling at home

Six of cups tarot card meanings reversed

Six of cups tarot card reversed indicates a difficult childhood and haunting, even disturbing childhood memories. Memories of all kinds can be an issue when this card shows up reversed, even memory loss. It can also indicate difficulties in growing and evolving. Six of cups often shows up reversed when the seeker is trying to make others happy which is ultimately doomed to fail. The seeker has to make themselves happy first.

Personality types in reversed Six of Cups tarot card

Six of cups tarot card reversed indicates someone with a tendency to quit before they’ve finished what they started. They often lean towards extreme lifestyles that can be dangerous and uncomfortable. They are seeking pleasure and thrill regardless of the long-term consequences. They are usually full of contradictions, and they have no healthy boundaries in their life. They’re escaping traumatic childhood memories by unhealthy lifestyle habits and addictions. They don’t know who they are and copy the personality of the people they are with.

Six Of Cups Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Six of cups:

6 of cups + The High Priestess: A psychic child. Your sister. 

6 of cups + The Empress: A nurturing home. 

6 of cups + The Chariot: Teenagers. Young adults. 

6 of cups + The Hermit: Remembering the past. Your Memoir. 

6 of cups + Wheel of fortune: Finding your path from childhood. 

6 of cups + Death: Your childhood. 

6 of cups + The Moon: Your childhood dreams. 

6 of cups + Ace of wands: A new child. 

6 of cups + Three of wands: Children book. 

6 of cups + Seven of wands: Teaching children. 

6 of cups + Knight of wands: Travelling to a place from your childhood. 

6 of cups + Ace of pentacles: Your childhood home. 

6 of cups + Five of pentacles: Sick and/or poor children. 

6 of cups + Nine of pentacles: A playground. Playful holiday. 

6 of cups + Queen of pentacles: Caring for children. 

6 of cups + Ace of swords: Beliefs learnt in childhood. 

6 of cups + Two of swords: Twins. 

6 of cups + Three of swords: Childhood trauma. 

6 of cups + Page of swords: A talented child. 

6 of cups + Ace of cups: A creative child. 

6 of cups + Three of cups: Childhood friends. 

6 of cups + Ten of cups: A happy family. 

Six of cups tarot card meanings Summary

Home is where the heart is, and when you follow your heart you might end up in some interesting places. Six of cups is a tarot card that makes you feel right at home in your environment and there is often a link to childhood emotions of magic. There is a purity to this card that is difficult to describe, but once you are under its spell life is both exciting and safe in a wonderful blend.

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47 thoughts on “Six of Cups Tarot Card Meanings”

  1. Hello Inger,
    How would you interpret 7 of cups + 5 of cups + six of cups answering the question what has to happen before me and my twin flame can be in physical union? He’s currently in another relationship so I believe he has to release he wants to be with me (I know it’s not going to last).

    Thank you so much for your help!!!

  2. Hi please help I did a Celtic card reading for this year I am currently unemplyed and going through a divorce which has been delayed because of my ex has held up proceedings’ can you help with the below card combination i got the devil as the outcome which has concerned me thank
    Ace of swords
    Six of cups
    The magician
    Knight of wands
    Page of pentacles
    Page of cups
    Queen of wands
    The chariots
    Queen of pentacles
    The devil

  3. Hi, it looks like if you put pressure on your ex he will give you what you want quickly, as the Devil can indicate success in financial dealings such as divorces. Don’t be shy to communicate and ask for advice from someone who can help you. You will get what you want when more pressure is put on this case, and I believe you will have your new beginning soon.

  4. Hi how would you interpret the 2 of swords, 6 of cups and then 7 of swords in a love reading. The question is if the relationship with someone specific will manifest. Also if there is any hope of a friendship?
    Thank you

  5. Hi – What does the following combo suggest:

    – eight of swords, two of swords, five of cups, nine of cups and six of cups


  6. This has to do with love and romance. If you are single, there is someone you are not noticing but will be seeing soon. If you are in a relationship, you need to be in each other’s lives more on a day to day level….do more things together, as it is almost like your soulmate is so close, but not completely present in your life yet.

  7. Hi Inger, what is the message behind six of cups, clarified by the world on a past relationship? I asked what is the possibility with seeing this person again. Any advice would be great,


  8. 6 of cups speaks of the past that sometimes comes back into our lives again. The world, I believe, is telling you this is most likely to happen in the more distant future if it will happen at all.

  9. Hi Inger,

    how would picking 9 of pentacles with 6 of cups as clarifier be decipher for the question, ‘does he miss me?’

  10. Thanks! how would u decipher these two cards? I mean if i were to draw 9 of pentacles alone, what does it
    mean and how does having a 6 of cups clarifier help explain?’

  11. Hi I got 9 of pentacles followed by the 6 of cups for how someone sees me. I’m hoping at some point this person makes contact with me.

  12. Do a yes/no layout for if he will contact you. Shuffle in half the deck reversed. Pull out one card at the time. The first ace will show you yes or no. If it is upright it means yes, and if it is reversed it means no. Let me know how you go :)

  13. I was wondering if you could help me interprete a 6 card reading, I asked if I should go to nyc before California to meet with a man I had met who is from greece and wants to romance me.
    I pulled the cards in this order
    The world
    10 of cups
    3 of wands
    6 of cups
    The fool
    The sun.
    I can’t pull all of the combination meanings and some are contradictory of eachother. Thankyou

  14. Hi

    What does 8 of cups and 7 of cups and outcome 6 of cups mean. The first stands for the other person, the next for myself and 6 of cups for the outcome. I haven’t told her that I like her, do you think this is gonna work out well?

