The Magician

The Magician tarot card

The traditional meaning of the Magician is talent. Magician also signifies communication.

Learn more about the Magician tarot card meanings here. 

The Magician in the Grand Tableau

Magician in Fool position: A talent brings a new beginning.

Magician in Magician position: Being very skillful. The gift of the gab.

Magician in High Priestess position: Being a talented psychic.

Magician in Empress position: A career woman.

Magician in Emperor position: A talented leader.

Magician in Hierophant position: A skilled tradition.

Magician in Lovers position: Your dream partner/romance.

Magician in Chariot position: A talent brings success and victory.

Magician in Strength: A talent gives courage and passion.

Magician in Hermit: A talented teacher.

Magician in Wheel of Fortune: A talent brings luck.

Magician in Justice: A talented lawyer, police, judge. Talent in the legal world.

Magician in Hanged Man: A late bloomer. A brilliant mind. An inventor.

Magician in Death: Being ahead of time. Bringing something new to the table.

Magician in Temperance: Being skilled in diplomacy. Knowing how to act.

Magician in Devil: A talent in business.

Magician in Tower: A crisis brings a talent forward. Preforming best under pressure.

Magician in Star: A talent brings fame.

Magician in Moon: A creative talent. Being unable to tell the truth. A liar.

Magician in Sun: Motivational speaker.

Magician in Judgement: Talented artist. Multimedia. TV and radio.

Magician in World: Finding your place in the world. Winning.

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