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Major Arcana Tarot Reading ~ Pick a Card

Learn more about the Major Arcana in the Grand Tableau here. Note that I don’t follow exactly the card descriptions in the video below, as I am picking extra 2 cards and reading all the cards together. These extra cards, plus additional clarification cards will be revealed in the Add-on Video for my Bundle students. You can enroll in the Bundle here. 

Choose a card between 0-21

Time Stamps:

Card 0: 0:51
Card 1: 1:39
Card 2: 2:40
Card 3: 4:29
Card 4: 5:49
Card 5: 6:50
Card 6: 8:10
Card 7: 9:25
Card 8: 10:25
Card 9: 10:59
Card 10: 11:46
Card 11: 12:37
Card 12: 14:00
Card 13: 15:06
Card 14: 16:25
Card 15: 17:23
Card 16: 19:02
Card 17: 19:55
Card 18: 20:30
Card 19: 21:38
Card 20: 22:52
Card 21: 25:14

If you are part of the Bundle, you will get a 2nd video (about 1 hour and 20 minutes) where I pull clarification cards in each card position.

Enroll in the Bundle Here :)

The World

world tarot card meanings

The World tarot card

Traditional meaning of the World tarot card is completion. World denotes knowing where you belong and feeling connected to the world you live in. The World tarot card is about achieving. It also means you are accountable and mature in your actions.

Learn more about the World tarot card meanings.

The World in the Grand Tableau

World in Fool position: Going somewhere new. Overseas travel.

World in Magician position: Doing what you desire most.

World in High Priestess position: An overseas woman. Speaking another language.

World in Empress position: The sensual world. Meaning the world to someone.

World in Emperor position: The world of structure. Ambition. Rules and regulations.

World in Hierophant position: The world of religion. Traditions of accomplishments. Eloping.

World in Lovers position: Worldwide romance.

World in Chariot position: Broadening your horizon. Accomplishing something overseas.

World in Strength: The world of compassion. Being someone’s rock.

World in Hermit: The world of wisdom. Mastering meditation. A master teacher.

World in Wheel of Fortune: Feeling a deep connection to people and places.

World in Justice: The legal world. Success in legal matters.

World in Hanged Man: The world of ideals. Academia.

World in Death: Completing a chapter in your life.

World in Temperance: The world of healing. Coming together.

World in Devil: A dark place.

World in Tower: Collapse of safety structures and rules.

World in Star: Humanitarianism.

World in Moon: Escaping reality. The world of fantasy, imagination and the arts.

World in Sun: The world of reason. A sunny place. Self-realisation.

World in Judgement: The world of politics.

World in World: Winning.


Judgement tarot card meanings

Judgement Tarot Card

The traditional meaning of Judgement tarot card is Rebirth. Judgement tarot card speaks of being humble, listening to higher powers and living life with purpose. Judgement denotes taking responsibility for your life.

Learn more about Judgement tarot card meanings here. 

Judgement in the Grand Tableau

Judgement in Fool position: Renewing yourself based on your deepest need.

Judgement in Magician position: Research. A smooth talking politician.

Judgement in High Priestess position: An influential woman.

Judgement in Empress position: An artist. Recognition.

Judgement in Emperor position: Calling the shots.

Judgement in Hierophant position: Taking an oath. Studying.

Judgement in Lovers position: Taking a stand in your relationship. Holding your own.

Judgement in Chariot position: Saving someone.

Judgement in Strength: Philanthropy.

Judgement in Hermit: A truth seeker.

Judgement in Wheel of Fortune: Having visions. Prophecy.

Judgement in Justice: A blessed ending.

Judgement in Hanged Man: Story teller. Film making. Fiction.

Judgement in Death: Doing something that scares you. Ending something.

Judgement in Temperance: Communicating with higher powers.

Judgement in Devil: Facing our Shadow side.

Judgement in Tower: A blessing in disguise.

Judgement in Star: A convention.

Judgement in Moon: Communicating with animals. Psychic powers.

Judgement in Sun: Choosing a new way of life. A better lifestyle.

Judgement in Judgement: Power struggles.

Judgement in World: Coming together for the greater good. The world of politics.

The Sun

Sun tarot card meanings

The Sun Tarot Card

The traditional meaning of the Sun tarot card is Success. The Sun speaks of Happiness, Joy and making good decisions.

