Major Arcana Tarot Reading

Major Arcana Tarot Reading ~ Pick a Card Learn more about the Major Arcana in the Grand Tableau here. Note that I don't follow exactly the card descriptions in the video below, as I am picking extra 2 cards and reading all the cards together. These extra cards, plus additional clarification cards will be revealed [...]


Judgement Tarot Card The traditional meaning of Judgement tarot card is Rebirth. Judgement tarot card speaks of being humble, listening to higher powers and living life with purpose. Judgement denotes taking responsibility for your life. Learn more about Judgement tarot card meanings here.  Judgement in the Grand Tableau Judgement in Fool position: Renewing yourself based on your deepest need. Judgement in Magician [...]

The Sun

The Sun Tarot Card The traditional meaning of the Sun tarot card is Success. The Sun speaks of Happiness, Joy and making good decisions. Learn more about the Sun tarot card meanings here. The Sun in the Grand Tableau Sun in Fool position: A Baby, a child. Caring for something new. Sun in Magician position: Being at the top of your [...]

The Moon

The Moon Tarot Card The traditional meaning of the Moon tarot card is imagination. The Moon speaks of instincts, intuition, dreams, illusions, creativity and the subconscious. Learn more about the Moon tarot card meanings here.  The Moon in the Grand Tableau Moon in Fool position: Creating a new reality. Moon in Magician position: Emotional marketing. Creative industry. Moon in [...]

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