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king of pentacles tarot card meanings king of pentacles tarot card

King of Pentacles Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


A business man.

Career orientated.

Middle management. Project management.

A comfortable life.

Midas touch.

Being an expert in your field.

The love of money and success.

Being at the top of your game.



Averse to changes.

Poor health.

Lacking people skills.

Symbolism in King of Pentacles tarot card

The rooftop garden symbolises comfort and abundance. The king’s throne is decorated with carvings of bulls and vines. The bulls symbolise mastering the material world. The vines symbolise excess. The king’s robe is decorated with images of grapevines rich with fruit symbolising abundance. Around him and at his feet are vines and flowers symbolising his success in the physical world. In his right hand, he is holding a sceptre symbolising authority. In his left hand, he holds a pentacle symbolising financial wealth.

King of pentacles tarot card meanings upright

King of pentacles in a general reading

King of pentacles tarot card denotes success in business. This is a stable and authoritative character, who is hard-working and dependable. King of pentacles achieves success through discipline and is an expert in his field. It is a very ambitious and career oriented card, and if you are being represented by this card then you need to have control and power, as well as security and a stable home. King of pentacles indicates the perfect provider, both financially and trough giving advice and guidance. There are a lot of support provided by the King of Pentacles who is sure to listen to you, but he is business oriented at his core, so do not try to con him. He is no fool.

King of pentacles in a love reading

In a love reading, King of pentacles tarot card denotes a secure and committed relationship. The couple is enjoying great wealth and success. If single, this card can mean the Seeker will meet someone prominent.

King of pentacles in a career reading

In a career reading, King of pentacles tarot card signifies the Seeker has mastered something vital which provides them with success and recognition. The Seeker feels secure in their work role and promotions are likely.

King of pentacles as feelings

King of pentacles as feelings denotes the Seeker loves money and business. The Seeker feels the need to know what is going on around them and could be putting their noses in other people’s business and giving advice even when it is not asked for. If you are asking how someone feels about you, King of pentacles can mean this person feels very responsible for you and also very protective of you.

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Personality types in King of pentacles tarot card

King of pentacles tarot card is someone with great work ethic who is good with both money and with people. They are excellent project managers and can handle several projects at once. Several people will have to be hired to replace one King of pentacles person. They have great observational skills and leadership abilities. They are not afraid to have a conflict if it means getting the work done properly. This is someone who loves nature, animals and people, who is stable, accomplished and powerful.

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king of pentacles tarot card meanings


King of pentacles tarot card meanings reversed

King of pentacles tarot card reversed indicates being too conservative. King of pentacles reversed indicates difficulties in making the necessary changes. Falling behind is likely. King of pentacles reversed is likely to be a miser and a hoarder. This is someone who expects the best but lets others have the worst. Neglect of hygiene and poor health are indicated when King of pentacles shows up reversed. Stubbornness and fear prevent positive change.

Personality types in reversed King of pentacles tarot card

King of pentacles tarot card reversed is someone who lives in clutter both in his house and in his head. They are often dirty and terribly disorganised. They want to do well but lack both people skills and organisational skills to get very far. They might even be unemployed or do unreliable casual employment. They don’t make good providers and never let you know how they really feel. If they are in leadership positions they often make a real mess of things, because they are unable to handle conflicts and difficult situations. They are very money oriented and dream about winning the lottery. If they do come to money, they will store it away only for them to keep, and continue acting as if they are the poorest person on the planet.

King of pentacles tarot card meanings Summary

King of pentacles speaks of achieving on the material plane. You are mastering the art of finance and wealth-creating if King of pentacles represents you and your life. King of pentacles is a wonderful card to get in questions about business endeavours. It denotes career advancement and having the Midas touch. 

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