The High Priestess

The High Priestess tarot card

The Traditional meaning of the High Priestess is your intuition. The High Priestess also speaks of the women in your life and secrets.

Learn more about the High Priestess tarot card meanings here. 

High Priestess in the Grand Tableau

High Priestess in Fool position: Taking a risk based in intuition. A secret new beginning.

High Priestess in Magician position: A skillful woman.

High Priestess in High Priestess position: Secret society. A woman’s group. A psychic circle.

High Priestess in Empress position: A grandmother. A secret pregnancy.

High Priestess in Emperor position: A female leader.

High Priestess in Hierophant position: A woman in a male dominated field.

High Priestess in Lovers position: Secret love. A psychic connection.

High Priestess in Chariot position: Travelling with an important woman in your life. A secret trip.

High Priestess in Strength: A strong woman. A passionate woman.

High Priestess in Hermit: Ancient wisdom.

High Priestess in Wheel of Fortune: A fortunate premonition. Intuition bringing luck.

High Priestess in Justice: A female lawyer, police, judge. Women’s right.

High Priestess in Hanged Man: Taking a step back to observe. Behind the scene control.

High Priestess in Death: Mediumship. Changes with an important woman in your life.

High Priestess in Temperance: A woman with substance. A safe haven for women.

High Priestess in Devil: A business woman.

High Priestess in Tower: A woman’s wrath. A psychic attack. A woman in crisis.

High Priestess in Star: A famous woman.

High Priestess in Moon: A psychiatrist. A creative woman. Hormonal woman: Menopause?

High Priestess in Sun: A warm woman. A successful woman. A happy woman.

High Priestess in Judgement: A female politician, a renewed woman.

High Priestess in World: A woman’s world. A secret world. Achieving as a woman.

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