Learn more about the Sun tarot card meanings here.

The Sun in the Grand Tableau

Sun in Fool position: A Baby, a child. Caring for something new.

Sun in Magician position: Being at the top of your game. Utilising your talents in the best way.

Sun in High Priestess position: A Healer.

Sun in Empress position: A pregnant woman. Charisma. Motherhood. Good Health.

Sun in Emperor position: Energy force. Authority.

Sun in Hierophant position: Support and friendships in your community.

Sun in Lovers position: New love. Falling in love.

Sun in Chariot position: Self-realisation.

Sun in Strength: Acceptance. Helping others.

Sun in Hermit: Wise beyond your years. Past life healing. Seeking knowledge.

Sun in Wheel of Fortune: Freedom. Successfully adapting to change.

Sun in Justice: Reaping the rewards of your efforts. Emotional stability.

Sun in Hanged Man: Putting others first.

Sun in Death: Seeing the truth of a situation. Putting the past behind you.

Sun in Temperance: Soul Family.

Sun in Devil: Assertiveness. Being ambitious.

Sun in Tower: Low self-esteem. Vanity.

Sun in Star: Living your bliss. A genius.

Sun in Moon: Solving a mystery.

Sun in Sun: Renewal. Being with the people you love.

Sun in Judgement: Recognising your true vocation.

Sun in World: Teaching the world something you are an expert in.

The Moon

Moon tarot card meanings

The Moon Tarot Card

The traditional meaning of the Moon tarot card is imagination. The Moon speaks of instincts, intuition, dreams, illusions, creativity and the subconscious.

Learn more about the Moon tarot card meanings here. 

The Moon in the Grand Tableau

Moon in Fool position: Creating a new reality.

Moon in Magician position: Emotional marketing. Creative industry.

Moon in High Priestess position: The inner life. A mystery.

Moon in Empress position: A worrisome person. Anxious person.

Moon in Emperor position: Ruling the night scene.

Moon in Hierophant position: Tested faith.

Moon in Lovers position: In the dark about love. Difficulty in making decisions.

Moon in Chariot position: Problems with your vehicle. Creative travels.

Moon in Strength: Caring for people with mental health problems. Strong when others are scared.

Moon in Hermit: Loneliness. Telepathy with animals.

Moon in Wheel of Fortune: Coming out of your shell. A creative career.

Moon in Justice: A Guru. Loop holes in legal system.

Moon in Hanged Man: Escapism. Drug problems.

Moon in Death: Ending a dark chapter. Hiding from the world.

Moon in Temperance: Testing the waters.

Moon in Devil: Depression. Fears. Bad company.

Moon in Tower: A dark adventure. Getting into trouble.

Moon in Star: The Theater. Being on stage.

Moon in Moon: Hypersensitivity.

Moon in Sun: Melodramatic. A young artist.

Moon in Judgement: Your deepest need calling out. A creative calling.

Moon in World: Social anxiety.

The Star

The Star Tarot card

The traditional meaning of the Star is hope. The Star denotes being optimistic about one’s future. The Star speaks of being of service to make the world a better place.

Learn more about the Star tarot card meanings here. 

The Star in the Grand Tableau

Star in Fool position: Reinvention. Being in the right place at the right time.

Star in Magician position: Believing in yourself.

Star in High Priestess position: Making the impossible possible.

Star in Empress position: Good health. Recovering.

Star in Emperor position: Becoming your own boss.

Star in Hierophant position: Strong faith.

Star in Lovers position: Meeting your Soul Mate. Believing in love.

Star in Chariot position: Making an inspired move. Getting your way.

Star in Strength: Caring for others. Believing in others. Inspiring others.

Star in Hermit: Inspirational teacher.

Star in Wheel of Fortune: A promotion. Recognition. Fame.

Star in Justice: Spiritual truth. Forgiveness.

Star in Hanged Man: Loosing control. Aggression.

Star in Death: Changing your future.

Star in Temperance: Being different.

Star in Devil: Believing the worst. Loosing faith.

Star in Tower: Survival instincts. Survival mode.

Star in Star: Innocence.

Star in Moon: Role play, Unknown territory.

Star in Sun: Being accepted. A child with special gifts.

Star in Judgement: Being the person you were always meant to be.

Star in World: Peace.

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