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The Magician Tarot Card Love Meaning

Is the Magician a good card to get in a question about your love life?

The Magician is someone who gets you. He/she knows who you are and what makes you tick. The Magician represents the kind of relationship where you have plenty to talk about, you make each other laugh and you have common interests. This makes up for a very active relationship. The Magician, therefore, represents your ideal partner. This is someone who is not exactly like you, instead, he/she complements you. The Magician is very smart and capable, so to function in this relationship you must be smart and capable too. This is not a relationship where you can let yourself go. Oh no, far from it, you must start growing and maturing, especially professionally. The Magician wants to be proud of you and you must, therefore, make something out of yourself. There are some pressure and heartbreak in regards to this. You might feel paranoid that you are going to end up being cheated on. The negative aspects of being with someone who is so ‘perfect’ for you are that you might end up feeling like you are not good enough and that you always have to try to prove yourself.

This is the kind of relationship that can end up consuming your entire being, and you might not know exactly who you are anymore as an individual, as the relationship is so intense, especially in its initial stages. Once you overcome the fear of losing the one you love, you can start enjoying the relationship.

The Magician likes to be involved in what goes on in the community. You will get involved in society and you will be curious about what is going on in your local area, as well as in faraway places. You will be a part of something that is much bigger than you as an individual so it is important that you develop a strong sense of self, or you can end up being emotionally drained and even feeling emotionally empty.

The Magician is here to teach you through your relationship how to get involved in what is going on around you, without losing track of who you are. Avoid making the relationship only about one of you, be equal shareholders.

Have boundaries with your partner or they will walk all over you.

Choose a field you are passionate about. This will make you excel fast, and keep those around you on their toes. The Magician denotes a relationship between intellectuals, so you might as well learn about something you are interested in.

You can not hide away with the Magician. This will not be the type of relationship where you will be tucked away in a cozy little house. No, this is active living with other active people and there might be some undercurrent competitive vibes going on that will get you where it hurts, right on your weak spots. You might even feel embarrassed and afraid of showing them who you are. But you must be yourself because being yourself is one of the important lessons the Magician is here to teach you and what better way of learning than through a soul mate relationship.

The Magician Love Meaning

To sum it up: The Magician represents your ideal partner, your soul mate. This means the stakes are higher and the fear much greater. The Magician is here to keep you on your toes and push you to make something of yourself, someone you can be proud of, making the Magician proud of you. The Magician can be a high maintenance relationship, especially in the beginning, consuming you if you let it, and deriving you of your sense of self. You must love yourself to keep this relationship harmonious, or you will end up feeling emotionally drained and empty.