    Thank you!!

  15. Eight of cups can mean she is not looking for a relationship at this moment in her life. 7 of cups in your position can mean you are not completely sure of your own feelings at this stage. 6 of cups can denote there will be friendship between you.

  16. Hi Inger I got strength, the moon as outcome and 6 of cups? What does that mean for lesson I must learn


  17. This can mean you must learn to let go of feelings of not being in control and some insecurities that could be from your childhood. There is an inner strength in you that if harnessed will open up so many opportunities for you and also improve on all of your relationships. :)

  18. How would you interpret The World, 2 of swords, 6 of cups in the past , present and future concerning a possible reconciliation with an ex? Thank you so much

  19. Hi. The world often means you completed a lesson together, however, that does not mean you can’t reconcile. 6 of cups can mean your ex will be back in your life again.

  20. Hi Inger,
    I had the six of cups, queen of wands and six of swords in a relationship reading for how my ex husband sees me?wat would it exactly mean,?that he misses old times

  21. Hi…I need help. I pulled a 6 of cups, 5 of pentacles, and a 8 of Wands for what going in a relationship? Can you help me

  22. Hi Inger,
    I have just done a tarot spread with three cards (I’m using Dreaming Way Tarot):
    1. Queen of wands (How does that person see me)
    2. Six of cups (What does he need in this relationship)
    3. The sun (the relationship outcomes)
    I see that this person wants a two-way expression in this relationship and the outcomes seem to be bright. Otherwise, can you help me with the combination with those 3 cards.
    Thank you so much.

  23. Hi Inger,
    I’m still single at the present :D. I have just met this person recently and have some interaction with him. So I am wondering whether he has some special feelings for me at the moment. And this spread just came out.

  24. Hi Inger, i drew 12 cards for the question whether I and someone I have special connection with (however we are currently in different countries) would have the chance to get back together. The last line I had was: 6 of cups, three of cups, the magician and knight of wands. To me it feels like a yes (the other 8 cards are quite positive as well though they indicated the need to have patience for the right timing). I would really appreciate your input. Thank you very much.

  25. Hi I had 8 of cups, Knight of pentacles, 6 of cups, queen of wands and four of swords.
    I was seeing someone for a bit for me it was serious but he went back to his ex girlfriend, wondering if there is any chance for us again and how he feels about me ?

  26. I think you do, but there seem to have been some kind of misunderstanding between you, and things could get more confusing again soon. I do think you will have a chance to be together again, though.

  27. You might hear from him, but I don’t think he will offer you a serious relationship. You will focus on what you want for your future and there is lots of focus on turning a hobby/passion into a business/enterprise.

  28. Hi i have done a tarot reading about my future the whole reading pointed toward a marriage. I had asked what was the marriage like – 6 of cups and the fool, i have vague information on the pairing of the cards but not very much for a marriage what could this mean, thank you.

  29. Hello,

    I’ve been seeing the numbers 11 and 11:11 everyday for the last few months and wanted to know what the universe is trying to tell me. So I asked the cards “What is the number 11 and 11:11 trying to tell me?”, and pulled the 6 of Cups clarified by The Star. What do these two cards together mean in response to the question I asked?

    It’s driving me crazy!! Any help will be truly appreciated, thank you.

    By the way, as I’m typing this my percentage on my battery (phone) says 11%. What a coincidence!!

  30. Hello,

    Thank you for interpretations. I asked, when will I meet my soulmate ( i think I already have, I’m not sure) and I pulled the Queen of Cups, The Magician, 6 of Cups, King of Swords, Temperance and 8 of pentacles. What does this mean to you?


  31. Hi. 11:11 means the Universe is open to receive, the gate is open so to speak, so while you see 11:11 repeat an affirmation of what you want in your life. 11 is also a master number so now you will raise the bar and master your life to a new level.

  32. Hi. What does wheel of fortune, ten of swords and reversed six of cups mean? I’m unemployed and just split in a relationship, my car got destroyed by a deer, and have to move out of my house. Any positive changes? All this happened in 3 weeks recently.

  33. Hi. 6 of cups reversed often speaks of trauma from the past, and it can mean childhood trauma. This card combination can mean that things have now happened that will make you deal with something that happened in your past. This will help you heal your present. Wheel of fortune and ten of swords both have 10 energy, and the 0 next to the 1 mean there is a lot of spiritual energy in your life. Send a prayer to the Creator of all to clear your energy and to immerse you in loving energy. Trust that the Creator will take care of this for you. The more you pray and ask for what you need, the better it will be. Your spiritual team, such as your angels, spirit guides, and ancestors are also there for you. I also feel they want to buy you some time so that you can get your life back in order. I feel you will have a couple of choices when it comes to ‘what to do next’. Follow your heart and know that you will know which option is the best one for you to take. There is a rebirth in your life and I feel you will be able to clear out a misunderstanding of some kind.

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