How did Freyr become Ingwaz

In this article, I explore the connection between the deity Freyr and the rune Ingwaz. For those familiar with the Runes, it is known that Ingwaz is Freyr’s rune, much like Ansuz is Odin’s rune. I will delve into why Ansuz is associated with Odin in a future article.

To understand Freyr’s connection to Ingwaz, we must travel back in time to the Ingvaeones, an ancient Germanic tribe. The deity associated with the Ingvaeones, often identified as Ing or Ingwaz, is of Germanic origin. The term “Ingaeuones” literally means “The People of Yngvi,” and it is likely that “Ingwaz” means “Ancestor.”

In Sweden, Freyr was known as Yngvi-Freyr, with Yngvi being an older variation of Ingwaz, which also gives its name to the Ynglinga Saga. The saga describes how the descendants of Freyr, known as the Ynglings, migrated to Sweden and established themselves as rulers.

In the famous poem Beowulf, King Hrothgar (meaning “famous spear”) is called “Fréa Inguina,” meaning “Lord of the Ingvaeones.” Freyr translates to “Lord.” If Ingwaz means “Ancestors,” then this translates to “Lord of our Ancestors.”

Freyr was particularly revered in Sweden, where he was associated with the royal Yngling dynasty.

The god Ingwaz, as the progenitor of the Ingvaeones, and Freyr, the divine ancestor of Norse royal families, are likely the same deity.

This explains why Ingwaz is Freyr’s rune.

Old Norse Myths Come From India

I have previously written about how Odin is linked to the ancient Yogic Path of enlightenment. Ynglinga saga proves this further. You can read the Ynglinga saga here on the Sacred Texts website.

Ynglinga Saga is part of Snorri Sturluson’s Heimskringla, and it presents a fascinating depiction of Odin as a historical figure with origins in Asia. I have previously written about Odin being a yogi with origin from India. I have even connected him to the Om vibration. You can read about Odin being the Om vibration here. I have also linked him to the Pineal Gland and you can read about it in detail here.

I also believe that the Valknut is our Norse Ancestors image of the opening of the Spiritual Eye. This is of course a lot harder to prove, similar to proving Odin is the Om vibration. To understand our pre-Roman Ancestors, it is important to let go of the belief that they were pagans and savage warriors. I believe they were deeply devoted to Source and they connected back to Source through the Vision Quest and Meditation.