Pinocchio vs Odin ~ The Surprising True Meaning

I have discovered that Odin’s true meaning is linked to the Pineal Gland and the union with Source energy. The story of Pinocchio parallels Odin’s experience of hanging on Yggdrasil and merging with the Source. The name “Pinocchio” translates to “Pineal Nut.” At the beginning of the story, Pinocchio is not awakened; he is just a wooden figure. He encounters numerous troubles and ends up tied to an oak tree. The blue fairy rescues him, similar to how Odin is rescued by the Norns at the well of wisdom. The blue fairy attempts to teach Pinocchio to be conscientious and gain wisdom. Pinocchio works hard at school and in the theatre but eventually transforms into a donkey. This less flattering form symbolizes a theme also seen in “Beauty and the Beast,” which corresponds to the Strength card in Tarot.

You can read more about this symbolism here. When Pinocchio’s employer at the theatre discovers he is a donkey, Pinocchio is discarded into the ocean. This mirrors Odin’s experience of receiving water from the well (Source). In the ocean (Source), Pinocchio is swallowed by a whale. Inside the whale, he finds Papa, who has been searching for him. Pinocchio realizes his deep love for Papa and musters the courage to escape the whale with him. He swims to shore in a heroic act of pure love, which prompts the blue fairy to transform him into a real boy. Similarly, Odin receives the Runes (divine secrets) from the Norns and becomes a magical being.

The Hanged Man is Odin hanging on Yggdrasil to achieve breathless state, an ancient Yogic tradition that preexists religion.

Is Óðinn the OM vibration?

Through my deep dive into the symbolism in the Old Norse Myths, I believe the Valknut is an early depiction of the opening of the spiritual eye. I also believe Óðinn is OM, as his name literally means Spirit.

I believe Óðinn is our connection back to Source energy. His symbol is now distorted into a violent and dualistic interpretation. For my ancestors, peers, and descendants, it is important that we take the original meanings of these sacred symbols and return them to their true meaning.

These universal truths are safeguarded in old Myths, Fairytales, and in the Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

The old fairytales did a good job safeguarding these truths.

Pamela Coleman-Smith also shared these truths in the tarot cards, both in the Major and the Minor arcana. I believe she had direct experiences with the Divine through the vision quest. She revealed a vast understanding of spiritual truths through her use of symbolism.

Loki was my first discovery

I first discovered who Loki represents in the old myths, but it was Odin who took me on this journey. The more I spent time with Odin, the more I realised he was not the Norse Deity of War and Death. Instead, he seemed so peaceful and kind. He nourished me away from dualistic thinking and onto the the path of the Yogi. Odin is a yogi. He is the redeeming Spirit in all of us.