Ten of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

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ten of wands tarot card meanings 10 of wands tarot card

Ten of Wands Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


Being burdened with work and responsibilities.

Being a martyr.

Unable to say No.

Being task-oriented.

Worrying what other people think of you.

Performance punishment.

Making other people happy instead of themselves.

Waiting for their big break.


Buckle under pressure.

Throwing it all in.

Avoiding responsibility.

Symbolism in Ten of Wands tarot card

The wands being carried are symbolising responsibilities. They are blocking his view symbolising task orientation rather than seeing the bigger picture. He is looking at the earth symbolising he is practically oriented. His orange tunic symbolises determination. His red belt symbolises his drive to finish what he started. His brown shoes symbolise his practicality. He is moving towards a building in the background. The building symbolises security which is what he wants to achieve and maintain.

Ten of Wands tarot card and Astrology

Saturn (World) in Sagittarius (Temperance).

Ten of wands tarot card meanings upright

Ten of wands in a general reading

Ten of Wands is the tarot card for hard work and taking on more responsibility. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture, remember why you are putting in all the efforts. Sometimes the seeker is feeling burned out and weight down when this card is appearing. They only see the wood for trees. Ten of wands tarot card often shows up when the seeker is unable to say no, and people are taking advantage.

Ten of wands in a love reading

In a love reading, Ten of wands tarot card can signify a high-maintenance relationship, or that the seeker is putting work first. If the Seeker is single this card can mean they are trying to be what they think others want, instead of manifesting what they want and need.

Ten of wands in a career reading

In a career reading, Ten of wands tarot card signifies working on too many projects and suffering performance punishment.

Ten of wands as feelings

Ten of wands as feelings denotes the Seeker could be feeling exhausted and under a lot of emotional strain. If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, Ten of wands can mean the person is feeling very responsible and perhaps feels solely responsible for the relationship outcome. This person could be feeling very alone.

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Personality types in Ten of Wands tarot card

Ten of wands tarot card indicates someone with a creative side who is very talented, but who is also suffering performance punishment. They are so accountable that in both their professional and personal life they end up carrying all the responsibilities. They are often weighted down and worn out. They believe if they just keep going maybe someone will see how much they are doing and come and help out. That unfortunately rarely happens. Ten of wands people are the ones that will help everyone but rarely receive any help themselves. They often blame themselves unnecessary and guilt keeps them trapped with all the work and worry. Ten of wands people are people-pleasers to their own detriment.

ten of wands tarot card meanings
Hard work

Ten of Wands tarot card meanings reversed

Ten of Wands tarot card reversed indicates fear of responsibilities, and inability to keep on top of things. The seeker might be unmotivated and ready to walk away from their duties. This card often shows up when the seeker has lost motivation to do hard work. They might not see the meaning of it anymore and want to invest their energies elsewhere.

Personality types in reversed Ten of Wands tarot card

Ten of wands tarot card reversed denotes someone who is afraid to use their talents in case it means they will have to take on responsibility. They are so used to be the one pointing the finger and playing the blame game that if they were the ones making decisions they know it would all come back to them. They are afraid of being judged and hide behind others, unions, policies and so forth so that no one can target them. They twist situations and words to make it sounds like they are victims. They have trapped themselves in their own fears of failure and are unable to free themselves. They often end up in running from opportunities that could have taken them far. They are unwilling to grow and are instead going in so many directions that they really are not going anywhere. They usually stay in a state of overwhelm. Deep down they feel hopelessness.

Ten Of Wands Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Ten of wands:

10 of wands + The Magician: Working hard to prove yourself. 

10 of wands + The High Priestess: A demanding female boss. 

10 of wands + The Empress: Trying to please everyone.

10 of wands + The Hierophant: Emotional manipulation in the workplace. 

10 of wands + The Hermit: Being at the top of an organisation. 

10 of wands + The Hanged Man: Working hard behind the scenes making everyone else look good. 

10 of wands + The Star: Working hard for a better future. 

10 of wands + The World: Being in a demanding work role. 

10 of wands + Two of cups: A high-maintenance relationship. 

10 of wands + Three of cups: A demanding friendship. 

10 of wands + Seven of cups: Spreading yourself too thin. 

10 of wands + Eight of cups: Working hard to make your dreams come true. 

10 of wands + Nine of cups: Being owned by your possessions. 

10 of wands + Page of cups: An unhappy teenager. Wanting to escape responsibility. 

10 of wands + King of cups: Working hard for success. 

10 of wands + Ace of pentacles: Being money oriented. 

10 of wands + Two of pentacles: Working hard without getting where you want. 

10 of wands + Five of pentacles: Working hard to get out of financial difficulties. 

10 of wands + Seven of pentacles: Long term work. 

10 of wands + Knight of pentacles: Walking away from a bad work situation. 

10 of wands + King of pentacles: Middle management. 

10 of wands + Two of swords: Staying out of office politics. 

10 of wands + Five of swords: Being taken advantage of at work. Being bullied at work. 

10 of wands + Eight of swords: Stuck in a work routine. 

10 of wands + Queen of swords: Being married to your work. 

10 of wands + Two of wands: Working hard in a leadership position. 

10 of wands + Four of wands: Working hard for your community. 

10 of wands + Six of wands: Lacking confidence in your work. 

10 of wands + Eight of wands: Working hard and playing hard. 

10 of wands + Nine of wands: Being pushed to the limit at work. 

10 of wands + King of wands: A hard-working business owner. 

Ten of wands tarot card meanings summary

Ten of wands tarot card can mean the Seeker is hiding behind a role, a work commitment, or a uniform so that they don’t have to ask what it is they really want to do. Ten of wands shows up when it is time to make steps towards your dreams. The ten wands are currently blinding you and you might have lost track of the bigger picture. Remember back to when you were a child; what was it you really wanted to do? You might have to do a complete U-turn, or you might be on your way. It might even be what you are currently doing only it has taken over too much of your life. You need to let people help you and support you. No man is an island.

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  1. Hi Inger. I would so appreciate your input here. I drew the world for what a boy I’m involved feels about me. It was clarified by the reversed 10 of wands. Whats your opinion on that? Also, whats your take on reading reversals? Within your practice do they retain the original meaning, just blocked/repressed/etc. or do they carry a different energy altogether? Thanks for the time and work you put into this website, I get a lot out of your interpretations.

  2. Hi. With the reversed cards, go to the card before, as there is where you will find the reason why the card is reversed. The card before reversed 10 of wands is 9 of wands, and this can mean that the guy is feeling a bit scared of being hurt and he feels a bit vulnerable in this relationship.

  3. Hi Inger, any help would be very much appreciated. I asked if I will get the job I have very recently interviewed for and I pulled the 10 of Wands, 2 of Pentacles, King of Pentacles and the sun. I’m not sure what the answer would be here?

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