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The High Priestess Tarot Card Love Meaning

Is the High Priestess a good card to get in a question about your love life?

The High Priestess loves to be intellectually stimulated. This card represents a person who needs and craves stimulating conversations, books, documentaries, people, places, and situations. In a love reading, she represents the part of you that can not handle boredom. Love becomes a drug. A highly addictive drug, but like all drugs the side effects can take a real toll on reality. The High Priestess loves to day-dream away from reality, and if someone has ignited her with a stimulating idea or conversation than she soon wants more. She can represent the love that has become a love addiction. She often craves what she can not have. Deep down she has terrible commitment issues. It is impossible to know exactly what the High Priestess wants because she is a mystery, even to herself. She doesn’t quite know what makes her tick from one minute to the next.

In the search for peace, she is drawn to live an alternative lifestyle as a mystic. From time to time she isolates herself until her interest in the world is yet again ignited. Life is a mystery the High Priestess is constantly trying to solve. She will always be an outsider, never quite fitting in. She often ends up in relationships where she is nurtured and where she becomes a princess who takes more than what she gives. She spends much time to herself. Even in a room full of people she knows how to block everyone out. You can be with the High Priestess and still be on your own. You will never know who she is. She is ruled by the moon, so she changes faces like the moon does, without ever revealing too much. The irony is that she will know everything about you, and you know nothing about her. The High Priestess has many abilities, and she often finds the easy tasks the hardest, and the hardest of tasks easy.

Learn the traditional meaning of the High Priestess tarot card. 

If you are the High Priestess you must watch yourself not to become dissatisfied with life and your relationships. Break free from the restraints that hold you down, they only exist in your head. You often become melancholic. The more you feel the more you escape into your head and into a life in theory. You often show people a misinterpreted version of yourself, creating diluted relationships. You have your own agenda and you are not always easy to be around. Start giving more of yourself in your precious relationships and avoid running away when things become serious. Allow your life to flow. Don’t be afraid of simplifying your life. Life was never meant to be hard, and you were not put on a planet full of people so that you could hide away from everyone. Let people in.

If you are dating or in a relationship with a High Priestess person, you most likely feel like you don’t know this person very well. This is someone who comes and goes as they please and they don’t seem to look at life the same way you do. Some days you feel like the relationship is going in the right direction. You feel so close to the person who has just given you an experience in real intimacy. Then suddenly you are a stranger to each other again. The cycle repeats itself again and again.
If the High Priestess is the final card in a love reading you have a psychic connection. This is love that can feel like an addiction. It is hard to break free from the claws of this relationship that will manifest itself on the mental plane. The High Priestess often represents an emotional relationship that never makes it to the physical, or it started as a physical relationship and became a purely emotional relationship. You feel the other person’s thoughts and feelings, and you ache for each other, yet the relationship does not turn into a commitment. People can live out these emotional affairs for years while they are committed to other people.

The High Priestess Love Meaning

To sum it up: The High Priestess can be both a blessing and a curse in your relationship. If you have problems connecting emotionally to your loved one, pick up the High Priestess card and carry it with you for a week. Every relationship can benefit from the High Priestess energy. However, if the relationship is ruled by the High Priestess only it can signify a relationship that is based purely on the emotional plane. Some people are in love with the idea of love, and not the real thing. It is all about balance.