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The Chariot Tarot Card

The traditional meaning of the Chariot tarot card is victory, moving forward and traveling.

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The Chariot in the Grand Tableau

Chariot in Fool position: Beginners luck. Backpacking.

Chariot in Magician position: Victory in sales, winning an argument/debate.

Chariot in High Priestess position: A secret network.

Chariot in Empress position: Victory in beauty, fashion, and art. A fashion show. A wanted pregnancy.

Chariot in Emperor position: A winner. A powerful leader who takes risks.

Chariot in Hierophant position: Eloping to get married. A spiritual journey.

Chariot in Lovers position: Success in love.

Chariot in Chariot position: Lots of travel.

Chariot in Strength: A strong-willed and passionate person.

Chariot in Hermit: A successful teacher. Finding the best teacher. Travel to learn.

Chariot in Wheel of Fortune: Destined to win, traveling to a place you always wanted to go.

Chariot in Justice: Success in legal affairs.

Chariot in Hanged Man: Pushing through delays. Going on a relaxing holiday.

Chariot in Death: A successful ending, successful transformation.

Chariot in Temperance: Success in mediation. Being a breath of fresh air.

Chariot in Devil: Success in business. Getting what you want.

Chariot in Tower: Victory in war and conflict. Dangerous travel.

Chariot in Star: A successful future. Victory and success in the entertainment industry.

Chariot in Moon: Travelling at night, facing your fears and conquering them.

Chariot in Sun: A successful holiday. Having a fun job. Traveling to sunny places.

Chariot in Judgement: Success in politics and leadership. Following your life purpose.

Chariot in World: Travelling the world, working overseas, making it overseas.