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The Sun Tarot Card

The traditional meaning of the Sun tarot card is Success. The Sun speaks of Happiness, Joy and making good decisions.

Learn more about the Sun tarot card meanings here.

The Sun in the Grand Tableau

Sun in Fool position: A Baby, a child. Caring for something new.

Sun in Magician position: Being at the top of your game. Utilising your talents in the best way.

Sun in High Priestess position: A Healer.

Sun in Empress position: A pregnant woman. Charisma. Motherhood. Good Health.

Sun in Emperor position: Energy force. Authority.

Sun in Hierophant position: Support and friendships in your community.

Sun in Lovers position: New love. Falling in love.

Sun in Chariot position: Self-realisation.

Sun in Strength: Acceptance. Helping others.

Sun in Hermit: Wise beyond your years. Past life healing. Seeking knowledge.

Sun in Wheel of Fortune: Freedom. Successfully adapting to change.

Sun in Justice: Reaping the rewards of your efforts. Emotional stability.

Sun in Hanged Man: Putting others first.

Sun in Death: Seeing the truth of a situation. Putting the past behind you.

Sun in Temperance: Soul Family.

Sun in Devil: Assertiveness. Being ambitious.

Sun in Tower: Low self-esteem. Vanity.

Sun in Star: Living your bliss. A genius.

Sun in Moon: Solving a mystery.

Sun in Sun: Renewal. Being with the people you love.

Sun in Judgement: Recognising your true vocation.

Sun in World: Teaching the world something you are an expert in.