The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Combinations

The traditional meaning of the Hanged Man in tarot is a delay. Hanged Man also denotes sacrifice. A more positive way of reading the Hanged Man is innovation.

Learn more about the Hanged Man tarot card meanings here. 

The Hanged Man in the Grand Tableau

Hanged Man in Fool position: New beginning delayed. Plans delayed.

Hanged Man in Magician position: Selling an innovation.

Hanged Man in High Priestess position: A passive woman.

Hanged Man in Empress position: Waiting to give birth to a baby or a plan/idea.

Hanged Man in Emperor position: Passive leadership. There are rules, but little enforcement.

Hanged Man in Hierophant position: Questioning your faith. Unsure what to believe.

Hanged Man in Lovers position: Pressure in the relationship.

Hanged Man in Chariot position: Legal victory.

Hanged Man in Strength: Losing interest.

Hanged Man in Hermit: Behind the scenes work.

Hanged Man in Wheel of Fortune: Delay in Destiny.

Hanged Man in Justice: Taking an unpopular stand.

Hanged Man in Hanged Man: Many delays. Little gets done. Sacrificing too much.

Hanged Man in Death: Delayed change. Standstill.

Hanged Man in Temperance: Weighing up your options.

Hanged Man in Devil: Trapped in a bad situation.

Hanged Man in Tower: Staying out of trouble.

Hanged Man in Star: Compensation. Avoiding consequences.

Hanged Man in Moon: A genius.

Hanged Man in Sun: Delayed success. A passive child.

Hanged Man in Judgement: Avoiding responsibilities. Letting people make their own mistakes.

Hanged Man in World: Delay in achievements.

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