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Strength tarot card

The traditional meaning of Strength is courage. Strength also denotes passion and determination. In the Grand Tableau the Strength card will show you what your strengths are.

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Strength in the Grand Tableau

Strength in Fool position: A new passion. Strong in social media.

Strength in Magician position: A strong communicator. Passion for sales.

Strength in High Priestess position: A determined woman. A strong psychic.

Strength in Empress position: A passionate mother. Caring for others. Strong in wealth creating.

Strength in Emperor position: A strong leader. Caring and compassionate leadership.

Strength in Hierophant position: A strong tradition. A caring charity.

Strength in Lovers position: Passionate love. Strong communication.

Strength in Chariot position: Strong competitor. Strong networker.

Strength in Strength: Caring for the carer. Passionate about looking after others.

Strength in Hermit: A passionate teacher. Strong teacher. Words of courage.

Strength in Wheel of Fortune: Courageous public speaker. A strong investor. Finding yourself.

Strength in Justice: Passion for fairness. Strong Law Enforcer.

Strength in Hanged Man: Passionate innovator. Courageous writer. Strong pharmaceuticals.

Strength in Death: A passionate transformation. A strong army.

Strength in Temperance: A passionate humanitarian. A strong healer.

Strength in Devil: A passionate business. A strong business.

Strength in Tower: Courage in the midst of chaos. Strong when it matters.

Strength in Star: A successful future. Victory and success in the entertainment industry.

Strength in Moon: A passionate storyteller, courageous writer. Strong problem-solver.

Strength in Sun: Endless energy. Self-realisation. Strong people skills.

Strength in Judgement: Courageous judge (of character). Strong politics.

Strength in World: Passionate about the world. Strong government.