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The Fool Tarot Card

The traditional meaning of The Fool is new beginnings. Fool also brings surprises and optimism to the table.

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The Fool in the Grand Tableau

Fool in Fool position: An unexpected new Beginning.

Fool in Magician position: Faking it until you are making it. First serious job?

Fool in High Priestess position: A new woman in your life.

Fool in Empress position: Pregnancy.

Fool in Emperor position: New leadership role that leads to freedom, self-employment.

Fool in Hierophant position: Newlyweds. New religion. A new tradition.

Fool in Lovers position: New love. A Fool in love. Crazy in love.

Fool in Chariot position: New Success. Sudden Victory. Unexpected winner.

Fool in Strength: Unbreakable optimism and faith.

Fool in Hermit: Student and teacher. A new teacher. Young teacher.

Fool in Wheel of Fortune: New Fortune. Unexpected turn of event for the better.

Fool in Justice: New laws. An outlaw.

Fool in Hanged Man: Eagerness. A new idea. Unexpected delay.

Fool in Death: Cheating death. Daring death. Living on the edge.

Fool in Temperance: A temptations.

Fool in Devil: A new obsession.

Fool in Tower: Inexperience leading to disaster. Inability to control ones emotions.

Fool in Star: A bright future.

Fool in Moon: A new Creative expression.

Fool in Sun: A new start brings happiness.

Fool in Judgement: A new calling in life.

Fool in World: A new place, a new achievement.